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Chapter One:

The Dinner Party

All The Right Moves by OneRepublic

"Because when its going good its going great" – Eminem

"I'm really going to miss this." Caroline Forbes, my best friend for life, sighed as we strolled through the local park. The sun was shining up high in the sky. By the looks of it, it was late afternoon. The air was warm and bearable. Today was one of the last days of summer and it was putting Caroline and I into a funk.

"I will miss it too. Very much." My white dress was lightly blowing from the wind. The layers of tulle blew back behind me, I held it down.

"I'm going to miss days like this. Walking around aimlessly, doing nothing. This sucks." My blonde friend groaned. We had spent the summer together, there was no doubt we would both be upset when she had to go back to school. We didn't like schedule change. Everyday for the past two and a half months we'd come here, to the park, and sit under the big oak tree until we could see the stars come up. I didn't bother answering her back, I continued on looking around the surroundings. The green grass was gently blowing in the summer breeze. Dogs ran to catch Frisbees and tennis balls their owners threw for them. Some stopped to drink water at the nearby pond. Somewhere off in the distance, a pair of squirrels chased each other up and down the trees. Nearby, a group of kids played catch and their parents were sitting on a bench.

"Good afternoon, Princess." A young woman who was playing with her little girl waved to me. Princess? Oh, I might have forgotten to fill you in about that. Well, long story short, I'm the princess of a small country off the coast of Bulgaria. It's name? Sanctus Croatas, but everyone calls it St. Croatas. That's pronounced Crow-a-tass. It's the only country in the area that has two main languages, English and Bulgarian. It minors in Latin. Well, that's enough for the history lesson, coming back to present day, I looked at the child who could be no older than four.

"Good afternoon." I flashed a smile and a small wave to the girl. She waved her small hand towards me.

"Say hi, Margaret." The mother cooed. Caroline and I walked away after faring a goodbye.

"I'm figuring you didn't know who that was."

"Not a clue." I shook my head.

"Even without the crown you're so recognizable." Caroline laughed but I could sense the slightest bit of annoyance in her voice. It was a bother at times with people saying hello every time we stepped out of the un-guarded areas. Though Caroline was always the one who grew to love attention, she had grown to understand and deal with everything that came along with being my best friend. We'd been friends since we were both in diapers; she had plenty of time to learn. Hey, I was just happy my father didn't believe in bodyguards since our country was so safe. At least we didn't have some large man watching us over like a hawk. I was kicked out of my mental tangent when I noticed Caroline kick off her flats and sit down on the grass.

"What are you doing?" I asked, watching her dip her feet in the pond.

"Letting go." She simply replied. I looked at her for a good five seconds before I shrugged and unbuckled my silver heels, placing them beside me when I sat down. I placed my perfectly pedicured feet into the warm pond water and cringed when they hit the muddy bottom. Caroline kicked her legs up and down forming a splash; I tried blocking the spits of water that hit me.

"Why does summer have to end so early? I don't want to start junior year. That means just one more year closer to going to college." She tucked her naturally wavy hair behind her ear. In frustration, my friend stood up and walked farther into the pond.

"I mean yeah college, awesome and all but—"

"Caroline, what on earth are you doing." I giggled, placing my hands on my knees.

"Oh come on, Katerina, have a little bit of fun!" She twirled around, her sundress twisting with her.

"You may go ahead, I'll stay here." I held back a laugh. Caroline walked towards me and grabbed my hands.

"No!" I protested. Being Caroline was much stronger, she pulled me up easily and swung my around.

"Caroline, sto—" I began until my hands slipped from Caroline's and I landed in the water.

"Oh my God!" Caroline held back a laugh and ran over to me.

"Help me up!" I demanded.

"I'm so sorry!" She put a hand over her mouth.

"No you are not." I pouted. She leanded me a hand but instead of using it to stand up, I pulled her in.

"That's so unlike you!" She splashed me with pond water, now soaking my hair. Reminding myself that this was childsplay and very un-royal like, I stood up.

"We ought to get out, people are staring." I insisted.

