Apart from giggling that was the only thing you could hear around the junkyard. The kittens were making the most of the warm sunshine while Tugger wasn't there to distract the females. The older cats were sitting around the clearing; they didn't dare step into it, in case kittens, mistaking them for someone else, attacked them.

The infectious giggle of Rumpleteazer burst through the junkyard. Jennyanydots peered over the ledge she was sitting on to see what was going on. Mungojerrie, by the looks of it, had jumped on her; it wasn't enough to just tag Rumpleteazer. They started having a play fight and giggling immensely.

"TUGGER!" Jemima shouted while pointing in the direction of the junkyard entrance, or one of many. Etcetera, Electra, Jemima and Victoria ran over to him and started their daily ritual of adoring him.

The male kittens decided to have a rest and sat down. Once Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer had given up their play fight they sat with kittens, the older cats came down into the clearing.

"You two are disgusting!" Pouncival said. He was the youngest kitten and didn't understand about becoming mates or love.

"Wats roung? We jus' got our arms round each othea."

"Ain't notin roung with that." Rumpleteazer carried on her mate's sentence.

"But one minute your playing like little kittens and then you go all adult on us with this love stuff." Pouncival replied and crinkled up his nose after the last part.

For the next 5 or 10 minutes, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer had fun teasing the kits about love.

"Maybe one day they'll grow up and start acting their age." Jennyanydots said to Skimbleshanks, her mate.

"Love, them two will never have to grow up, they've got a posh house in Victoria Grove, humans who love and take care of them. They're not like us, they haven't got responsibilities, they just got luxury." He was right and Jenny knew it, he was wise and could usually see below the surface to the real cat beneath, which was one of the many things Jenny loved about Skimble.

"You're right love, like always." She giggled, "Speaking of humans, mine had left over chicken from last night, want to go see if we can get some?"

"Say no more love, I'm all ready there." Skimble jumped up and ran towards the direction of Jenny's home. Jenny and Skimble may be hitting middle age but they are both as fit as they've ever been, and when in the right mood could even beat the kittens in a race.

"EWW!" Pouncival screeched, "I'm never gonna fall in love, it's sounds disgusting!"

"It's not tha' bad, you can ignore it…" Mungojerrie said. Rumpleteazer hit his arm.

"It's wonderful and you won't be able to stop it." She corrected his sentence.

"Oi was gonna say tha'!" Jerrie protested.

"No you weren't." Teazer protested back,

"Ok, your righ', Oi weren't gonna." Jerrie frowned.

"You silly oaf, Oi know ya mean well." Teazer grinned at her mate and gave him a kiss on the cheek and the kittens reacted.


Munkustrap was thinking. *What's going on with me, I can't control my own thoughts any more. Dad warned me about this, Mum had it, and she went…*

"Excuse me?" A small queen said up to Munkustrap who was sitting on an abandoned chair.

"Yes." He replied helpfully and looked down to see her. He had lost his train of thought.

She looked a bit like Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, but her fur was longer than either of them and lighter than Rumple's.

"I've been walking around the country for everlasting cat knows how long and I was wondering if Mungojerrie was anywhere around here, it's very urgent." Munkustrap wondered what such a polite well-spoken cat like this wanted Mungojerrie for.

"You've come to the right junkyard. He should be in the clearing, last time I checked he was playing tag with the kittens."

"That sounds like my Jerrie. I'm Miru." She put a paw out to greet him. Munkustrap jumped down to greet her.

"I'm Munkustrap. I'll take you to him. Alonzo?" Munkus shouted to Alonzo as he walked past, "Would you mind keeping watch while I go find Jerrie?"

"Sure, what has he done this time?" Alonzo giggled.

"For once, nothing. I'll be back in a minute." With that Munkustrap led Miru to the clearing.

After the kittens had stopped ewing, they were choosing what to play next. Rumpleteazer want to play hide and seek, Pouncival wanted to play Power Rangers. They were having an argument when Munkustrap walked into the clearing with Miru behind him.

"Mungojerrie!" Munkus shouted. Mungojerrie was watching the argument; he looked like he was watching tennis.

"Wha' you wan' you old silver zebra?" He shouted back. He had once come up with that nickname and rather liked calling Munkus it.

"There's someone here to see you." Mungo looked up.

"MIRU!" He shouted and went running up to her. "Wha' are you doin 'ere?"

"Jerrie! Thank Everlasting Cat I found you!" They both hugged.

"Ow'd you find me?"

"I've been looking for you for ages, it's just pure luck that I found you."

"Where's Mum, you swore you wouldn't leave 'er alone for to long."

"I don't know."


"She's gone missing, no-one believed me that she was kidnapped, they think she ran off on her own. She wouldn't go alone, since Dad's been gone she won't be alone."

