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A is for Anonymous

Lisbon wandered slowly into her office. She was in no hurry-it was 7:30 on a Saturday morning so no-one was going to be at work just yet. She sat down behind her desk and turned on her computer, picking up some paper on her desk and examining the work that her boss had left her.

"Typical" She murmured to herself "If he still thinks Jane does what I say, he needs to go and have his brain seen to"

She carried on looking through her paperwork, when she came across a small, rectangular piece of paper. It had a green border and a daisy in the corner. Interesting she thought, my favourite colour and flower. Then she read what was actually on it…


I am privileged to see you every day. You make my mornings complete. I truly believe I cannot last a day without you.


She didn't know who it was from-the actual letter was typed. Hmm, she thought an anonymous admirer. I guess I should be flattered.

The next day, she found a similar note-the same paper and everything-but a different note


I know that you want to know who I am. I love how inquisitive you are.

You mean the world to me, my dear. You are so beautiful.


This went on for at least a week, before she decided to take matters into her own hands. She wrote a quick note and left it on her desk, in the hope that she would find another in its place the next morning.

Sure enough, when she got to work it was there waiting for her. But something was different this time. This time-it was hand written. And she knew that handwriting


If you had let me carry on a bit more then you would have figured out who I am. As it is, you would HAVE to ruin all my romantic plans (!) Ah well,

All I can say is that I'm certain you know my hand writing. And if you hate me, tell me. If you don't tell me.

All my love, my darling.


She put the note down on her desk and sat down with a bump, unaware of what was going on around her.

Patrick Jane loved her.

And she had better go and tell him that she loved him too.

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