"Brother? Why are you still in bed?" Thor's booming voice woke the trickster, making his head throb.

"Thor? Why can I not sleep in?" The darker man peered up at the giant blond, noticing too late that Thor was planning to jump on the bed.

Thor pounced on it, jostling Loki and pulling a loud half-yelp, half-scream from his lips. Immediately, the older god was hovering anxiously. "What is wrong?"

"I-I…um, nothing." The lithe god was unable to hide his pain, remembering how he'd let the other young gods fuck him till they passed out. It made him feel better, less guilty for desiring his brother.

The blond snorted. "It is not 'nothing.' What is it?" He pinned the younger to the bed, studying him.

"Okay! So I had fun last night…. with a few guys." The normally pale god flushed with color, looking anywhere but at Thor.

"You let them fuck you?"

"Yes! What's wrong with that?"

"Were you…their whore?"

"Not rea-"

"WERE YOU THEIR WHORE?" Thor bellowed, staring down at his younger brother angrily.

"Y-yes…its easier than not…. having the one I want." Bright red, Loki struggled to get away from his brother, but Thor was not having it.

"Who is it that you desire?"

"I-I don't want to say."

"Well, I want to know this idiot who does not desire you!" Thor's gripped tightened, the god of thunder unintentionally hurting the trickster.

"Ow! Thor! Let go! It hurts! If I tell you, will you let me go?"

"Yes. I shall let you go and leave you alone if you wish."

A soft tremble ran through Loki's body as he gulped in a shaky breath. "It is you! Now leave me!" He tried to wrench his hand away and made a surprised sound as he hit himself in the face, his hand released.

Thor was frozen above him, staring on in shock.

"Y-you said you'd leave me alone if I told you. P-please do."

"You…desire me?" The blond's voice was filled with shock and a little bit of hope.

"Yes, Thor. It's always been you. P-please go."

"I have desired you as well, for a long time. But, to whore yourself out because you did not think I wanted you…" He gulped, pinning Loki to the bed as his blue eyes stared into the trickster's.

The lithe god's eyes were round and he flushed with color. "You really…. want me?"

"Does this look like I don't?"

"N-no…you want me." He grinned up at Thor, his cheeks flushed. "T-take me?"

The other growled softly, wanting to, but knowing Loki was hurting. "Not till you are healed…how many did you let fuck you?"

Loki gulped, mumbling out, "I l-let…seven gods…"

"SEVEN? You let seven fuck you without seeing if I wanted you?"

"You're my brother. I didn't think you'd want me."

"Good point…for that, no sex for a week and I'll be with you that whole time. After that, I claim you and you're mine…Do you accept?"

Biting his lip, the darker man nodded. "Y-yes."

"Good, now rest brother."

Nodding, the trickster closed his eyes, quickly drifting off to sleep.