"I-I don't know. Xander, we can't." Shaking his head, the librarian turned away from the horny teenager.

"But…you kissed me, Giles. It wasn't some spell or weird demon thing. You chose to kiss me. I want it again." The young man looked pleadingly up at the older man.

"N-no. No you don't. You're too young." It hurt to deny what he wanted with the boy begging like that. But what if they got caught? He started to walk away.

"Yeah...So I'm young enough to fight next to the Slayer and maybe die, but not enough to get a kiss from the man I lov-like..?" As he spoke, Xander gently grabbed the Watcher's wrist, begging him to reconsider.

"Xander…" The man was fighting a losing battle as he slowly turned back to the youth. Staring into Xander's warm brown eyes, he was shocked to find himself suddenly pinning the boy to the stacks.

Their lips met in a searing kiss, pulling a soft gasp from Xander as his arms wrapped around the Watcher's neck. With a low groan, Giles kissed the younger man possessively, his hands gripping the boy's waist.

Neither pulled away until they were both desperate for air. "G-Giles…"

"So beautiful, Xander."

Blushing, the youth stared into Giles' eyes, panting softly. "Y-you really think so?"

"Of course." Smiling, the man pulled him in for another kiss, this one far more tender.

Sighing happily, Xander melted into Giles' kiss, content to forget that the world was in danger of ending, again.