The sun was shining and Los Angeles seemed livelier than ever. People were getting off to their jobs, out to the beaches, off to their lovers, out shopping and just doing all their normal activities. Everyone out now was human, and no one would have to fear for "The boogieman" or something to jump out of the shadows to get them. Everything was back to its lovely amazing American Dream.

Or so it was for some.

Down at a certain basketball court there were a group of people. Some were sitting on a bench; others were over at the court actually playing basketball. The people playing seemed to have fun and were smiling. The group was a variant bunch, both varying in race and clothing types. There was an almost bald, dark blond, white boy at most 19 years of age, wearing a Fidel Castro style army cap, sitting in the middle, his clothes were beyond that normal, A T-Shirt and some Jeans that each seemed to have been used frequently. Next to him was a longer haired friend who had the same clothing style but enjoyed having fingerless biker gloves, his a bit taller and heavier body type were distinguishing him as a muscle, in the eyes of the ignorant. However he was much more than that. Next to them sat a woman of completely dark and curly hair, seeming a bit older, perhaps 23 of a more darker skin color, most likely of Spanish or south American origin, wearing a big warm coat over a normal set of clothes. All of them seemed to be waiting for someone, and that someone came. A man, also about the age of 20 walked towards the group, he was wearing a big polyester coat and a small black hat. He had a bit of subtleties of a black beard, along with a nice pair of spectacles. The group almost instantly rose up as they saw their hat wearing friend.

"So… What did you find out?" the almost bald boy asked, though everyone was looking at their Hat wearing friend expectantly. He sighed though, his hands still in his pockets while making a small shrug.

"No One has Seen him, Or Rose since the two left on their Date… I tried knocking on her apartment, but it just looks neat and tidy… as if nothing had happened." He explained. The long haired big fellow rubbed his chin a moment.

"But we know the two Left on a date right? So how come no one has seen them?" he questioned. The hat simply shrugged again.

"I have No idea… Though I think we can safely say…" he looked around on the group. "Our Comrade Doctor is Missing."

The almost bald one slammed his fist into the table in frustration. "Fuck!" He exclaimed before sitting down. The woman besides him placed a hand on his Shoulder and looked at him softly.

"Red, calm down… I'm sure the two of them just have… Forgotten the time or something… You saw the spark in Andreas´s eyes when he was with Rose. He is most likely taking her out to a romantic place." She said reassuringly. But the hat wearing one looked over at the girl.

"For three days straight?" he said questioningly. The girl looked down a moment but Red raised his head.

"Psyco is right… Something just doesn't add up here…" he said before rising up. He looked over at the long haired one. "Mike… I need you to Help Psyco searching some of the places they might have gone… Restaurants, sightseeing, anywhere…" he then looked over at the girl. "Samantha… I know you are looking for that girl, but would you Please, try and see if you could find Doctor as well?" he asked her almost pleadingly. She nodded her head in confirmation.

"I will see what I Can do…"

Red then turned his head to the ones playing basket.

"You guys are with me! If we don't find him within the next few days… I'm going to kill that son of a bitch…"

Darkness had fallen once again, and as the doors to the great Toy store, the small kindred had completely lost all words. She was standing there baffled as the great possibilities were laid out before her. Andy was smiling as he gently nudged Ashley forwards.

"Come on Ash, look around." He said smilingly at the little one. She then just, got back all her energy and sped off into the store. She was of course careful not to use her kindred speed, but she did make it off rather fast, just looking over all the toys in this tiny section of the store. The First part they had gotten into was a rather girly area. It was filled with dress up dolls, baby dolls, pink dresses and stuff like that. Ashley was exited to look it over, but she didn't even seem to give it a second thought as she looked at each of them. She just, quickly moved on to the next section. Andy followed behind, giving the few other customers a few looks. His nose was getting stronger and stronger, so everyone in here, smelled like a potential dinner plate. It was not something he was comfortable with, but he tried to move on.

