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The raven could never wash the blood off of his hands, never. He remembers Sasuke's tears , the way Sasuke screamed at him in pure sorrow. Itachi remembered the way his parents look at him as he slaughtered them the pain in his mothers eyes and the loathing in his fathers.

Itachi sees blood staining his clothes and hands everyday, it is a constant reminder of what crime he has done. Itachi has done everything to get the blood off, he confessed to Kisame, he bleached his hands over and over a again and scrubbed them raw, he went and saw how his little brother was doing.

Kisame still feels the lies of his people coursing through his heart. He told Itachi every lie that his village had installed into him since birth. He just wants the lies to stop and he feels happy when the raven says no lies will these lips.

Kisame seemed to understand him, he tried to help at least. Itachi befriended him knowing that one day they would probably have to fight. He knew Kisame's world had been lies, but so had Itachi's. Itachi lost his childhood with staining blood upon his hands. Kisame's world had always been shattered.

They work flawlessly together, knowing that they are all they have in this hellish world. Kisame listens to the raven knowing that he would never lie to him. They protect each other , Kisame will save Itachi by taking a painful blow, Itachi will keep the shark from a fight he can't win.

Kisame always brings dango home when he gets home from a mission. It is a apology for taking so long.

Itachi will bring pictures home from a place he knows Kisame has not seen before. It is to show Kisame a part of the world they could escape too.

Kisame jokes with Itachi calling the raven his wife, Itachi will reply with you could never afford this.

Kisame is big and hard muscled will Itachi is slight and feminine. Kisame feels that he should protect the man from harm, because Itachi looks like one blow would be fatal. Itachi feels that he should protect Kisame and not take him to the fish market.

Kisame brings Itachi a weasel for valentines day and Itachi brings him a gold fish, they stare and share a small smile.

Itachi dies leaving a sad shark behind to pick up the pieces of his life. Itachi died thinking he should have made shark fin soup at least once. He smiles and slumps over dead.

Kisame dies leaving no one behind to even care. Kisame's last thought was I'll see that fucker Itachi in hell. He smiles as the sharks rip him apart.

The world was a lie one that neither could escape in the end. The worst part is when they died they finally begun to see how much they loved each other.

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