Chuck stared down at the beautiful angel lying naked on the crisp white sheets. "Fuck...Gabriel, you know I have to finish that story..."

"Mmm. Finish it after. I need you, baby." The mischievous archangel moaned as he pushed a slicked finger into himself, drawing the man's eyes.

"I should just spank you and make you fix yourself." Chuck muttered as he crawled on top of his lover.

Gabriel gasped in mock horror. "No! That's barbaric! Especially when I'm carrying your child!"

"W-what? A-are you?" A huge grin spread across the writer's face as he stared down into his beloveds.

The angel blushed, leaning up to kiss Chuck gently. "Y-yes...I'm pregnant with your baby. Yourson."

"We're having a son?" The man grinned down at his Gabriel like an idiot, unable to stop.

"Yeah baby! Now, if we're gonna do this, you need to be naked!" The angel giggled, snapping Chuck's clothes off.

"Someone is in a hurry. Well, I'm sure not." Kissing Gabriel sweetly, he ran his hands over the angel's sides, brushing his fingertips across the sensitive skin.

It pulled delicious shivers from Gabriel, who trembled gently at the light touches, gasping as Chuck's lips left a path down his neck and chest, sucking gently on a nipple. "B-baby... Oh!"

Chuck moaned against him, his hands now running over the archangel's inner thighs. Pulling back a bit, he whispered lovingly, "So beautiful Gabe, how'd I get so lucky?"

"I-I'm the lucky one." Gabriel moaned as he felt the man's finger push into him gently. "S-so loving and good to me, even t-though I don't always deserve it." His breath hitched as Chuck added a second, the angel rapidly adjusting.

A blush crossed the man's cheeks as he gently stretched open his soon-to-be husband, though Gabriel didn't know it yet. When he was ready, Chuck slicked himself up, gently pushing in.

The ex-Trickster groaned softly, urging his lover into his tight heat as they kissed. Gentle thrusting, soft moans and gasps, two souls growing closer together as they celebrated the imminent arrival of their first child. Hips bucking up softly, tongues tangling, strong love radiating between them.

Gabriel grows close, whimpering softly as he comes hard but sweet around the father of his child, moaning his name.

A few more thrusts and Chuck joins him, falling over the edge with a soft cry, filling him up.

"I-I love you," the archangel pants, pulling the writer's lips to his.

Murmuring against Gabriel's lips, Chuck whispers, "I love you too, baby."