Next section was filled with more boy toys. Action figures, small castles, toy swords, toy guns and things of the sort. Ash did stay a little longer here, which caused Andreas to giggle slightly. He did know that Ashley weren't the typical girl, but she did seem to like things like toy swords a bit better than dress up dolls. In the end though, it was just another section, Nothing that she was fully and thoroughly interested in. Ashley continued on, and this section got another look from Andy. He had loved sections like this when he was little. But much like Ash, it was only a Love of 'oh that's cool' but not really as much as something he would really want.

The next section was actually separated in two. One side, filled with shelves with LEGO and other building toys, while the other side were filled with Plushies. Andy did for once not notice what Ash was doing and looked over at the LEGO section. So much of it seemed like things from his childhood, either it was resells, or it was remaking of old products. He smiled a bit as he could recognize several brands, and just were able to see images of himself, sitting in the middle of his room, playing with LEGO bricks all day; Making everything from castles, to enchanted forests, all with the small colored bricks. He felt a small thug at his shirt though and looked down. Ashley stood there and held up a small gray and white wolf Plushie. It was a cute little toy that was designed with stuffing in its head and paws, while in its body where small plastic spheres to make sure that the animal could be hugged, bended and otherwise done with as the child pleased, without the risk of it breaking. Its gray and white fur was both made from soft fabrics, and the head specifically felt like it was made from silk. Andy liked it and so it seemed that Ashley did. She had this Enormous, ecstatic grin on her face.

"This one!" she exclaimed happily. Andy smiled down at Ashley.

"Why it's really cute Ash." He said while looking it over. He then saw the price tag. Only 6.99. He then looked down at Ash. "It's Really nice, but are you sure you want this?" he asked, kneeling down to look her in the eyes at her level. "I told you there was no spending limit to your Prize." Ashley just nodded ecstatically.

"I want That Mister Wolfie!" She said, taking it out of Andy´s hands again and hugged it tightly. It was luckily made of some rather sturdy materials, so even her vicious death hugs would not tear up the fabric. The boy took a few moments to look at Ashley. It was rather a meager present to want. But then… It wasn't his decision. He smiled and picked up the little kindred, along with her Plushie.

"Ok then Ash… Let's go and pay for it then, then Mister Wolfie can officially be yours." He said smiling.

After a bit of usual annoying cueing, they finally got to the casher. She was just an average brown-haired teenage girl, who most likely chooses this hour of work because nobody else wants the job. A certain glimmer appeared in her eyes however as finally the customers came, in this case being Ash and Andy. The boy caught the casher eyeing him up a moment, but he took no more notice of it. He smiled politely as when he bought anything else.

"Good evening." Was exchanged, and the little wolf came up to the scanner.

"That will be 6.99." said the casher, hoping to have that good attitude in front of the customers, but it was still late at night, so she would just smile faintly. Andy nodded lightly and pulled out the black wallet from his pocket. Since yesterday he had merged his and Rose´s wallet, it now having both their ID´s and both Their MasterCard's. It might not be the best strategy, when it came to staying "Dead" but it was the most practical. A few moments passed where he was standing and fiddling with his wallet, before he pulled out his own MasterCard. He knew the combination was 9399, but he knew he had to slowly erase his own traces, or else the Camarilla would most likely Kill him… And perhaps the others.

A knot tied itself in his throat as he thought of the group. For all they knew he was just gone. How would they react when they knew he was Dead? And what if they found him while he was supposed to be dead?

"Sir… Sir… Sir!"

Andy snapped out of his thoughts.

"Oh! Uhm… Apologies" he said, once again fiddling with the card, before putting it in the machine. He pushed in a combination and the machine beeped, wrong one. The Casher looked at him a bit confused. Andy was as always a good actor and just, acted just as surprised as she was.

"Huh… I'll try again…" he said before typing in another combination. Once again, wrong one.

"Sir, Are you sure that's your Credit Card?" the woman asked him, giving him a serious look. Andy just smiled though.

"I am completely sure." He said before finally typing in the combination. 'Success' the machine wrote, and the small animal was now paid for. The casher just shook her head lightly.

