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The next week at work had been very quiet, and a lot of the time Ziva had found McGee asking little questions about her kids every now and then. And suddenly she realized that she and Tony weren't the only ones on the team who wanted to have a family to settle down with. Because when McGee asked he was giving off some serious wanting-family vibes in the way he asked his questions, and the things he asked. The whole thing made Ziva smile, Tim would make a great dad.

And on Friday night right before Gibbs was about to dismiss them for the evening, he spoke up with an announcement.

"BBQ at my house tomorrow evening, I'd like to see you all there" he announced, in an order like their boss would but the content of the order was a lot more personal. It wasn't often Gibbs had a big get together at his house like this, and if he did it was only on a special occasion.

Ziva wondered what the occasion of this one was. Maybe there was no occasion, just family.

"We will be there Gibbs" Ziva announced, answering for her, Tony and the kids all in one. Tony just smiled at her across the bullpen. Gibbs turned towards McGee and waited on his answer.

"Yeah Boss, I'll be there" he stated. Gibbs nodded and Ziva was sure she caught him smile.

"You can bring someone if you like McGee" Gibbs then said. It was funny how he'd said that, Gibbs was offering for more people than he necessarily had to. This was different.

"Okay, thanks Boss" McGee replied. He might bring someone, he'd been seeing this one girl for a while now, and things were looking good. But no one in the team knew about her, or that he even had a girlfriend. Would it be too much to bring her and introduce her? He'd have to think on it. Gibbs then started packing up his stuff.

"What about me Boss? Don't I get to bring someone?" Tony asked, being a little cheeky, just because he felt like it and today had been rather slow. Gibbs looked up at his older agent, giving him a look that Tony read right away.

"Right, shutting up Boss" Tony said, even though he was smirking. And this time Ziva knew she saw the smile on Gibbs' face. Having her desk right next to his was an advantage sometimes.

"Alright, pack up and go home, I will see you tomorrow" Gibbs instructed and he headed off to the elevator. However they all knew he'd be making a stop in autopsy and at Abby's lab before actually leaving.

"So McGoo, you going to bring somebody?" Tony asked as he stood from his desk and grabbed his weapon from its draw.

"I may do. You two going to keep it on the down low tomorrow?" McGee asked in return, getting Tony off the question of who he was bringing. That and the fact McGee was simply curious to know if they were going to tell everyone or not. Tony looked across at Ziva where she was packing up her things also, her eyes caught his and again McGee watched them share a silent conversation.

"Maybe" Ziva said turning to face McGee again "We will see how the evening goes" she said with a smile. If they felt ready and things felt right tomorrow, they may let the secret out. But if they just weren't ready they wouldn't. It was as easy as that. And maybe if Tony and Ziva are worrying about their own thing tomorrow at the BBQ, his business wouldn't be bothered with that much. Because he knew Tony would be all on him when he finds out he's been keeping a girlfriend secret from him.

McGee nodded his head towards Ziva.

"I'll see you both tomorrow then?" McGee said as he picked his bag up. They both smiled at him and Tony had made his way over to behind Ziva's desk, where he stood next to her now.

"Yeah, we will see you tomorrow McGoo, oh and can you bring those biscuit things you always make?" Tony asked, a pleading puppy dog look in his eyes. McGee had to chuckle at that.

"Okay, if you insist I will make them" McGee said. He watched as Ziva reached around Tony and put something in his backpack.

"Oh I do insist!" Tony exclaimed. After he replied Ziva had whispered something to him and McGee watched as her hand brushed along his neck in a very intimate way. Tony smiled at her and whispered something back before returning his attention to McGee and smiling at him.

"Okay Tony, I shall make them for you" McGee said. Tony cheered and Ziva just laughed at him a little before letting her hand slip away from him as she stepped out from behind her desk. McGee noticed that Tony wasn't far behind in following her. McGee tagged along and joined them on the trip to the elevator.

All week McGee had seen it, he'd been paying more attention, looking at the little things. And when Gibbs was gone the vibe between them was obvious, they didn't stop short and hide the fact to McGee they were together, simply because McGee already knew. And like right now as McGee stood in the elevator, Tony and Ziva stood to his left and they were talking quietly, even though McGee could hear, their tone was still lowered for some reason. And McGee could see Tony's hand that was softly running up and down the small of Ziva's back.

