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prompt: memories

untold fairytales

Photographs cover the bed and litter the floor. She stares at them from her spot against the wall with wide, teary eyes. She can't believe it – he left her. He packed his stuff and he left, leaving her with nothing but memories to fill the void of what should have been.

He had been dropping hints that he was planning to leave for a while – his temper had been shorter than normal and he was always coming home wasted and smelling of some other girl. He never even tried to wipe the lipstick stains off.

Her dark mascara runs down her pale cheek and she lets out a strangled sob. He left. She still can't believe it, even though she had seen it coming.

Not sure what else to do, she just sits there.

Her whole life is laid out on the bed and hard wood floor – memory after memory, things she now wishes she could forget.

She still remembers what he said as she walked in on him as he packed his life into a suitcase, preparing to leave her – 'you're better off.' His voice was filled with pity.

She didn't want his pity. She didn't need it.


She sits there on the ground for hours. Her eyes are red and puffy and she feels like a sun-burnt penguin with her red eyes, white skin, and black mascara stains. No, she feels pathetic. He's just a guy – but the thing is, she knows that isn't true.

He's more than just a guy – he was her soul mate and they were supposed to be together forever – lucy&lorcan, the untold fairytale - or so she thought.

But now, she is starting to realize the truth.

People tend to leave.


The sun shines through her lace curtains and Lucy stands up.

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