"Try and remember your code next time… You almost blocked your own card…" she said, reaching her hand over, offering The boy the receipt

'That was kind of the point' Andy thought but just smiled at her, before taking the receipt and the plushie.

"Have a good one…" he said to her, before he turned his head down to look at the little Ashley who was smiling brightly, and reaching out her hands, almost yearning already for the little plushie. The two moved out of the way, so the cue could commence, but then Andy kneelt down. He looked at Ashley smiling, holding the small toy.

"I… Andy Doctor hereby declare Ashley…" he stopped a moment, realizing he did not know her last name, but Ashley easily picked up what he tried to find out.


"-Ashley Macmillan" Andy continued. "To be the victor, Of the great Haunted house Race, which, as we all saw, was the most important race in history!" he said, his voice almost sounding like an announcer. It made the little kindred Giggle, but she also stood rather proud about her achievement. Andy then smiled and handed over the Plushie.

"I hereby present you… Mister Wolfie… your Eternal Guardian."

Ashley graciously accepted the toy. She took a few seconds to look at it before her grin grew almost from ear to ear. Her arms put themselves around the plushie and hugged it like no piece of fabric had ever being hugged before. The small pieces of fabric fought bravely and stood fast against this onslaught from the young kindred. She just giggled and smiled.

"THANK YOU!" She exclaimed in her childish voice. Andy could not help but smile.

"You're Welcome Ash…" he said, kneeling down and gently placing his hand upon the little kindred´s head. "You are ever so welcome…"

Sadly, this could not continue. The two had important matters to deal with. Andy slowly rose up and reached out his hand, offering it to Ash.

"Come now Ash… We got to deliver the Necklace to auntie Therese."

Ash nodded smilingly, and took his hand, while still hugging around the little wolf plushie.

The two walked out of the toy store and out on the busy street. They had walked quite a while to get there, so they would most likely just have to go straight home and get the necklace, before getting it to Therese.

On the way home, Ash then pulled Andy's hand a moment, signaling for him to stop. The boy looked down at the little Kindred.

"What is it?"

Ash then pointed into the alley, in the vague direction of a woman. A woman, most likely in her 30es, was sitting half passed out up one of the walls. The stench of alcohol was hanging heavily in the air, and one needed not to have Kindred senses in order to realize that she was completely pissed. Andy looked down at Ash.
"Are you hungry?" he asked. She shook her head however.

"Aren't you hungry?" She asked, looking up at Andy, still hugging the little plushie. Andy was a bit taken aback a moment but then just smiled, shaking his head.

"Oh… No, I am fine… I will get some later…" he just said trying to shrug the subject off. However he could not deny that his senses were tingling at the chance to get some more blood. Ash then just stopped him by standing in front of him.

"No!" she said firmly. "Not later! You should get some now! You promised you would not do something that stupid again!" She said standing there, looking like a strict (and very tiny) mother. Andy could not help but smile at the little one. He sighed and gave her a light pat on the head.

"How can I ever Say No to you Ash?" he said then smiled. "Ok then… But then we go straight to auntie Therese right?"

"Right!" She said raising up one hand, smiling.

Andy gave a light nod, before turning to go down the alley. He ended up standing in front of the almost passed out woman. A small knot had formed in his throat again. He closed his eyes a moment. His human morals were still in play, and they were really hard to silence, even for a little while. He then knelt down, gently moving a bit of the woman´s messy dark blonde hair out of the way. She had quite a lot of makeup on her face, and was dressed strangely lightly. Her scent however gave off the info that she wasn't of a bad environment. She truly smelled terrific once one got past the alcohol. Andy slowly moved closer, his mouth opening up instinctively and his fangs bared themselves. Small moans escaped the woman's lips as she seemed to be waking up slightly. Andy hesitated a moment as her eyes slowly opened. If she had been sober she would be able to have seen his fangs. But she was too affected by alcohol to actually react upon it immediately. Then just a certain thing came up into Andy. His lips formed more into a smirk. He gently moved some of the woman´s hair away again.

