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Taz was starting to panic.

She had looked everywhere for Up, and she still couldn't find him. The gym, the mess hall, every hallway, the space outside of the cooking classroom, her room, his room, the men's bathroom (awkward!), the ladies bathroom, and his room.

She finally ventured into her own room, plopping down on the edge of her bed and sighing very heavily. Taz buried her head in her hands and began to cry in earnest. She couldn't believe that fucking bastard Sebastian and his disgustingness. He ruined her relationship with the greatest man she had ever met!

Taz realized she still felt disgusting and violated, so she decided to scrub away as much as she could. She entered her adjoining bathroom and pulled open the glass door to her shower.

After at least half an hour of scrubbing until her skin stung, Taz finally felt clean. She had bruises on the backs of her legs from the desk and on her arms from his hands. She would talk to the Ambassador tomorrow and get him expelled.

But for now, she had to find Up.

Lucky for Taz, she walked out the bathroom to find Up sitting on her bed. Unlucky for Taz, she thought she was alone. With her door being locked, and Up being the only one with voice recognition, Taz was sure of her solitude. In this attitude, she had forgone the use of a towel to cover up anything she did not want seen.

Up must've heard the shower, so looked expectantly at the bathroom door when it opened. The squeak the came from his mouth would have been funny in any other situation. He clapped his hand over his eyes. Taz exclaimed loudly and attempted to cover herself. She found a shirt of Up's to cover her and slid it on quickly. It was a little big on Up, so it nearly reached her knees. She quickly pulled on her underwear.

Taz reached out tentatively to pull Up's hand away from his eyes. She placed a gentle kiss on his cheek, and sighed quietly.

"We should talk ahora."

Taz continued. "What jou saw was not de whole story. Listen to what I need to say. This… hijo de puta was trying to take advantage. He was being inapropriado and I told him he needed to habla conmigo after de class finished. So he came down to my desk and insulted jou and held mis brazos and kissed me. Dat's when jou saw me. Jou ran before jou could watch me beat him to de ground. I have de bruises to show."

Taz thrust out her arm so Up could see the purple bruises on her forearms. His fingers glided over the skin and his expression slowly became one of unbridled fury. He leapt to his feet.

"I'm gonna murder that little bastard! He's not even gonna know what hit him!"

Taz grabbed his arm and pulled him back to the bed. He still fought, so she swug her small frame on top of his, pushing him onto his back to restrain him.


The tension in the room snapped as the pair realized their position. Taz's lips met Up's. Their kiss began slowly, languidly, but gradually built as their lips continued to stay connected. Up's lips, soft and tasting slightly of mint, broke away first. Taz and Up both gasped for air, breath coming in slight pants now.

Taz had decided, sometime while her lips were attached to Up, that she wanted to make him happy again. She wanted him to forget the drama of today and his stress over Sebastian. She wanted to try something they had never approached as a couple (something she had never approached ever). And Taz was in command. Always in command.

So when he broke the kiss so he could breathe, she dropped her head to his neck, kissing and sucking her way up to his ear. Her breathy whisper asked Up if he was okay with this. How could he not be? He had the love of his life on top of him. He had only ever dreamed of this! (And believe me, he had dreamed about it plenty of times.)

Taz pulled Up's shirt up over his head. His tanned chest was only lightly dusted with blondish hair, and his abs were glorious. Taz smirked slightly at the sight. The hair he did have trailed off into a V near his hips, leading tantalizingly below the waistband of Ranger uniform pants.

As Taz continued to make her way down his chest, her mouth ghosted over a sensitive nipple. She could hear his loud breathing stutter and pause as his hips bucked upwards. A sort of growl escaped Up's mouth as Taz continued to work on the same spot, then moving over to the other nipple and treating it with just as much love.

Taz continued to kiss her way down his chest, exploring every part of him. She especially loved the foreign (but not unpleasant) sound that tore from his throat when she sucked hard enough on Up's hip to leave a small purplish mark.

Taz reached the top button of Up's dark gray pants and paused to glance at his face. His normally clear, blue, eyes were darkened with want and his lust-blown pupils nearly obscured any color from visibility. The puppy-like whine that came out of his mouth was all the confirmation she needed to continue.

Her fingers' desperation made it a struggle to undo the button, but finally she released it from its buttonhole, exhaling in relief. Taz pulled his pants off quickly and paused for a moment to admire the wet spot of precum already visible on his red plaid boxers. By the size of the bulge evident through said boxers, Up had no reason to be embarrassed.

Taz couldn't take any longer and palmed Up firmly through his boxers, shuddering at the feeling as he squirmed in pleasure. A low moan escaped his throat and his hips involuntarily bucked into her hand.

Taz's impatience triumphed further as she tore his boxers off. Finally she had Up, laying in front of her, the way she had dreamed about it. Both of their breaths were coming in pants now, simply from the excitement and pleasure of the moment.

Up shifted on the bed and whined uncomfortably. Taz then realized she had been staring for what would be considered an excessive amount of time. He coughed lightly and mumbled something so quickly that Taz couldn't understand what he was trying to say.


"I—I—Hell, Taz. I haven't done this before. Ever."

"Está bien, Up. Me either."

Taz took the moment of silence to smile slightly and crush her lips to Up's again, sloppily and heatedly. His groan intensified.

Taz took a deep breath and sunk her mouth on to the head of Up's leaking cock. She knew she didn't want to choke, so she held his hips down as she hollowed her cheeks and sucked hard, alternating between the tight suction and soft wetness of her tongue against him.

Up was whimpering and squirming uncontrollably, his knuckles white as his fists twisted in the blankets of Taz's bed. Listening to Up fall apart was the hottest thing Taz had ever heard. Her own want for friction ignored so far, she began rutting against the bed.

Up's hands, which had finally found their way into Taz's mop of dark hair, tugged her up towards his mouth and she realized she was still clothed. Taz straddled Up as she pulled Up's shirt over her head and was left in the lacy black thong she had pulled out of her drawer. She tried to avoid wearing it, but she had obviously been in a rush.

His calloused thumbs slid across her chest and she gasped, involuntarily leaning into his touch. Pleasure coursed through her and she trembled. His talented hands continued until Taz was teetering on the edge of coming. She ground down on him, the friction making them both moan loudly. Good thing the rooms were fairly soundproof…

Up's tongue plunged into her mouth, and before she knew it she was yelling Up's name as she came. After a few minutes of collecting herself, Taz returned her attention to Up's cock, now leaking heavily. She hardly had to wrap her lips around him again for him to be coming harder than he ever had, seeing stars and nearly blacking out. She swallowed quickly, grimacing slightly at the bitter taste. But it was so much the essence of Up, that she would gladly get used to it.

"I love you, Taz".

"I love jou tambien, Up."

They spent the rest of the night curled together, sharing an occasional kiss and basking in the happiness of each other's company. Maybe that not-so-secret kiss in the corridor had actually been a good thing…

Taz grinned as she realized Junior's plan to wreck their lives had backfired.


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