Yeah, it was a little strange to see, them acting like this. Because they had always been quite closed off with their contact, and most of the time it was flirty contact over the years if there had been any. Nothing like this, nothing this intimate, this meaningful. But even though it may make him feel a bit of a third wheel, he was okay with that. He'd always sort of been the third wheel, especially when he first started. And also it was a good feeling for him to know who was taking care of his partners. He trusted the woman that took care of Tony and his heart and he trusted the man who cherished and loved Ziva.

"See you tomorrow" Tony called out. McGee hadn't realized he'd been so lost in thought, thinking about the two agents.

"Yeah, see you" McGee called back as he stepped out of the elevator and headed for the car park. Tony and Ziva were a short distance ahead of him and if they were worried about someone seeing them and realizing something in the car park, it wasn't showing. Especially not since Tony's hand was around Ziva's waist and her head was resting on his shoulder as they headed for Tony's car. They'd only just started coming in the same car recently, well that's what Tony had said to him the other day in the break room.

Now that McGee knew what was going on between them, Tony wasn't having any trouble in letting McGee in on the details and his thoughts about the relationship. And it was all positive. McGee liked hearing that. And Tony and Ziva seemed happy, very happy. Even just at work and if you didn't know about them, you would have noticed the shift. And Tony and Ziva gave him hope, if he was speaking honestly. Not that their relationship had been perfect over the years, it has had its extreme problems and bumps in the road, but with how happy they are now it seemed worth it.

And McGee wanted something like they had, where he could go home every night to the one he loved, and maybe a few kids at some point in the future, he wanted that. Because Tony and Ziva looked so happy, just the influence of them around had him craving it.

Originally McGee was just going to head home and maybe play a few video games online, but suddenly he felt the need to go see Hannah. Yeah, he might go see Hannah. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed her number.

They were a little late to Gibbs' house, not by much but they had lost track of time while trying to get the kids ready and Ziva was trying to finish off her cooking that she was making. They walked in the front door of Gibbs' house and his home was full with guests. Tony didn't remember the last time Gibbs had this many people in his house. It normally had a limit of four, and that was considered a crowd.

Ducky was there, Jimmy, Breena, Abby, Gibbs, Hollis, McGee and two others Tony didn't recognize. The guy with the dark clothing and tattoos he guessed was with Abby and the pretty blonde Tony guessed was McGee's plus one. Something Tony will have to go talk to the Probie about later. Ziva ended up in the kitchen with Hollis, sorting out the food Ziva had brought along and they added it to the pile of food brought by everyone.

Tony, with Caleb following behind him, went over to say hello to everyone and he introduced Caleb and Maxi to Breena and Jimmy.

A little later when Tony went to grab a beer from the kitchen, he'd found McGee in there doing the same thing. They were alone and it was an ideal time for his Probie interrogation. Okay, so he wasn't going to be that tough on the kid.

"Hey McGoo" Tony grinned, reaching into the fridge to grab himself a beer while McGee cracked his own one open. McGee could see the question in Tony's eyes, in that big smirk on his face.

"Go ahead, ask away" McGee said with a smile. He wasn't dreading this as much as he had anticipated. Tony chuckled lightly before asking away like the Probie had ordered.

"So… Hannah" Tony smiled. He'd briefly met the pretty blonde, having a small conversation with her. He got vibes that she and McGee were a little more than just friends.

"Yes, Hannah" McGee grinned right back. He'd seen Tony start a conversation with her, trying to gather important details he my need for the discussion they were having right now.

"You and her are dating, aren't you?" Tony asked, still grinning. He liked the idea, he was glad McGee had a lady in his life, one that was more than just a one night woman. Tony didn't want to think that McGee had what he used to. McGee was better than the man Tony used to be with women.

"Well yeah, you could say that" McGee said, Tony wonders if McGee realizes how big the smile on his face is right now. Tony knew who he was thinking of.

"I'm happy for you Tim" Tony said as he clapped him on the shoulder. He truly was. McGee seemed happy with her by the sparkle in his eye and smile on his face. Tony didn't know how long this had been going on for, but it had been a little while.