"Please… Relax… I think you fell on something…" he said as a ruse, while moving closer to the woman. She blinked slightly a moment, and slurrishing said.

"Wh…What… Are you… Who… I have No cash…"

Andy then just smiled, his mouth opening again and his fangs exposing.

"I need no cash from you…" he said before then just, moving into a form of embrace around the woman. Her neck completely exposed, and open for him to use. He slowly lowered his head and sunk his fangs into the soft human skin, puncturing both that and one of the arteries. The red lovely liquid began filling his mouth and glided down his throat as it had done many times before by now, but this time it seemed more calm. He had usually been violent, or had just jumped scum to drink their blood. But this… This was more of a gentle exchange. After a good few moments of drinking, he released his fangs from the poor womans Skin and he gently licked the wounded area. Unconsciously he was licking his lips and teeth as he moved away from her again, and gently helped the woman back upon her feet, making it all seem as if he was helping her get up.

"There you go… you really should go home… You never know what might happen to you…" he said, helping her stabilize. The woman blinked a few moments, just unsure of what was going on or what had happened this or the last night. She waved a hand dismissively.

"No need for you to help…." She just said, taking a few steps on her own. "I… am on my way home… now…" She just said, before walking away. Ash was standing at the end of the alley, just smiling at Andy as he was nice enough to do as she asked him.

"Ok Ash… I'm fed… Now let's get to Auntie Therese."


The short stop to the apartment was made without much of a fuss, and the same was to be said about The Asylum. The amount of visitors didn't seem to have changed much, nor did the form of visitors change at all. Andy was not one to point out dodgy types, but sometimes he did feel a bit out of place, despite his fundamental belief in equality. The bodyguard was there again, but he recognized Andy clearly, and let the two through without much of a fuss. It seemed that his words were still burning into the Humans mind.

The two entered, and took not much notice of the club itself, simply wishing to move on and into the elevator. Finally they had gotten to the door into the office, and Andy was smiling brightly. When this thing was handed in, they were a Firm step closer to cutting the ropes. The door opened, and the office came into view. Therese was sitting in the same attire as the night before, but her hair seemed a bit more unruly. She was at the desk with an evil scowl painted upon her face, and a dead like glare met Andy as the two entered the room.

"You!" Therese said as if cursing someone to hell, and rose from her Chair. Andy was rather surprised by the reaction, but did not really have time to do much.


"What were you Thinking! That museum was My event! Mine!" Therese snapped at Andy. Ashley actually got slightly scared of the aggression of Therese and hid, with the medallion behind Andy´s leg. Andy immediately went into a mental defense.

"What are you Talking about? I haven't done anything to a-"

"Don't Try and deny it!" Therese snipingly interrupted Andy. "Jeanette already told me how she tricked you to do her dirty work and Slice up those paintings! I thought you at least had some decency, but it seems my Whore of a sister has corrupted you too!" She cursed out, Fury and hatred filling her voice to its very core, but instead of getting scared, Andy more got offended. He was about to say something, but then Little Ashley stepped right in front of him, her face also very angry.

"Mister Andreas Didn't Do ANYTHING Wrong!" She snapped at Therese, despite her childish voice, it was easy to hear her scolding tone. "He went home with Me after Auntie Jeanette tried to get your Present Auntie Therese!" She then took the necklace off her throat and held it out to show Therese. "Now stop Being Mean you…. Meanie!" she called out, in the end, missing the right words.

Therese stared at the little girl a moment, then her eyes turned to the Necklace and she rather aggressively, yanked the necklace from Ashley´s hands.

"Fine… I will believe you two… you have shown yourself to be more resourceful and more smart than following her ideas… Well, I will need you two to do something for me then…" This was the point when Andy broke in.

"Oi Oi Oi, Time out…" he said, his European accent shining through here. "You said Yesterday that you Only needed us to do That task to call off the Feud… We have done that task now, yet you are asking us to do more? You are breaking your end of the deal!" he said firmly, his temper slowly rising. He never liked it when someone broke promises. Therese walked over to the desk and placed down the necklace, before sending a glare back at Andy.

