How can he even fit under the table? I stare down at my brother and lover as he kneels underneath it, hidden from view as our food arrives. Implying that he's in the bathroom makes the waitress leave as I feel his hands start to undo my belt. Slowly eating a fry, my other hand pets Sam's mop of a hairdo, making him hum happily.

I gasp as his hand gently tugs my cock free of my boxers and his tongue licks over the slit. Suddenly achingly hard, I pick up my burger with shaking hands. I feel him sink down on me, humming softly as I bite into my burger. I choke for a few seconds, wanting to just grab his head and push him farther down on me, but I know I can't.

We're at a family restaurant and blow jobs aren't on the menu. He deep throats me and I can feel his mouth stretched into a smile. Sam's trying to make me scream or show my pleasure but I try to hide it, my body trembling slightly.

I force myself to take another bite as he gently ghosts his teeth over my cock, just the way I like. Does he want us to get caught? Moaning into my hamburger, one hand moves to fist in his hair. This is way too good, but I need more.

Without bothering to ask him for permission, my hips lift off the seat as I thrust into his mouth. Sam gags slightly but doesn't pull back, urging me to fuck harder and I do. I'm so close, on the edge and I don't know how I'm going to stay silent when I come.

A few kitten licks from Sam and I'm coming hard down his throat, a strangled cry falling from my lips. People look around but soon go back to their business. Never have I been more grateful for the selfishness of other humans as Sam zips me up, popping up across the booth a few seconds later.

"That was delicious." Sam remarks softly, his face lit up with that huge happy puppy look I love so much.

"Good. I'm really glad you liked it. Do you think it needed sweetening?"

"Is that just going to be another excuse to get pie?" He smirks knowingly at me as I bite my lip, nodding softly.

"Yep. It was."

"Then yes, it needed sweetening. Just a little though." With that Sam turns his attention to his salad, eating it ravenously.