Plum Institute News Letter

The door burst open and the halls were being investigated.
Agnes saw everything, so she just sat and watched T.V. in the living room.
The rooms were the following: Spa, Theatre, Living Room, Observitory, Hall, Guest House, Dining Room,Kitchen, Patio! We all looked in a couple of rooms and found the following items: Trophy was in the Spa, Dumbbell was in the Theatre, Knife was in the Living Room, Poison was in the Observitory, Candlestick was in the Hall, Rope was in the Guest House, Axe was in the Dining Room,Pistol was in the Kitchen and the Bat was in the Patio. All of us were confused because all of them expect the Poison or the Rope had blood on them. Agnes also revealed another secret!
"There are secret passages from the corner rooms to the opposite side; they all lead to a centre"
"Well, lets go down there!" Suggested White.
We went into the spa and pushed open the secret passage. The girls went last as they were all worried about their Shoes, Makeup, Cell Phones etc. We walked into the centre of the secret passages and noticed the House of Peacock logo was above us. We opened it and stairs shot out like bullets out of a gun. We somehow dodged them and then climbed.
It was a hidden Pool! We looked inside and we saw that the sign that contained all the house's logo was here aswell. Liz took out the Replica and flattened it out next to it, both were exactly the same.

The secret passage slammed open and all we heard is
I didn't know who it was.

Eyes of the Peacock Blog

My Dad! He sure was furious!The first two words he said was:" What are you kids doing here?"! Let me rephrase from what I said before, Instead of 'saying' it, he shouted it! He looked straight at me and looked as though he was going to punch me! He didn't luckily. But I didn't talk to him all night. He especially gave me a huge lecture about what not to say to people about the houses! But l yelled back into his face showing him that was furious. I also happened to mention they too from secret houses. Then he stopped yelling at me at the current point, he walked off and never saw him until two days later...