"But you were holding out on me on this Probie" Tony accused in a joking manner. McGee chuckled.

"Hey, you cannot tell me off for that" McGee said "What about the relationship with Ziva situation huh? You left me out on that" McGee added in a whisper. He wasn't really serious, but neither was Tony.

"That was a little different, give me some slack. And anyways, I always told you about my dates over the years" Tony said, grinning. McGee laughed.

"Because I always wanted to know all about those" McGee stated. Tony laughed in return. He was right, he guessed constant information about Tony's sex life in the past was that exciting to listen to. Not that McGee had a choice, Tony used to just tell him whether he wanted to or not.

"So, how long you two been dating?" Tony asked, a little more serious this time. McGee sort of liked this serious-relationship-discussing Tony. It was nice to talk to someone about this stuff, and it's not like Gibbs would casually sit down and discuss his feelings with him. That was a bit more of a farfetched possibility than Tony doing it.

"A few months, things are good you know" McGee replied, happily involved with this discussion with Tony.

"Taken any steps yet?" Tony asked. And McGee understood what he meant, have they passed any important relationship points in their time together.

"Well she's stayed the night a few times, we've been on a good handful of dates, oh and she has a permanent toothbrush at my house" McGee explained. Tony smiled, the toothbrush situation meant something in guy code, that she was serious about this and planned on staying over on a regular basis. And if that's what you are looking for and wanting, it was good.

And Tony realized how much kids affected a relationship right then, he and Ziva hadn't been on hardly any dates and in the same time McGee had been out a lot. But Tony wouldn't want anything more than to spend a night at home with Ziva in the kids, he really enjoyed it.

"That's what you want right?" Tony asked. He knew McGee was looking for something more permanent.

"Yeah, definitely" McGee replied, then he looked up at Tony "What about you and Ziva, how many steps have you taken?" McGee returned. Tony hadn't exactly explained how serious they were, McGee was just getting that vibe from the stories Tony tells him. And McGee watched as Tony hesitated a little in front of him. They must have taken some big steps.

"We've shared feelings" Tony began, McGee nodded, telling him to continue "And I, I told her that I love her" Tony said. McGee didn't think that the love word had been passed between the two yet, but even if it was shocking to find out, it was understandable. He's watched them for years and years building to this relationship.

"Really? And what did she say?" McGee asked. This was the most honest Tony had been with him about the relationship, and he'd been pretty honest all week about things. He watched Tony blush a little in the cheeks and ears.

"Well ah, she sort of said it first" he smiled. McGee smiled too, because he wouldn't have thought Tony would share that information with him. And it was a good thing to know, how serious they were, and that two of the most stubborn people he knows have shared their love. That was a big thing for them, a big step.

"I'm happy for you two, so happy" McGee stated. Tony was proud to hear that, it meant so much. Honesty always brought more honesty out of Tony, he couldn't help it.

"You know, I was always happy that you didn't end up like I did, you know with women and things. Because you've always been better than that, and I know anyone will be very lucky to have you, Hannah is very lucky" Tony said. That was raw honesty, something that McGee had a hard time getting out of Tony. He seemed to have done it easily this time.

"You ended up well off I think Tony, I know you treat Ziva right and she is very lucky" McGee replied. They were having a heart to heart, in the middle of Gibbs' kitchen at a BBQ dinner with all of the team. And then, suddenly, Tony was reaching out and giving McGee a hug. It had come out of no where, but he felt the need for it. Maybe kids were making him softer, maybe he had always been a big softy. But McGee was like a brother to him and his words meant more than Tony ever let him know. And McGee welcomed the hug.

"Oh, hugs!" they heard Abby's voice from the edge of the kitchen, and she walked in and wrapped herself around them both. Tony and McGee both chuckled.

"How much have you two been drinking?" Abby then interrogated. Her two boys having heart to hearts and hugs was very rare.

"This is my first beer" Tony replied. Abby just smiled at him.

"Aw, Tony you are so cute!" she stated and pulled him into a big hug. Tony just laughed, he didn't know why his answer had made him cute.