"I might call off the feud Now, but there is no way that Tung will believe me… Not after what I did…"

Andy raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

"What did you do?"

Therese crossed her arms slightly and sat down into her office chair.
"I made some threats against my sister… Empty Threats… The kind you throw around when you are angry. But Jeanette took them seriously, and now she is refusing to talk to me… She knows where Tung is, and if he hears I have threatened my sister, There is no way he is coming out of hiding." She slowly stated. Andy threw his hands up in the air.

"Why that is just Fecking Great…" he exclaimed. Ashley walked up besides the desk, her small stature just able to keep her eyes above the desk and look up at Therese.

"So You want us to Talk to Auntie Jeanette?" She asked, looking up at Therese with her innocent Look. Therese simply nodded.

"Yes… I want you to meet with her… Let her understand that I don't mean to Kill her… That It was a fit of anger, Nothing more." She said, readjusting her clothes slightly before looking over at Andy who looked like a man who wanted to break something but just couldn't. After a few moments with the two staring at each other, Andy finally dropped his head and sighed.

"Where can we find her?" he said rather defeated.

"In the Seaside Diner, It is across the street to the Asylum, easy to spot. Once you get in, go down to the payphones at the far end of the Diner, Jeanette will meet you there."

Andy did not want to question any further and just went "Fine…" his voice a bit frustrated. He walked over and took the little Kindred´s hand. "Come Then Ash, the quicker we talk to Jeanette, the quicker we are out of here…" He said before just beginning to walk to leave the office, Ashley sort of dragged along without much protest from her side. She was polite enough though to just wave at Therese before the door closed.

Therese was once again left alone in her office, simply sitting on the office chair, leaning back. She folded her hands together and turned the chair around slightly. A faintly evil smirk appeared on her lips.

"That is one down… Now I'm coming for you Jeanette…"

The two kindred walked out of the club and headed straight for the diner, which was easy considering its close location. It was not a beautiful sight, it looked like a diner, clearly inspired by the 50es. It had huge open windows, they could already see from outside that most of the furniture was either bright light or redish colored and above the door was an average sized neon sign saying "Surfside Diner". Andy stopped up outside the diner a moment. He looked back at the little kindred, who was still holding on to 'Mister Wolfie' and smiled at her.

"Would you mind waiting out here with Mister Wolfie?"

Ashley looked a bit confused up at Andy.

"Why? If auntie Jeanette is Sad, I should cheer her up!" She said firmly, but happily. Andy smiled at her goodwill but shook his head.

"No, Not at first… I want to talk with auntie Jeanette first… Also, I need someone strong to be the outpost guard" he said as if this 'position' was a most prestigious one. Ashley´s eyes lit up slightly, astonished at this new title.

"Whats an Outpost guard?" she asked astonished.

"Why and Outpost guard… It's the most important guard In many places. They are the ones telling if there comes any baddies after the main force, Which would be me." He said smiling. "Without these guards, The main force, Me, Could be taken completely by surprise and annihilated." He explained with a form of childish tone about it. Ashley looked really interested at this. An Outpost guard sounded cool.

"So… Will you be My Outpost Guard?" Andy asked. "I will just talk with Auntie Jeanette first, and then you can come in after, alright?" he asked reaching out his hand, offering a handshake. He was barely able to question either or not his ruse had worked before his hand was violently shaken, like only Little Ashley could shake his hand.

"I WILL!" She said very Determined. "ME AND MISTER WOLFIE WILL SCARE AWAY ANY BADDIES!" She proudly announced.

"That's great!" Andy smiled. "Now just stay there… I will be with you in just a minute." He said before walking into the diner.

