Rarity: "So…you use to be an adventure?" They had taken up the subject of Andi's life as Rarity worked on the dress.

Andi: "Yeah. Good times. Mr. Jones and I use to be a great team."

Rarity: "What happened?"

Andi: "Well, these mean people were shooting arrows at our legs, but I got out of there just in the nick of time."

Rarity: "That's horrible! D:"

Andi: "You should have seen what happened to Mr. Johns. Turns out he took an arrow to the arm last month! But he's alright now."

Pinkie: "Arrow to the knee."

Andi: "Arm."

Pinkie: "What ever~ :3"

Rarity: "Done!"

Andi: Can I put it on! :D"

Rarity: "Of course dear!"

Andi slipped on the dress while Rarity eagerly watched.

Rarity: "What do you think!"

Andi: " I. Luv. It. So. Hard." Andi twirled around whimsically as Rarity looked her over.

Rarity: 'I'd hit that.'

Andi: "I would too ;D"

Rarity: "W…what?"

Andi: "I was just saying that I would like a dress like this. Therefore it's perfect!"

Rarity: "Oh, of course!" 'Phew. I thought she could hear my thoughts for a second there.'

Andi: "Oh! I can. I just wasn't commenting on that."

Rarity: "Well then…can you see pictures too?"

Andi: "Yea-"

Rarity: "…"

Andi: "…I don't know what to say right now."

Rarity: "Than why use words? KISS ME YOU FOOL!"


Andi: "AWWW! AWWW!"

Rarity: "Are you okay Andi! ?"

Andi: "What happened! ?"

Rarity: "You said you needed some sleep but just started screaming all of a sudden!"

Andi: "Oh thank goodness. I'm so glad that was just a drea-"

Spike walked up to Rarity and they started making out hardcore l3GiT extreme.



Andi's Mom: "What?"

Andi: o.o

Andi's Dad: "What were you dreaming about? You were kinda freaking out."

Andi: "Oh my goodness, it was soooo weird. You see, I was in My Little Po-"

Spike walked up to Andi's Dad and they started making out hardcore l3GiT extreme.


Andi: "HOT! HO- Wait…AWWWW! AWWW!" Andi was in her bed at the boutique.

Pinkie: "What's wrong Andi! ?"

Andi: "Pinkie! You gotta help me!"

Luna walked up to Andi and they started making out hardcore l3GiT extreme.


Luna: I made out with you because you're hot."

Andi: "Oh. Okay then :3" And Andi passed out.

Pinkie looked at Luna disapprovingly.

Luna: "What? She did say to make it stop!"

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