Everyone had just finished dinner, so far the night had gone very well, everyone was having a great time. Tony and Ziva were sitting on the couch, watching on the other side of the room as Caleb was talking to Abby's friend Mike. Caleb was getting a lot better with dealing with new people now and he seemed fascinated by Mike's tattoos and spiky clothing.

"What are we meant to explain to him when he asks what tattoos are?" Ziva suddenly asked from Tony's side. They were close on the couch, and her arm was behind him and her hand played with the ends of his hair. They weren't hiding anything, but then again they weren't saying anything about their relationship either.

"Tell him it's paintings on his skin, that people cannot get till they are adults?" Tony said with a shrug. This was a weird situation yes, but it was something to deal to. Tony didn't think tattoos were a bad or taboo thing, he thought some of them were quite tasteful, but they were never his thing. And Ziva had one, so she had nothing against them.

"Hmm, that sounds reasonable" Ziva smiled, she wasn't paying much attention to Caleb anymore, she was smiling down at him and running her hand further into his hair.

"You know, if you keep looking at me like that it's going to get hard not to kiss you" he smiled at her. Ducky had been giving the two of them looks in question many times tonight. She sighed and let her head fall to his shoulder, looking back over at Caleb.

"Sorry" she smiled. It was hard for her too. She knew their desire was getting worse the longer they waited, but it's not like they could help it. They never had anytime alone to let that desire go like they wanted to. He brought his arm around her back and rubbed his hand up her spine softly.

"They're going to be asking questions on Monday" Tony then said. He was watching as Caleb ran his hands over Mike's arms, amazed at the pictures and colors, but Tony didn't miss the little looks Abby who was at Mike's side kept giving him and Ziva.

"Yeah I know, it's okay though, right?" Ziva asked, still softly playing with his hair.

"Yeah, I mean I guess we are ready for them to know" Tony replied. Just then Gibbs walked into the room, his eyes caught Caleb and what he was doing, before his eyes settled on his two agents. They'd been more affectionate than he thought they would tonight, and it was strange seeing it, but he felt alright with it. Actually seeing it was making it easier for him to accept. He wasn't having any doubts at work, after the past few weeks he's realized it only made them better as a partnership. And they were as damn serious as they say they are, he can tell.

"Desserts ready" he stated. Caleb was the first to bolt from his place and towards the kitchen. He loved dessert. Tony and Ziva stood from the couch as everyone else headed for the kitchen and Ziva placed her hand on his chest, stopping him briefly.

"Yes I think we are" she said, referring to them being ready for everyone to find out. And they were, they could just feel it. He smiled down at her and she surprised him a little when she gave his lips a small peck. Then she smiled at him and headed to the kitchen. That woman knew how to press all his buttons, that kiss had only made his craving to actually kiss her decently and with more passion, all that much worse. But he loved what she did to him.

"Tony did you see Mike's stickers?" Caleb asked as he walked towards Tony on the couch, climbing up onto his lap. Stickers? What was Caleb talking about?

"What stickers?" Tony asked. Caleb sat on Tony's thighs and started playing with a button on his shirt.

"His stickers on his arms" Caleb said. Then Tony realized he'd meant, he was talking about Mike's tattoos.

"Yeah, I did, they are very colorful stickers" Tony said, going along with this conversation. He didn't really know what he was meant to say about it but he guessed he would just go with the flow of it.

"How come you don't have any stickers?" Caleb then asked. He seemed that he did not want to know what they were exactly –he'd figured that out himself, they were apparently stickers- but he was more interested in why Tony didn't have them.

"Well not everyone likes having stickers" Tony came up with. Caleb frowned a little.

"You don't like stickers?" Caleb asked. He didn't seem to understand how someone couldn't like stickers.

"Yeah I like stickers, I just don't like them on me, it doesn't go with my clothes very well" Tony said, making up a little tale. Caleb thought for a small moment, he seemed to understand.

"Mike has spikes on his clothes" Caleb said with a smile. He had liked Mike, and that had made Tony smile in return.

"They are pretty cool aren't they?" Tony replied. Caleb nodded his head and continued to smile.

Ziva had been standing at the edge of the kitchen, watching across the room as Caleb talked to Tony. Everyone else was there, but her vision had fallen on them and never left. She loved it when the two of them had small moments like this. Then she felt a presence come up beside her, and she didn't have to turn her head to know it was him, she could just tell.