It was as one would expect inside a diner of this inspiration. A big counter lined up the wall, leading into the kitchen, while the tables and windows were all the way along with the windows. However at one end, here were a bunch of payphones, and at the other end, there was a vending machine, which seemed to be rather occupied, judging from the large amount of people there. There was no less than four people by that vending Machine. They all looked like punks at first, but Andy shook his head, never wanting to judge someone from their looks. He knew he himself looked like a strange hippie if he let his hair go loose, and he was anything but a hippie (In his own opinion that is). Behind the counter were two elderly people, one working as the Casher, and the other, presumably being the chef taking a break. Andy then looked down by the payphones. One thing confused him. Jeanette wasn't there. He looked around the place, seeing no one beyond the humans around.

"What the trollops?" he said lowly (A strange phrase, but his way of swearing had deteriorated rapidly since he met Ashley), before he casually walked towards the Payphones. He reached the machines, slowly beginning to inspect them, thinking there must be some kind of… Clue, Or message or something Jeanette had left. There Had to be-…

Or did there.

The thought just struck Andy, and his paranoid mind got at work again. What if this wasn't a mistake. But it was more…

"A Trap" he said out loud before turning his head, seeing up in the diner again that the elderly personnel had ducked for cover, and all the supposed punks had armed themselves. One was with a Shotgun, and the rest was with some low class revolvers.

"Ahhhh Muck…" he just said before feeling the excruciating pain of being shot in the shoulder. Punk in front, Who was carrying a Revolver, had taken a shot and hit, very precisely, Andy in the center left shoulder. He crashed to the floor, looking over at the punks who opened fire after him. Several bullets flew by Andy, way too close for comfort. The young boy almost threw himself forwards, into cover behind the counter, his back pressed against it and he actually began breathing, as a reflex of light fear.

"Why this could have gone much better" He muttered to himself, feeling his shoulder a moment. The bullet had gone right through, and since he fed earlier the night, it did not take much for it to slowly close up. But that did not help with the immediate problem of the four gun wielding punks. Andy peeked around the corner slightly, only to yank his head back again, as the corner got hit by another bullet, and several more sounded, hitting around the counter that Andy was hiding behind. The info he was able to get however was that two of the baddies were slowly walking towards his cover. The guy in the front had a Pistol, and the guy behind him had a Shotgun. Jacks words could be heard as if he had heard it a million times 'A shotgun blast to the head, That's trouble'. Andy tried to go through the scene in his mind. He had a few moments more before the baddies would reach him.

Two were towards him, and one of them had a shotgun. Two others would then be in the background and would be able to put suppressive fire down upon him. He knew he was able to handle the revolver bullets, but the shotgun was another tale. If he ran out and charged the front guy, then he would get hit by the shotgun. If he tried to charge through the front guy, he would still get hit by the shotgun. If he tried to vault over the counter to flank them both, he would still end up with a broken fruit bowl for a head.

I need some kind of distraction! He came to realize. But what? He asked, once again peaking around the corner. The two were less than a meter away from him now. This would not end well!

Suddenly the crashing sound of glass being broken could be heard, and all the goons turned. Because Inside the Window, Came a tiny monster.

Ashley MacMillan.

She had with her full speed, made a run-up outside the diner and jumped through the window, with the greatest kindred and child rage and had jumped the furthest away punk. She had jumped upon his back, putting her arms and legs around him, before jamming her Fangs into the clueless humans throat. He screamed out in great pain and terror, as he began desperately trying to throw off the tiny Kindred, but it was to no avail, her grip was way too tight, as well was her bite. A small smile appeared on the Boys face. 'Just what I needed' he thought and grabbed one of the diner chairs with his own strength. He rose up, and quickly tossed it directly at the two punks in front of him. The front guy was just able to see the chair fly at him and ducked, but the shotgun wielder was too late, and got the diner char smacked straight in the face, sending him crashing to the floor. Just as the man in front was able to raise his head again, Andy was in front of him and grabbed him by the wrist of the arm he held the gun with. He squeezed it with crushing strength, and a small crack could actually be heard in the man's wrist, and he cried out in pain.

