Passing Notes Can Be A Good Thing

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Set in Lily the Marauder's third year, a History of Magic on a Monday before lunch. This is all on notes which are being passed around among the group.







Mr. Prongs would like to state that this History of Magic class is particularly boring.

Mr. Padfoot would like to state that all History of Magic classes are child cruelty in the form of a lesson.

Mr. Prongs would like to say that Mr. Padfoot needs to fix his hair.

Mr. Padfoot would like to state that he took an hour to do his hair this morning and his hair looks absolutely beautiful.

Mr. Moony would like to say that calling yourself beautiful is a sign of someone turning gay.

Mr. Wormtail agrees with Mr. Moony and Mr. Prongs.

Mr Padfoot would like to inquire as to who invited these two weasel-heads into the conversation.

Mr. Prongs would like to inform Mr. Padfoot that he is acting like a stuck up gaybo today.

Prongs, you wound me!

What happened to the Mr. watsit thing we had going?

Peter, I'm sorry to say that we had to put it down, it was just getting too old.

Hey Moony, can I copy your notes?


Why not? Was it something I said?

No. I don't have any notes. This class is impossible!

What has the world come to?

Moony! I was relying on you! I don't think I can trust you anymore...

You know Prongs, there is an easy solution to your problem.

And what is that?

Take notes for yourself!

Pfft! When hell freezes over!

Prongs, when was the last time we took notes for ourselves?

I don't remember EVER taking notes, Padfoot.

You two should at least try to listen to Mr. Binns.

Oh, hello Wormy! Forgot you were there.


Don't be mad at me! Please? I'll even snog you in a broom closet to make it up to you!



I'm sorry but I must decline the offer, Padfoot.

Awwwwwwwee! Why?

Because I'm in love.

Oh my gosh. He's finally cracked...


Can't tell.

But you're a Marauder, you have to tell!

Nope, sorry.

You're so mean, Pettigrew.

Ooooo, using the last name. Burn!

Shut up Potter!

Ok, oooook. Mr. Binns is looking at Peter because he's red so calm down before we get caught.

Where's the fun without danger Moony?

In the library.

It was a rhetorical question, thank-you-very-much!

How did you spell rhetorical Prongs? I didn't know you could spell big words now!

You're being mean Padfoot.

I do try my best.

Well that's the only area you do well in.

Why all the insults today?

Moony, I think it's Peter's time of the month too.

Are you seriously implying that I'm a girl?

Wormtail doesn't have a time-

Well yes I am in fact, the most highest and royal, handsome and attractive, strongest and bravest - Sirius Black. And yes, I - Sirius Black - am implying that you - Peter Pettigrew - are one of the female species.


Padfoot, I'm not a girl!

Are too!

Are not!

Are too.


Wow, no need to yell...

Padfoot, he's not yelling. You can't call it yelling when he uses capitals.

Well how do you yell on paper then?

You don't you dumnut!

Hello boys.

Oh it's Lily-flower! How nice of you to join us!

Hi Lily.

Hey Lily! I'm surprised you, of all people, aren't taking notes.

Well it's impossible to concentrate with Mr. Binns. I just woke up a minute ago from a half hour sleep.

Little Red - sleeping in class? We're all going to die!

We're all going to die because Lily isn't taking notes in History of Magic? Really?

Yes, really. Hey, has anybody else noticed that Prongsie isn't writing anymore?

Yeah, he's not now that you mention it...

...and you notice when HE stops writing of course...

Stop sulking Peter!

You're not helping Padfoot.

Why is Potter staring at me? It feels like he's going to burn a hole through the back of my head.

Oh Lily-flower! If only you knew...

Knew what?



James loves you.

Sure sure. He might have mentioned that... a million times! He's an arrogant toatrag who bullies kids for fun.

Evans, he really does love you you know.


Hello all and Evans!

So I'm not part of all, am I?

No you are a very special, brilliant, smart and beautiful - and they are not.

Hey! I'm all those things and more!

You just had to ruin the moment Pads!


What's so funny?

Whas happ'ning?



Sirius is a PAD! Hahahahahahaha! lol

*Lily, Remus and James have a silent laughing fit while Peter and Sirius look at them confused*

Wow! That's hilarious!

I... I don't... I no comprehend...

You mean to say that you - Sirius Black, snogger of most girls in the school - does not know what a pad is?

Um... pretty much!

*Lily starts have silent fits of giggles while James and Remus try to control their snorting laughter*

I don't get it either. What is a pad?

Um... well girls use it to... James, you explain.

Well... when it's their time of the month... they um.. Lily-flower, you're a girl, you explain to these two gentlemen what a Pad it and it's uses!

Well spotted Potter, I am a girl! This is bigger than the Big Bang theory!

So... is anyone going to explain?

For someone who loves girls so much Sirius I would have thought you knew. I overestimate you...

Never overestimate Sirius Black!

Yeah, he'll probably let you down.

I though you were my friend, deer!

Shut up! And it's not a deer either! It's a-

Ok ok! Hold your horses! No need to go spilling secrets to Lily deer quite yet.

Lily deer. I like that name!

My name is Lily - Evans to you Potter.

No, I'm going to call you Lily-deer. It has a slight ring to it.

Potter, don't you dare call me that name out loud or Merlin, you'll be sorry.

You're all missing the point. Me and Sirius don't know what a pad is!


Why don't you and Padfoot go have yourselves a little research task and go to the library. Just ask Ms. Pince for a book about pads and you'll be fine!

Yes yes! Great idea Moony!

That'll be interesting...

The bell is going to ring in a minute.


Hey Lily?

Yes Potter?

I was just wondering if you wanted to go out with me on the next Hogsmeade trip?






Please Lily!

You must call me Evans and no.

Why not!

Because you're an-

-arrogant toatrag who bullies kids for fun. I know, but you don't know the real me Evans!

And I'm not planning to.

The bell's going to-

*The bell goes and Lily races out the door to meet her friends while Remus pats James on the back. Sirius and Peter head off to the library talking about something to do with pads.*

"Don't worry mate. She'll come around eventually." Remus comforted.

They walked out of the classroom and breathed in the nice, normal air. James watched as Lily's beautiful red hair bobbed around a corner and out of sight.

"In the meantime-" Remus continued as they walked up a set of stairs "let's go watch Padfoot and Wormtail cause some unintended shouting in the library." James smiled and sped up as to not miss the hilarity unfold.

*THE END*(of this chapter)

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