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Chapter Three:

Were Not In St. Croatas Anymore, Katerina

Chapter Song: Where The Story Ends by The Fray

"If you keep hiding your true self your life become like slow death." –Ziggy Marley

The amusement that had occupied me at the airport was gone. It had easily faded. And it dropped as I had walked out of the airport and into the car area.

"Thanks." Slater shoved a five dollar bill at the valet man. I made my way into the sleek black rental car Slater arranged for us.

"Thank you, sir." I smiled gratefully and sat myself in the car. The boy looked at me strangely before shutting the door. Soon, Slater got into the drivers seat.

"No one says sir here." He huffed.

"Sorry." I sighed.

"Just keep on practicing because we can't let anyone get suspicious."

"Yes, yes, will do. Normal American girl right here." I gave off a fake smile. Suddenly, Slater slammed on the brakes sending us flying forward then crashing back into our seat. I gasped.

"Damn drivers." He muttered under his breath.

"Are you sure you're safe driving me? I barely even trusted my drivers back home."

"Normal people don't have drivers." He reminded me. This was going to be harder than it seemed.

The car zoomed passed a 'welcome to Newport, North Carolina. Population: 4,482' sign.

"Is this an actual town?" I looked to Slater.

"Just be happy we didn't put you in the town an hour away that only had 197 people."

"I'm loving it already." I nodded, continuing on my activity of staring out the window.

"So just setting things straight here. What do you want me to call you? Slater? Lieutenant Myers? Major Myers? Because I feel like if I call you Slater, that looks like we are friends."

"Lieutenant or Major Myers would do perfectly fine." He smiled. All of the sudden, a strange ringing noise rung through out the car. My head popped up from looking out the window.

"What is that incisive ringing?"

"You've never owned a cell phone before?" He looked at me before sliding it to answer the call.

"Talk to me." He spoke into the object.

"Yes. Yes. Will do. See you soon. Goodbye." He hung up and placed the phone in the cup holder.

"Have you ever seen a cell phone before?" he asked.

"Yes, of course I have. I've just, I never had one. Caroline had one though, it looked different from that. I used it once I think. My parents didn't really believe in us having phones, my dad didn't think we needed them."

"Ah, that reminds me, we have given you a phone, and it's in your luggage. You may use it, but not to call your country. It's for your own safety. Your number is posted on a note to the back of it. Memorize it if you have to. When you make friends, you can put their own numbers in it too." He turned right.

"Thank you." How was he so sure was he that I would make friends? We now were driving through a cute little town. There were many Victorian style houses and there weren't many shops downtown. It was actually quite adorable; it was very old fashion like. A few markets, clothing stores, pharmacies, and restaurants, lined the walkways. Big trees were everywhere, they stood tall and they were covered in green leaves. I have never seen so much foliage in my life, not even the park back home had this many trees.

"This place is beautiful." I said in awe. Damn it, did I really just admit that? We were heading up town now. Now, there were very few houses and no stores at all.

"Now can you tell me where my actual destination is?" I wondered.

"Yes, now I can. You are attending the Newport Costal Academy, also known as NCA." He told me.

"Newport Costal Academy? Is this a private school?" I asked.

"Close. It's a boarding school, but you can wear your own clothing, no uniforms required." He said.

"What is this boarding school? We did not have any of those in my country." Boarding school, was this a school to be uninterested in?

"It's a privet school where students are lodged, meaning they can sleep and live there, they have dorms. Teachers teach you and you get fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. On weekends, you may go out or do homework. Students are slowed to go home on holidays and terms but for obvious reasons you cant." He explained.

"I have been homeschooled all my life, I'm scared to go to an actual school with actual people. My only friend back home was Caroline." The butterflies in my stomach erupted again.

"People will like you, not to worry." He didn't look at me.

"How are you sure?" I leaned back in the chair.

"Everyone has friends. You're a nice and pretty girl, you should make friends fast." I saw him smile. We drove for fifteen more minutes before a sign was in view of the Newport Costal Academy.

"Costal? Are we close to the ocean?" I asked.

"In fact, we are about fifteen twenty minutes away. Some of the students go over there on weekends." He informed me. As we pulled up to the entrance of the academy, I felt my whole attitude change. I was very fidgety and I sighed a couple of times. I bit my lip out of sheer nervousness.

"Nervous?" He opened the window before we stopped at the guardhouse. "Extremely." My voice was shaking. What if no body liked me? What if someone found out my secret? Why couldn't Caroline be here? Caroline had told me how she was not a fan of the popular and mean girls in her school. Many of them had been snobby to her. I wonder if there were mean and popular girls in this school. "John Gilbert here dropping off my niece." He flipped open a fake ID.

"Name." The guard bent down, his sunglasses falling down to the bridge of his nose when he pointed to me and bent down.

"Elena Gilbert ." I hesitated.