"argh Fuck dude!" he cried out. He was not able to react further before Andy grabbed around the gun in his hand, and yanked it from him. He then looked up, still holding the poor sods wrist, and aimed for the third man. The third man had turned towards Ashley and was about to pull the trigger to shoot at her. Ashley was still on the furthest away punk and was draining his, soon to be corpse of any sustenance in from of blood. Andy was quicker, and shot at the goon, luckily hitting him through the side of the arm, into the shoulder and ended up ruining several of his vital organs, causing the baddie to collapse. His eyes now turned to the guy with the shotgun. He was trying to reach for his weapon, while bleeding heavily form the head after getting a chair thrown at him with supernatural strength. Andy didn't really know why he did this, but he reacted upon a seemingly survival instinct, and pulled the trigger again. He hit the man directly through the throat. He could be heard gargling on his own blood that was getting into his lungs and how the arteries were slowly killing him.

Ashley finally released the poor human of whom she fed upon. She looked up with bloody red eyes and a face that looked like devil incarnate for any more bad buys, but she then realized the only bad guy left was the one Andy was holding. She calmed down and ran over to him, hugging him around the Legs.

"ARE YOU OKEY!" she asked loudly. Andy smiled down at the little kindred, patting her head with the hand he held the gun in.

"I'm Fine Ash… Just Pissed is all" he said smiling warmly at the child before his eyes turned into a deep glare towards the poor sod he was still keeping in some form of arm lock of pain. He cocked the revolver and pointed it down towards him. "Now… Since we all are talking like adults again, I would like for you to Kindly explain to me, as to why, you decided to open fire towards me." He said, sounding strangely sophisticated. It was mainly a mocking of The poor sod, but at the same time Andy was angry. The man, looked painfully up at Andy.

"I-I-I Don't know Nuttin!" He tried to say. "We were just paid-" he then screamed out in pain as Andy squeezed his arm again.

"By Who?" he asked sternly.

Suddenly the sound of a payphone ringing could be heard in the room, both Andy and Ashley looked back at the phone curiously.

"Ashley could you take that?" he questioned before looking back at The poor sod. "What is your name Friend?"

"Why do you want to kno-AOUHGN" he once again yelled out in pain as his already broken wrist got crushed even further.

"What is Your Name?" Andy repeated the question.

"R-R-Rick!"he was able to force out between exclamations of pain and suffering. He then felt a huge relief as Andy let go of his wrist, causing him to fall to his knees, clutching his arm in pain.

"Now Rick… Let me tell you something… You have two options…" he said, kneeling down and lifted up the poor Rick´s head to look him in the eyes. "Option One… You Piss off, and do not say anything about this, thus living happily ever after." He said smiling. "Option two… you piss off and do tell someone about it, but then you will wake up one day, tied to a table and I will be standing above you with a Scalpel and No annestetic… There are more than one Reason Why I am Doctor." He said grinning evilly.

Rick looked back into the eyes of this, in his eyes, Complete maniac and nodded. "Ill take Option one!" he just said before running as fast as he could out of the diner, not stopping for the life of him. Andy Smiled as he left.

"Good Lad." He said before rising up.

"Hey Mister Andreas!" Ashley called after him. Andy turned around and looked at The Little Kindred who was holding the phone. "It's Auntie Therese, She wants to talk to you…" Andy´s face turned stern. He, still holding the pistol, walked over to the little kindred and accepted the phone.

"Yes? I would care for an explanation…." Andy said, his voice as stern as his look. Therese seemed in no way affected of anything as she replied.

"I am Sorry, Jeanette was so angry that you didn't want to help her with the museum and send those thugs to kill you…" Andy wanted to stop up Therese, Demanding a better explaination than this, but stopped as he heard Therese´s voice become darker and sterner. "Don't worry about it, I will make sure she don't do it again". Before Andy was able to say anything, He heard a frightened Jeanette call out in the background.

"SHE IS GOING TO KILL ME!" she cried out for help.

"Hey! Wait a-" Beep, beep, beep. Nothing. Andy Slammed down the phone and slammed his hand into the wall in frustration. Ashley looked up rather confused at Andy as he then checked the revolver. "Two bullets Left… Fitting…" he closed up the compartment in the revolver and looked down at Ashley. "Come on Ash… It's On Now…"