Crowley watched heatedly as the archangel slowly unzipped his jacket, his movements deliberately enticing the demon. Gabriel slid the jacket off his shoulders, rolling them to make it sexy. His normally bright golden eyes were darkened with lust as the jacket fell to the ground. Once his shirt was off, he moved to his jeans, easing the belt open as he watched Crowley's eyes stare fixedly at his fingers. Gripping himself, the demon let out a shaky breath as Gabe sauntered closer, thumbs playing at the waist of his jeans, toying with the idea of pulling them off. Instead he turned his back to his boyfriend, showcasing the tight ass Crowley was hungering for. "You want some of this baby?" The archangel asked teasingly, earning himself a growl and the sudden press of hard cock against his ass. "Oh…I take that as a yes…"

"Get naked, you've teased me enough," the King of Hell growled lowly, the angel hurrying to obey, needing his lover as badly as the other needed him.