A flash of fangs and grunts of the hunter. As Spike went in for the kill, the hunter growled, punching the vampire in the head hard enough to actually hurt.

Dean Winchester was on top then, digging the knife into the vampire's neck.

"Y'know pet, that'll take forever." Flipping them over again, Spike pressed his long body down into the man's back, his erection pressing against the other's ass.

Dean gasped and struggled, his eyes wide.

"The adrenaline of the hunt," Spike purred into his ear before scraping his fangs over the soft flesh of his neck.

"O-oh fuck."

"You like that, huh?" He ran one hand down the hunter's side, slipping it into the front of his jeans.

Dean bucked, growling as Spike found his secret: he was painfully hard from the tussle with the good-looking vamp.

Grinding down into the hunter, the platinum blond purred as he stroked the man. "Mmm. I could use a good fuck. Rough, hot kinky sex without any strings. Can go back to killing each other later. What do ya say, pet?"

This was Dean's first time away from Sam in awhile. He needed sex. Constant hunts and a lonely Sam resulted in sexless older brother. Still, it was a vampire. The creature could have killed him five minutes ago, but it hadn't. "Fuck…Y-yes."

"By the way, I don't bottom," Spike smirked as he slipped the hunter's jeans down, tugging off his boxers and exposing the beautiful ass to the frosty night air.

"Fuck that's cold…" Dean moaned as the vampire pushed his fingers into his mouth, forcing the man to suck the cold digits. He did so, making them dribble in saliva before releasing them.

A moment later, Spike slowly pushed in two of them, groaning at the tightness of the darker blond's hole.

Despite the pain, the man pushed back onto the fingers wanting to feel the vampire inside him. "P-please…need it…now."

"Needy little hunter," the vampire smirked softly, removing his fingers to unbutton himself, slicking his cock up with more spit from Dean. Pushing in hard and deep in one thrust, he groaned as the man whimpered, squirming beneath him. "Too much for you, Winchester?"

"N-no…god you're big. And cold."

"Well, I am dead. Sort of. It's complicated."

"Move already and shut up!"

"Bossy little f-bloody fucking hell! So tight." The vampire would deny it later, but he whimpered in pleasure as he fucked into Dean, swiftly increasing his pace until he was pounding into him.

Dean groaned and pushed back into Spike, loving the way he was bent over the tombstone, an icy hand stroking him in time with icy thrusts. "D-does this count as necrophilia?"

"Don't think so…I'm the one f-fucking you!" Spike sank his fangs into the hunter's neck, drinking gently as he kept fucking.

"Aaaahhh! Fuck! B-better not turn me!" His cock twitched in its need to come.

As Spike growled in response, the man cried out, coming hard and tight around the vampire, pushing him over the edge as well.

"Don't worry pet. I wouldn't dare."