Now I have your attention I have an announcement to make concerning "Passing Notes Can Be Productive", the sequel to this story. After much self-debate I have decided to write a sequel. I'm really sorry it took so long but things happen and life goes on. There are a few changes though, most are good though. There is a new character(read it to find out who) and I won't be updating daily like I did for this one. Sorry. No time. But that's it basically! As a reward thingy for the people who Author Alerted me they have been notified of the next story a while ago. So yeah, go to my profile and there should be a link to the sequel, "Passing Notes Can Be Productive". Enjoy, Alert, Review and most importantly, LAUGH!

P.S. I've been to the Harry Potter Exhibition and was sorted into Gryffindor. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE... so far..

Love and good wishes