"Hey Jay, do we have an Elena Gilbert on the list?" He called over to the younger guard in the guardhouse who was submerged in watching a soap opera.

"Yup, got her." The big guard let us drive through.

"So this school started about a month ago." The teachers will help you catch up." he added.

"Ok." I looked out the window instead of to Major Myers.

"Elena, your going to do great. Don't worry, everything will be fine." He looked me in the eyes.

"What about you? Will I see you again?" He stopped the car in front of the big entrance doors.

"Seeing, hearing, yes. I will come and get you the moment Klaus is in our hands. I will also be checking up on you every week or so via your phone. Make sure you answer." He instructed as he unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car. The trunk popped open and he began to take my bags out.

"Thank you for everything Major Myers. It means a lot." I spoke from my heart.

"Don't worry kiddo. I'll call you in a week!" He hugged me after, "and when I'm on the phone with you, call me 'uncle John'." He whispered to me, my head nodded. I wheeled my bags up the stairs before I walked into the building. I waved to Major Myers one last time and caught as he waved back.

-line break, line break, line break-

The hallway was big, cold, and deserted. The only sounds came from my bag rolling on the carpeted floor. I had no clue of where I was supposed to go, and there was nobody I could ask in the hallway. Wonderful, I was already encountering my first problem and I had been in the building for less than a minute. A wooden door to my right had a small white sign that read 'Main Office' in black letters. Hauling my bags along with me, I walked in to find an elderly woman sitting at a desk. Big glasses hid her eyes and her grey hair was curled and short. She was typing on her computer and didn't acknowledge me until I spoke.

"Excuse me." I said politely, putting on more of an American accent then needed. Though I already had what seemed to be like an American voice (thanks to my mother and us traveling everyone constantly), I felt the need to seem 100% American. The woman looked up at me.

"Hi sweetie, how may I help you?"

"I am new here and I'm not to sure of where I'm supposed to go, would you be able to help me?" I wondered.

"Actually, you're in exactly the right place!" She chocked a laugh and began typing on her computer again. "What's your name sweetie?"

"Elena Gilbert." I hesitated, unused to the name.

"Ah, Elena. Eleventh grade, right?"

"Correct." I released the grip on my bags and put my hands by my sides.

"Well Elena, your in room 24D. Here's your schedule, let me just grab that out of the printer." Some big machine, which I assumed was the so called 'Printer' made odd noises as a sheet of paper was slowly sliding out of it. She yanked it out and handed it to me and then looked at the gold watch on her wrist.

"You know what, it's already one, classes end at four, don't bother going today.. Just spend the day unpacking, getting used to the place. But, you didn't hear it from me." She winked.

"Thank you." I bit my tongue, refraining myself from saying anymore. I folded up the piece of paper and slid it into my jean pocket.

"Do you need help with those?" She stood up, looking over the desk at my bags.

"Oh, no, it's okay, you don't need to help—" I began.

"Oh don't be silly! I'll get Matthew to help you." She waved her hand, "Matthew!" She called.

"Or sure, that works too." I whispered to myself.

"Yeah?" A boy with short dirty blonde hair and soft green eyes walked in. He looked at me and flashed a smile.

"Would you be a dear and please help Elena with her bags? She's in room 24D." She kindly instructed.

"Sure thing" He walked over to me and grabbed my other duffle. He seemed friendly, and not to mention he was king of cute.

"Nice to meet you, hun! I'll see you around. Don't hesitate to come and ask me anything." The woman waved. Matthew rolled my bag out of the office with me.

"Your new here, huh?" he asked when we walked out of the building.

"Yeah." I shyly replied. I had never spoken to a boy before, well I have but they were my servants and they were a year older than me. But I still hadn't talked to a boy my age before. A nervous feeling emitted in my stomach and I tried not to show my nervousness.

"Where from?"

"Portland." Was all I could remember at the moment, I traced my mind for what state Major Myers had told me.


"Uh, no, Maine."

"Oh. Well I think your gonna like it here, it's cool I guess."

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah. It's my third year here but I know the place pretty well. There can be jerks here but if you hang out with the right people you'll do fine."

"Encouraging. Well, hopefully I'll fit in."

"You will with ease. What's your name again?"

"Elena Gilbert, and yours?"

"Matthew Saltzman but just call me Matt, I hate when people call me Matthew." His laugh made me smile.

"Well than, nice to meet you Matt."

"Nice to meet you too?" he laughed, his stunning green eyes were staring into my fake blue ones.

"What grade are you in?" he added.


"Cool, same with me."

"Hopefully we'll have classes together."

"I hope we do." He replied back. Great! I already had a first friend here.

"Here we are, 24D." He pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door.

"Your lucky, you're the one of the only girls without a room mate. It's our only room left."

"That's great!" Thank you Major Myers, I silently thought.