"I know I keep saying this a lot, but he is good with the kids" Gibbs said, standing next to Ziva and watching Tony with Caleb. Gibbs had been having that same thought a lot lately. He knew that Tony was the one man who would look after Ziva and her kids better than anyone.

"He is, very much. It makes me very happy seeing it" Ziva admitted. The smiles on Tony and Caleb's faces always made her heart flutter.

"He's always been very loyal to you over the years, it sets up for a very good bond in a relationship" Gibbs said a little randomly. Ziva didn't know where it had come from, but Gibbs had. When he saw the two of them happy like this he realized how deep things went between them. Sure, he'd always know, but he hadn't accepted the idea. But now he accepts it, and it has him thinking just how good they really are together. They were going to make this work, he was very confident about it. He felt safe with it.

Ziva took her eyes away from her boys for a moment and looked at Gibbs. She realized something then, that he had finally accepted it, that he was okay with this fully, both personally and professional. He had no worries or doubts about them. That meant so much.

"He is a very loyal partner, always has been, always will" Ziva said.

"For me, mixing work and a relationship was hard, but you two, you seem to make it work well. I'd had that rule, but you are both the exception, because you make it work" Gibbs admitted. This was a bit of the personal Gibbs side he was showing her right now, and she liked it. She was finding out reasons to why he is the man he is with each new story he shares with her.

"I've always had work and my personal relationships mix, I guess it's just normal for me after so long" she said. She didn't really have an answer to why she and Tony made this work so well. She guessed the one she gave was it, but she could never be sure. Maybe it's just how they worked, how the two of them were. Gibbs smiled.

"You are probably right" he said "He's a good father" Gibbs then added. Ziva beamed with a smile. It made Ziva's heart beat just as much as it would Tony's if he'd heard Gibbs say that. Because everything that mattered to Tony, mattered all the same to her.

Later that night everyone had headed home, only Gibbs, Hollis, Tony, Ziva and the kids were left. Maxi had fallen asleep on the couch and Ziva had put Caleb to bed upstairs earlier, so both were asleep. Gibbs had watched his agents carefully tonight, and yeah they had invaded each others space more than normal, but he thinks he knows why that is. He used to have a kid at one point in time.

"You know, they can stay the night here if you want" Gibbs stated. They deserved a night to themselves, even if he didn't want to think about it in too much detail.

"We can't ask you to do that Gibbs" Ziva said, sure she liked the idea, but that was beside the point.

"You're not asking me, I am telling you both that they can stay here tonight, you can come back in the morning sometime, they'll be fine, Hollis knows how to cook breakfast" Gibbs said, joking on the end. Hollis gave him a light backhanded slap in the stomach and Tony and Ziva watched as their boss openly laughed. Hollis was really good for him. Ziva turned and looked at Tony, he liked the idea, and Gibbs is insisting so much. They would finally get that night to themselves that they want. No need to worry about the kids, because they were in good hands.

"Okay" Ziva said, smiling "We will come back in the morning for them" Ziva said. Gibbs nodded.

"But not too early Ziver" Gibbs said, she went to protest and he held his hand up before looking at Tony.

"DiNozzo if she's here before 11am tomorrow morning" Gibbs threatened, it wasn't serious but Tony got what he meant.

"Why am I the one that's going to get slapped if she does it?" Tony asked, poking his fun back at his boss. Gibbs just smirked.

"Because that's your job now" he stated, and yeah, that had made a chuckle come from the room.

"Okay, okay, not before 11am, gotcha" Tony replied, smiling. Tony knew exactly what he was going to do in the morning, he was going to take Ziva out to breakfast somewhere nice, waterfront maybe because she loved that, just the two of them. Ziva didn't seem to be moving from her spot so Tony had an idea.

"Thanks for the evening Boss, it was great" Tony said, he walked a few steps towards Ziva as she replied to Gibbs.

"Yes, thank you, it was wonderful" Ziva smiled.

"You are both welcome. Now, I don't want to see the two of you till morning, off you go" Gibbs stated, still smiling. Which Tony liked, he never used to like happy Gibbs, because it was so weird, but now he kind of liked it.

