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Z is for zoo (I know, imaginative right?)

Lisbon was not looking forward to the day ahead of her. First, she had to spend about three hours talking complete nonsense with the woman next door, then she had to find Jane and take him out for an apologetic lunch (she had blamed him for something which wasn't his fault… he just wanted to make her feel bad) and then to end her day she had to find something to do with her five year old God daughter.

"Well someone looks cheerful" Jane said with a smile, pulling back her chair and letting her sit down

"So would you if you'd just spent three hours talking about cats, firemen and someone else's eighteen grandchildren" she sighed and picked up an menu

"No you don't" he took her menu from her and she gave him her death stare "I have ordered for you woman, and before you go crazy on me- I did so because I know this place very well and you are far too stressed to make any rational decisions at the moment"

"Including what I want for lunch?" She smirked

"yes, including what you want for lunch" He leaned back in his chair "Now, tell me the rest of your problems my dear"

Half an hour later, Lisbon was truly relaxed. An hour later and she was truly full. Two hours later and she was on her way to the zoo with her God daughter and a certain Patrick Jane. It had been his idea, since apparently everyone likes going to the zoo and it gives you lots of conversations starters.

He had thought that Lisbon didn't have an easy relationship with Melissa, her God daughter- but this was clearly disproven from the moment Melissa galloped down the stairs into Lisbon's arms with screams of "AUNT REECE IS HERE!" Lisbon had picked her up, swung her round and given her a massive hug- he realised he had never actually seen her with kids before, and he had to admit that he liked it.

So, they ended up at the zoo. Melissa in the middle holding both Lisbon and 'Uncle Patrick's hands.

"Tigers first!"

"Lissa, come on now sweetie" Lisbon raised an eyebrow

"Sorry" the small girl dragged out "Can we see the tigers first pleeeease?" she asked

Lisbon looked over at Jane who answered for her "Of course we can"

Jane hadn't had so much fun in years. They had been just about everywhere and were now sat in the small café, eating ice cream

"What was your favourite animal then Lissa?" Jane asked

"TIGER!" she cried, doing her best impression

"Honey you had me convinced you were a tiger" Lisbon smiled at the little girl "apart from the ice cream that is covering your face, come here" Lissa turned to face her and Lisbon wiped the food from around her mouth like any mother would do. Jane was beside him with the new feelings he had for this woman

"What's your favourite Uncle Patrick?" Lissa asked, turning round in her seat

"My favourite what?" he asked with a grin

"Animal, silly!" She shook her head in annoyance

"Ah, definitely the panther" Lisbon chocked on her drink. "You ok Reece?" He asked

She smiled, covering the way her knees went week when he called her by her nick-name "Fine, thanks" he raised an eyebrow,


"Uh-huh" she tucked a hair behind her ear "Sweetie, finish up and then we can get home and watch a DVD with some popcorn OK?"

"Only if uncle Patrick comes" she demanded. Lisbon looked at her consultant who nodded with a huge grin

She sighed "Of course he can"

They all got up and walked back to the car, Lissa running ahead. Jane glanced sideways at Lisbon,

"Are you certain you're alright Reece?" she gasped and he hid his grin of understanding

"yep, fine"

"Well I don't know. I think we should finish this conversation later" he smiled innocently as they reached the car.

There was no doubt about it, he was falling for Teresa Lisbon.

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