"D-daddy!" Sam whimpered in pleasure as John licked the tip of the twelve-year-old's cock. God…he loved it when Sam called him that.

Dean was out with a girl, doing his own thing as John coaxed the delicious moans and whimpers from his baby boy's throat.

"F-feels so good, daddy! M-more, please!" Sam's hips bucked up in desperation, wanting to feel his father's lips around him.

"As long as your promise to keep making those noises, I'll do whatever you want." John murmured before slipping his lips around his son.

The boy gasped in pleasure, his eyes wide as John sank down around him. It was almost too much. Felt so good that he couldn't keep quiet if he wanted to. Moans and mumbled 'oh gods' spilled from Sam's lips as his hands tightened in his father's hair. "D-daddy…S-so good."

Humming, John wrapped a hand around himself, stroking in time to his bobs. Fuck…Sam's moaning 'daddy' and the way he gripped John's hair till it hurt was so fucking hot, he'd be left aching just thinking about it.

John was always careful to see if whatever they had was what Sam wanted. He never asked for any sexual favors, just liked to hear the boy moan and writhe under his lips, loved to taste him.

Sam's grip tightened even further as his cock twitched with its impending orgasm. "Dadddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" He keened before coming hard down his father's throat, holding the man on him as he writhed and bucked.

John swallowed it down happily, even though the boy's grip and thrusting cock hurt. He came with Sam, coming at the keened cry.

Easing off his son, John pulled him close, cradling him as they both drifted to sleep.