"A little fun never hurts." She rang but I got out of the pond anyways. I looked up to the sky, which was now a blazing shade of blue, pink, and orange. St. Croatas was known for their beautiful sunsets, I'd always love to go sit out on my balcony and watch it.

"Wait one minute, what time is it?" I turned to Caroline as she was ringing out her wet hair. She looked at the watch on her wrist.

"Almost seven thirty." She looked at me suspiciously.

"Oh my God, we've got to go!" I picked up my heels instead of putting them back on since I couldn't run in them.

"What? Why?" She threw her shoes on.

"The end of summer party! It starts at seven thirty!"

"Do you want me to call a taxi?" Caroline offered as we were running out of the park.

"No, that would take to long. Just look at the streets." I told her while we reached the sidewalk and saw almost bumper-to-bumper traffic. The castle was three and a half blocks down and considering the little amount of time we had; I knew I couldn't make it. I winded and twisted throughout the streets with Caroline behind me the whole time. Cars honked and people waved to me. My shoes dangled in my hands as I ran. I crossed over to Shadesberg Avenue, the street right before my home. The buildings lessened as I ran, more homes appeared. I could already see hundreds of cars lining up waiting for valet to park them. All the lights in the castle were on and I could already hear people talking. People were coming out of their cars in fancy gowns. I would be in a big heap of trouble if I was late to this. How did the always manage to happen? Once we were out of the city area, Caroline and I finally crossed over the bridge of the castle. The servants, who acted as valet boys for now, looked at me strangely.

"Princess?" One looked at my dripping wet clothing and hair then he looked to Caroline. I stopped in my tracks.

"Hello." I smiled and began running off again.

"We obviously can't go in the front door, where should we go?" Caroline searched for a door.

"There's a door over there." Thankfully, it was the staircase that lead up to the hallway my room was in. We sneaked our way to the side of the castle and I opened the door. We walked up the winding staircase and finally got to my floor.

"Was that like a secret staircase or something?" Caroline tiptoed down the corridor.

"Possibly, I have just learned of it the other day." I replied. I opened the door to my room and a wave of comfort and safeness washed over me.

"Ooh, sneaky." She commented.

"You're attending tonight, right?" I put my shoes down beside the vanity.

"I forgot about it, I didn't bring anything to wear." She said. I walked into the bathroom quickly and stripped my wet dress. I covered myself in a brown silky robe and walked out moments later.

"Well of course you may borrow something of mine." I walked her over to my closet and then I myself made my way over to my vanity, which was my make up table. Once I was able to figure out how to turn the blow dryer on and how to work a curler, thanks to Caroline, I quickly got ready making my hair into big curls. This was all new to me being since my maids did my hair and makeup.

"Oh!" Caroline squealed from inside my closet. I heard her walk out and I turned to her while I still held the burning curling iron in place.

"I'm wearing this once, you know if you don't mind." She announced showing me a floor length, silk blue gown.

"Nice choice." I nodded. "It matches your eyes."

"Has anyone seen Miss Katerina?" A woman's voice echoed out from the hallway. I capped the mascara brush when a knock at my door alarmed me.

"Princess?" The voice called.

"You may come in." I rang. Sneakily, I moved my wet heels underneath the vanity. My door opened and the head servant Pearl looked frantically at me.

"Katerina, we've been looking for you everywhere." Pearl said.

"Did you check my room?" I smirked. She pursed her lips not finding me amusing.

"When will you be ready?" She eyed my robe.

"I apologize, I will be ready in a few minutes. Tell my mother Caroline is attending too." I told her and she closed the door when she walked out. I brushed my lips with a shade of light pink lipstick and finished it off with a coat of lip-gloss. I puckered and pursed my lips together. I got up and opened the door to my closet, which was so big it was like another room. On the right and left sides, my clothes hung. One side was for my fancy dresses and the other was for everyday dresses, skirts, and blouses. Straight ahead was the side that ahead that displayed all my jewelry, shoes, and two tiaras. That was my personal favorite. I walked over to the left side where my dresses hung and I attempted to choose one out of the many. There was to many to choose from! But, one was sticking out better from the rest. I picked up the hanger of a very poufy, strapless, purple ball gown. The rhinestone and beaded bodice sparkled in the light coming from the ceiling. The pickups of the dresses were established with beads and rhinestones smaller than a pebble. I shed my robe and stepped into the dress trying not to trip on all the layers of fabric.