"On it Boss" Tony nodded, proceeding with his plan as he picked Ziva up around the waist and placed her over his shoulder. She just laughed, because she wouldn't have expected this from him in front of Gibbs. But maybe she had expected wrong. Gibbs and Hollis watched on with smiles.

"Night Boss" Tony said and they returned their goodbyes before Tony walked his lady right out of his Boss' house and to the car so he could take her home.

Coming home to a quiet house was nice, no one was there, it was just the two of them. It was a little strange because they were so used to the kids being there all the time, but the little change for just tonight was fantastic. Ziva wasn't sure what had made Gibbs insist on leaving the kids there, maybe he'd seen something, maybe he'd understood something and wanted to give his own kids a bit of a break. Something which Ziva was very glad for.

She'd gone to the bedroom to change out of her clothes for the night and when she'd slipped on one of his t-shirts and just left the rest of herself in her underwear she turned to head back out to the lounge. No kids were home so walking around half naked was acceptable, it was actually something she missed if she is being honest. Of course she didn't get very far, because Tony had been standing in the doorway, smiling at her.

"How long have you been standing there?" she asked, smiling right back at him.

"Well, since the jeans came off" he grinned "I think your ninja senses have gone soft, you might want to get that checked out" he said. His eyes were scanning over her body with a sparkle in his eyes. He wasn't hiding his desire for her.

"Hmm, should I go see the local ninja doctor perhaps?" she asked, walking towards him slowly. When she got right in front of him his hands came up to her sides, slowly skimming up, dipping under his shirt she wore.

"Oh that is a good idea, I think I have his number somewhere" Tony said. Ziva grinned up at him and pressed a little closer while she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Oh you do? And what would that be for my love?" she asked. He could tell already she was in a very playful mood, and that was very good thing.

"I had to make sure I was up to date on my ninja knowledge" Tony replied, which brought a chuckle out of Ziva. She shook her head at him with that smiled adorning her face. Tonight had been perfect, and it was about to get even more perfect.

He leant down and softly pressed his lips to hers, it felt like it had been years, but yet it had only been a few hours. It was about time they did something about this desire, because lately it had made craving her a little hard. Or maybe that was just her in general and not kissing her every five minutes would always be hard for him. Especially know he could freely do it whenever he pleased.

For some reason Tony had this feeling build up in his chest as a thought bubbled in his mind. He didn't think about it for long but as soon as the words came out of his mouth he was more confident than he had ever been.

"Move in with me" he breathed against her lips as he pulled back from the kiss. She pulled back a fraction and looked at him, deep into his eyes.

"Tony your apartment is smaller than mine" she replied. He brought his hand up to the side of her cheek and softly ran his thumb across her skin.

"I know, I was meaning that we could maybe get a house together, you know? Something bigger than this place, something better for a family" he stated. He was asking this, and he was damn sure about it. He had money saved, it had started as a trip fund years ago but he'd never got around to using it and he'd just kept filling it up. She noticed how serious he was about this, how sure. If she thought about it, this was what she was looking for. And the one man who loved her more than anything in the world and cared for her kids as his own, was standing right in front of her, giving her an offer that had always lived in her dreams.

"Yes" she replied, she wanted this, he wanted this. This was them really moving forward together, no turning back. And they never wanted to turn back. From here on it was all forward for them. They were putting their relationship into the next step, moving up into second gear.

"Yes?" he replied. She'd really said yes? Could he believe his ears?

"Yes" she chuckled lightly and he suddenly hugged her close and kissed her, the kiss layered with his love for her. He pulled back and stared at her for a moment, caressing her cheek.

"I love you so much" he said. He was never getting tired of using those words. Not now, not ever.

"I love you too Tony, more than anything" she replied.

Tonight was the night where their relationship took the world head on, this was the start to their lives, together. As a one, a whole. They were not two people anymore, they were a single thing. Joined together by a bond that had always been strong and was forever sealed on this first night they ever made love together.

This was the start of a new beginning for them, to show how they could have a perfect family, so different from the families they had grown from as children. They would do this right, because the family you come from isn't always as important as the family you're going to have. And this was their family and there was nothing more special to them that made their hearts pull tight and flutter with love.

Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.

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