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Chapter's Note:

[1] Zabuton - Japanese cushion for sitting.

[2] Futon - traditional Japanese bedding consisting of padded mattresses and quilts pliable enough to be folded and stored away.

[3] Yukata - a type of Japanese traditional garment, a casual summer kimono that can be worn by both men and women.

[4] Obi - a sash for traditional Japanese dress (such as kimono and yukata).

[5] Shoji - a door, window or room divider consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood which holds together a lattice of wood or bamboo.

Chapter I

Normal POV

(Somewhere in the countryside of Japan)

She sat on the dark brown zabuton[1] and stared out of the window, silently sipped her green tea. She watched as the rain fell down from the sky, hitting the ground in a steady rhythm. She remembered herself woke up in the same situation a year ago.


When she opened her eyes, she found herself lying on the warm futon[2] in a spacious Japanese style bedroom. She didn't have any memories of why and how did she ended up in that room. She slowly got up from the futon and walked around the room. There was a big wooden dresser with full body mirror on its side. She quietly watched her reflection on the mirror. The girl inside the mirror had a pair of beautiful brown eyes and long brunette hair which reach her waist. She wore a cream-colored sleeping yukata[3] with green obi[4]. She kept staring at her reflection, tried to collect information about herself. From what she saw, she made an assumption that she was about sixteen or seventeen years old, Asian, and quite healthy. She looked out the window and saw that it was raining outside. She didn't know why, but she suddenly felt so lonely and helpless.

While she stared unblinkingly at the view out the window, the shoji[5] door suddenly slid open and a man came in. from his appearance, she decided that he was around twenty or twenty one years old. He has bronze hair and his eyes were black, like onyx. He wore a dark grey yukata with black obi. He looked around the room until his eyes fell on her, and his stiff shoulder visibly relaxed in relief.

"I'm you're finally awake. How do you feel? Does your head still hurting?" His asked softly with genuine concern.

"I'm fine, thank you. Who are you? Do you know who I am? How did I end up in this place?" she asked him.

She saw something in his eyes upon hearing her question, but she cannot tell what exactly it was.

"You don't remember? You had an accident a few days ago," he told her.

She shook her head. She tried to recall her memories, about her life, about her acquaintance, but she met nothing but blankness in her mind. She started to panic. He noticed it and slowly approached her then wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"Don't worry. You'll be save here. I'm not going to let anything happen to you," he whispered to her.

She found herself trusting his words and nodded. But she cannot help to think that she has forgotten something really important for her.

(End of flashback)

"Chiaki? What are you doing?" she heard Kyou called out to her.

She turned around and found Kyou leaning on the pillar near the window.

"Nothing. I was just watching the rain. How was your trip?" she asked as he leaned toward her and kissed her forehead.

"It was horrible. The rain came down all of a sudden and we all drenched in it," he chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind.

She just smiled and put her hand above his.

"You should remember to always bring an umbrella then. The weather in this place is unpredictable," she advised him.

"Yes dear," he answered as he buried his nose in her hair, inhaling her sweet scent.

Akihiro Kyou. One year ago, he told her everything she knew about herself. He told her that her name was Tsukiyomi Chiaki. He explained that she spent a few years of her childhood living with him in that house after her parents passed away. He said that she used to live in Tokyo for study, but was sent back to his house when she had a car accident.

"Chiaki, I need to tell you something," he suddenly said.

"What is it?" she asked curiously.

"Do you remember our conversation about you wanting to continue your study in Tokyo?"

"Hai. What about it?"

"I got to admit that I feel a bit reluctant to let you go back there, especially after the accident. Do you think you can just stay and continue your study here? I will arrange for a personal tutor to help you with your study," he suggested.

She thought about it for a moment. She indeed want to continue her study (she did not remember where she studied but she did remember all the things she had been studying), but seeing the worry in his eyes, she decided that she better stays. It's not that she remembered anyone she knew anyway, and Kyou couldn't come to Tokyo with her either.

"That will be alright, I guess. I don't even remember anyone I know in Tokyo," she finally answered.

He let out a relieved sigh.

"I'm glad you agreed. I will make the preparation immediately," he said as he tightened his arms around her.

"Hai hai. How about we have lunch now? I'm starving," she said playfully.

He just laughed and stood up. He then reached out his hand toward her, which she gratefully accepted as he helped her to stand.

(Shibuya, Tokyo)

He lay back on his seat as the cab drove slowly toward the office. He felt so tired; the weariness from the long flight finally caught up to him.

'It's been awhile. I wonder if she still working at the office,' he thought.

One and a half year has passed since he left Japan. As soon as he arrived in England, he immediately regretted his decision to leave. He should've contact them at least. But he was too caught up with work that has been abandoned due to his absence. He decided to settle everything first before he came back to Japan. And now here he was, sitting in a cab with Lin on his side and anxiously wait until the finally reached the office.

'I hope she doesn't hate me for what happened. And this time, I will make sure about her and my own feelings.'

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