Hey! This is our first Black Butler fic [ hehe, kuro – shit – suji!] you disgust me! Lol, any hoo, this is AU, there will be severe OOC for some of them, but I'm going to stay as true as possible… this is a 'future' fic, meaning TODAY time, 2011, ect, yeah so [ENJOY] what she said, lol

Ciel Patron sat on his clean white bed with a sketch pad before him and a red crayon clutched securely in his hand as he hummed happily and colored in the picture he had done in his Image Therapy session that day. He was only ever aloud a pencil or pen with the nice people around, but on his own he was allowed his crayons; he had proudly earned that reward in his first year, something he still got praised for.

He was a good boy.

He placed the red down, looking for his green and yellow colors when the heavily secured door to his room opened. He smiled up the nice lady who came in with an old man – a doctor – who was holding a syringe. Ciel happily continued coloring, his left arm held out readily. In his second year, they had installed a permanent IV, because his veins had begun to vanish.

Once they were done, the nice lady handed Ciel a blue sucker, which Ciel happily took and popped into his mouth. He always got a lollipop. Even though he had it painless he was not the only one who had the IV… he was however, the most well behaved patient in the 'white' house.

Ciel called in the 'White' house because there was A LOT of white; white walls, white coats, white pills.

Ciel giggled at the last one, lifting his eyes just in time as another nice lady walked in; she had a small clear cup that held four pretty white pills in her left hand and a glass of water in her right.

"Thank you Miss White." He smiled politely up at her, just as his butler had taught him. He called all the people who worked in the 'white' house, miss, or mister white. They simply smiled, too busy to really care.

"You get any visitors today darling, or you remember anything new?" the plump woman asked, watching him drink meds and checked his mouth afterward to make sure he had swallowed everything.

"Both; Elizabeth was dancing around, and I remembered she broke my ring."

"Your family ring?" the woman asked absently.

Ciel started nodding, but then frowned deeply, his fingers stilled in his coloring. "n-no… I mean yes… I – I mean-"

Suddenly Ciel jerked back, mismatched eyes rolling into his head, sweat quickly forming on his brow and plastering the midnight hair to the pale skin.

The nurse cursed and jabbed at the emergency button right outside the door.

Doctors rushed in and held the boy down, injecting sedatives into his IV and holding him until the violent thrashed became simple jerks; pictures on the walls fluttered in the wind caused by the frenzied staff, and a forgotten picture fluttered down with a cascade of crayons… a blank shark toothed smile stared up at the now silent boy, green yellow eyes watching behind slashes of red.


Patient name: Ciel Patron

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 12-07-1995

Date of Admission: 19-08-2005

Diagnosis: Acute Schizophrenia

Patient review:

At age 10, patient suffers nightmares which evolved into day terrors/night terrors. Patient spoke of 'parent being murdered violently in a fire'. Patient started hallucinations and delirium. Sever mood swings, symptoms of split personality's. 'Imaginary friends'. Patient speaks as if he is another boy – boy existed in 1876/1890 - and can give detailed accounts of those seasons; concluded that as patient loved history before symptoms set in patient researched extensively then his imagination twisted the facts- coincidence.

Once patient realizes that he and his Alias are indeed separate beings, patient suffers severs fits. Patient is quiet, polite, and speaks often of his Alias's 'friends'.

Speaks often of supernatural beings; demons, reapers, angels, hell hounds, phantom creators, super powered beings and of being close with a fair few of these 'beings'.

Patient has been hospitalized for near six years, symptoms increased.

Alias Name: Ciel Phantomhive


~Burning houses surrounded Ciel, and he sat watching his butler fight the angels, fire burning up at their feet. He sat on the bridge, idly watching as the Thomas rushed by under him…. ~Air whipping past, breath ripped from his body, eye patch washed away and water flooding lungs… ~warm grip pulling, pulling him from the icy hell, crimson eyes silently watching… ~warmth pulling, cold body dropping, hanging in the air before passing perfect lips, encased in warmth and feeling at home… ~warmth ripped away, light exploding, worlds erupting, screams crashing through the pain… ~a voice, liquid encased warmth… ~"It's a boy!" screams tearing at tiny lungs… ~We'll call him Ciel! It's the name of a young earl! Amazing historical story I tell you!"… ~"my baby, mama loves you"… ~"happy birthday my baby!"… ~"good night champ, happy tenth birthday" warm lips caressing… ~screams and pain, crimson flickers… ~caged, locked away and played with, mocked, petted… ~screams; silence… ~"do thy wish to form a contract?"... ~"yes, my lord"…

Ciel shot up in his bed, sweat dripping from his ivory skin, mismatched eyes – his birth mark – wide, a single name trembled on his lips;


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