Published November 28, 2011

Author's Note: This was going to be a oneshot/short story, but I can't string all the bits of conversation together that well. So I'm doing it as a sort of drabble series instead. They're not rigid 100-word drabbles; some will be shorter, some longer. Let me know if you like this style; I may or may not do more fanfics like this.

Zuko didn't plan to see Ozai again, after he asked about his mother's whereabouts. They had nothing more to say to each other.

The prison guards sent word that Ozai's health was deteriorating. A combination of injuries from his battle with Aang, the minimal conditions of prison, and his loss of will to live.

Zuko didn't let himself be concerned. He tried not to care. And yet …

"He's still your father," Toph said. "Your flesh and blood. If he dies, a part of you will die with him." She knew what it was like to have a complicated relationship with parents, especially a father.

"He'll have to die eventually," Zuko said coldly. "It'll put an end to his suffering."

Katara put her hands on her hips. "Aang saw value in his life. He did everything he could to avoid killing him. If he dies when it's in our power to prevent it – how is that any different from killing him?"

Zuko sighed. "Well, you're the only one in the group who hasn't had the pleasure of meeting him. I guess it's only fair."

Toph and Katara were more sisters to him than Azula had ever been. They understood his feelings better than he himself did. They knew that Ozai's death would affect him more than he realized.