"Caroline, may you please come here?" I called.

"Yes?" She stepped into my closet.

"May you please tie the back?" I turned around and waited for her to tie the corset back.

"There." She announced and I turned to her.

"Well don't you look pretty." I flashed a smile to my friend.

"Thanks, you do to." She giggled. I sat on the chaise lounge sofa while Caroline put on my diamond necklace and earrings while I slid on a pair of my black heels. I walked over to where my tiara sat on a blue velvet pillow and I picked it up. I gently placed it on my head and arranged my hair to make it look pretty.

"Ready?" Caroline questioned.

"Ready." I replied.

A glass of champagne occupied almost every guests hand as they headed into the main ballroom. Caroline and I hid behind a flight of stairs and it's wall.

"I see the Salvatore boys are looking extra delicious tonight." Caroline noticed the two brothers looking dashing in tuxedos.

"Agreed to that." I smiled absentmindedly.

"If you had to choose from Brad Pitt or them, who'd you choose? Keep in mind that this isn't when Brad was going through that creepy phase."

"Them. Definitely them."

"I call Damon." She winked.

"Why call just one? Why not have both." I giggled. Soon enough Stefan and Damon disappeared inside the ballroom along with the rest of the crowd. The guards shut the big, wooden doors to the ballroom. Soon enough, as Caroline and I tip toed down the stairs the door to the study room opened revealing my parents.

"Mother, Father." I called. A smile swept across my face.

"Katerina! And good evening Caroline, I didn't know you were coming tonight. You both look marvelous." Both my parents kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you." Caroline returned.

"Sweetie, do you know where your brother is? I could not find him anywhere, along with you." My mother held back a smile.

"Not a clue, I'm sorry."

"Do not worry." She sighed.

"So, did you two have fun today wherever you ran off to? I have heard word of that you were running back here very late." He cocked his head. My cheeks reddened.

"We'll be discussing that later." He smiled.

"Fine." I sighed. Trumpet like sounds rang from the ballroom.

"Now announcing King Elijah and her majesty Queen Lucy." A man announced. The ballroom doors opened and my parents went through. A wave of loud applause as my parents sat down and waved. The doors shut.

"I found your brother." Caroline nudged me. Mason Petrova, my loving older brother, came running down the hall. He was late, again.

"Sorry Kat, may you fix my tie." He fiddled with the piece of fabric half on half off.

"You're late." I complained, retying the tie.

"Sorry, sorry. I fell asleep." That was the same old Mason, falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon. Typical.

"Here, I am done." I announced.

"Oh thank you." He pushed his bangs out of his face.

"Announcing Prince Mason Petrova." The same man said and once again the big doors opened.

"Right on time." He gave a thumb up before disappearing through the doors. Caroline, used to the routine already, fixed her hair one last time while I fixed my dress and hair. I readjusted my crown and took a deep breath in. Nothing to be scared of, I've done this hundreds of times. But the closer and closer they came to announcing my name, the more nervous I got. Why was I nervous? I was Katerina Petrova, I had nothing to worry about.

"And finally announcing Princess Katerina Petrova accompanied by Miss Caroline Forbes." The doors opened revealing Caroline and I. We walked into the room and roars of applause flooded the room. The long table was filled with guests that stood up and clapped. Even some of my servants and some unfamiliar guards did the same. Almost immediately, Caroline and I spotted Stefan and Damon and gave a flirtatious wave. Damon waved his fingers at us while Stefan graciously smiled. We then took a seat next to my brother.

"Attention, attention." My father, who sat at the head of the table with my mother, stood up and tapped his glass with a silver fork. All eyes came to him.

"Welcome one and all to the end of summer ball. If you have never been to this before, this is a time to celebrate and rejoice while we all get together once again. Now let us all sit, converse in conversation, be merry, and eat!" My father concluded and sat down. The first course was brought out by at least fifty servants holding silver platters.

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