"Yeah, I think this was the dorm advisors room but she quit a while ago and the new one lives in another building. Lucky you, it's got a bathroom and everything." Matt commented. I stepped into the room with my duffle and I was disappointed. This room was much smaller than my bedroom I was used to back home; it was ten times smaller, possibly more. It was even smaller than my closet back in the castle! I walked over to the closet and opened it; their closets weren't conjoined rooms? Was this how Americans lived?

"What's wrong?" Matt's velvet voice caught my attention.

"Oh, nothing. But, are there rooms all the same sized they are slightly small." I regretted saying anything when the words came out of my mouth.

"Nope, they're normal sized." Matt shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh." Was my genius reply. Matt set my other duffle down next to the bed.

"So, what were you doing in the main office? I thought you were a student." I sat down on the uncomfortable bed. The mattress was hard, I felt like I was sitting on the floor. But it was better than nothing.

"I'm a student but I work in the office during fifth period. My grandparents are best friends with the woman at the front desk that you met so I figured I would lend a hand, it's not as bad as everyone thinks." Matt leaned against the wall.

"That is very nice of you."

"Well, thanks." The boy had a beautiful smile.

"What tie do I have to get up for my classes? I am new to this whole thing." I looked at the digital clock with the red numbers.

"Seven if you can get ready quickly. Do you want me to set your alarm?"

"Yeah, that would be great. Wait, did you say seven? As in, seven in the morning?"

"Yeah. What time did you have to get up for your old school?"

"Eight, nine. Depended on the day."

"You get used to it, I'm used to it, it seems like normal time now. But boy do I love sleeping in. Don't worry on weekends you can sleep as much as you want."

"Thanks for setting my alarm, I'm never good with those." I've never touched one of those.

"It's really no problem." A bell that sounded almost like the clock tower back home started to ring.

"Shoot, I'm gonna be late for class. I'll see you around Elena." He waved a goodbye and shut my door. I sighed, now I was alone and I didn't have anything better to do than throw my duffels onto the bare bed and unpack. Once I unzipped the bags, clothes that were tightly packed together awaited me. Then I proceeded to unpack my new appearance.

Eventually, I decided not to go to class. Spending hours unpacking and arranging my clothes in drawers and into the small closet was tiring. Major Myers had also packed me bed linens with my clothes. Unfortunately it was a challenge to get my bed made since I had never made a bed before. But I figured it out even with its complications. During the day I had cracked the window open to get a nice breeze through the room. It was a bit stuffy. I had arranged all my hair care products in my bathroom except my brush, which I placed on the dresser right next to the mirror. Major Myers had given me the smallest jewelry case possible, and the jewelry inside it was nothing to talk about. It was nothing extravagant; no diamonds, no gold, no silver. Whatever brand it was, it seemed to be cheaply made. He had given me a few necklaces I was fond of, but the rest I wouldn't wear to much. Four hundred dollars was clipped in one of my pockets. I tucked it in a drawer to make sure nobody stole my only money. Five pairs of shoes were sitting in my closet. None were high heeled. They were sneakers, ballet flats, and sandals. Finally, when I finished taking out all the items of both duffle backs, I hid them deep in my closet. I had worked non-stop since Matt left, and I was just plain exhausted. I had never done so much work in my life! But then again I hadn't done much work before. I had maids who made my bed and packed and unpacked my suitcases from long trips. I had never done anything like that. Plopping my self down on my bed, I took the schedule out of my pocket and began reading it. I read about the different bells during the day; the breakfast bell at seven thirty, the lunch bell at twelve, and the dinner bell, which just rung, and eight. I was too nervous to eat so I decided that I would eat tomorrow at breakfast. I wasn't hungry anyways. I went back onto reading what classes I was taking. I was enrolled in the basics; Math, Science, English, Spanish, and History. Then there were also classes I have never heard of having before; free period and art. Never have I heard of art being a class. I folded my schedule back up and placed it on the night table. While searching my drawers for a nighgown, I had forgotten non were packed in there so I pulled out a pair of long stretchy pants and a tank top and changed into them in the bathroom. Once I was out, I shut off my lights but left the window open. The laughter of girls far away off campus and the voices of boys chatting away not to far from my window filled my room. I tucked myself under the covers, laid my head on the pillow, and closed my eyes waiting for sleep to drift over me. This did not feel like home one bit. Even thought it was early in the night, it felt as if it was three in the morning. I hadnt had a good night sleep in days, and I really needed one. Another light breeze blew back in from the window and gently touched my cheek. I pretended that I was at the park back home with Caroline, the wind blowing in our hair and the quietness of the area. Thinking that I was home was the only thing that got me through the night—barely. This was my first night ever gone from my family. It was my first night ever alone in a new country, helpless and confused. If the loneliness' didn't kill me, this secret would.