"Do you know who took 'er? Were there any clues?" Jerrie was frantic, the only cat he loved more than Rumpleteazer was his Mum.

"There was nothing, she just disappeared." Miru started crying.

"Oh, don't cry sis, I can't cope with cryin'." He put his arm around her, trying to comfort her. Comforting had never been Mungojerrie's strong point.

"Come 'ere Miru, Teaza'll take care of ya." Rumpleteazer led Miru to the pipe to calm down.

"Teazer! I haven't seen you for ages." Miru got out between sobs.

"Last time you saw me was last time you saw Jerrie, nd I got some pearls since then." Teazer proudly showed her pearls to Miru as they got to the pipe.

"Jerrie. How can a cat like her be your sister?" Munkustrap asked.

"Wha'?" Mungojerrie wasn't paying attention, he was trying to figure out who would catnap his mum. *It could be, naw, he wouldn't, would he? * Jerrie thought to himself.

"I said, how can a cat like her be your sister? She's so polite and she doesn't have an accent."

"She takes after me Mum, I take after me Dad. Mum doesn't 'ave an accent. Who would take me Mum? Wha as anyone got to make out of it?" Jerrie had a worried look on his face that Munkustrap had never seen before.

"I don't know. Who is your Mum?" Mungojerrie was about to reply when suddenly…

"MACAVITY!" Demeter came running through the junkyard. All the cats panicked and ran to the clearing. Jerrie grabbed his sister; he was worried for her safety when he was around. With his other arm he grabbed Rumpleteazer, he'd do anything to protect her.

"Miru, finally. If you'd taken any longer to get here I was going to carry you here my self. How hard is it to find a junkyard full of cats near Victoria Grove." Macavity stared at Miru.

"What do you want Macavity?" Munkustrap shouted.

"Oh don't your fur in a muddle. It doesn't involve you, or almost any of your other jellicles. This involves Miru, Mungojerrie, me and that cat they call Mum." Macavity grinned evilly.

"Wha' 'ave you done with Mum!?" Jerrie demanded.

"Oh she's fine with me, for now. I wish I could have made this announcement sooner, but I thought it was best to have the whole family here. Mungojerrie, come and work for me, your skills are wasted on catbuglering. You could be so much more with me; you can even bring Rumpleteazer with you. If you join me then I'll let your Mum go. I'll give you 3 days to think about it." And with that Macavity disappeared.

"I'LL NEVER WORK FOR YOU!" Mungojerrie shouted before running off.

A few hours later Mungojerrie returned.

"Jerrie? Where'd you go, we thought you had tried to break in on Macavity alone." Munkustrap said when he saw Jerrie slowly walk through a pipe to the junkyard.

"Even oi'm not tha dumb. Where's Miru?"

"She's with Teazer. They're both worried sick about you."

"Thanks." Jerrie said as he slowly walked towards the clearing.

"Jerrie! Where were you! We were worried sick!" Miru came running up to Jerrie, who looked at her with regret.

"Everlastin cat, are you ok Jerrie, your not urt are you." Teazer searched his body for cuts.

"Oi'm fine. Oi didn't go do nothin stupid."

"Well you never know with you," Miru replied, "So where did you go. I've learnt never to trust that look."

"Oi wen after Mac, see if oi could talk some sense into 'im."

"Jerrie. Uncle Mac's never cared about us, you know that."

"Oi know Miru, but oi thought oi'd try. Oi think he lied abou' Mum. Oi could smell 'er on 'im. Nd it wasn't a good smell."

"You don't think e?" Teazer said shocked

"Oh Everlasting Cat!" Miru screamed and ran to the pipe.

"What's going on?" Munkustrap had heard Miru and came running over.

"We think Macavity's killed Mum. Munkus, we gota go find 'er. We gota go quick." Jerrie was looking at the shaking form of his sister crying in the pipe.

"Your right. I'm going to gather a search party; you go calm your sister down.

About half an hour later, Munkustrap had gathered a group of cats and Mungojerrie had calmed his sister down as much as she was going to be. The search party consisted of Munkustrap, Alonzo, Rum Tum Tugger, Demeter, Bombalurina, Rumpleteazer, and of course, Mungojerrie and Miru. They didn't take Mistoffelees or the twins because Macavity could manipulate their thoughts using the psychic paths they all had.

"Ok, the plan is we get to Macavity's layer and then spilt up into pairs and scan the area. Miru, we need a description of your Mum." Munkustrap said.

"She's a bit bigger than Jerrie with long white fur. That's about it."

"Ok, when you find her, get her out. Let's go."

The 8 cats said goodbye to loved ones and headed to Macavity's layer. When they got there the split into pairs based on ability. It was Rum Tum Tugger and Rumpleteazer, Munkustrap and Mungojerrie, Alonzo and Miru, and Demeter and Bombalurina. They all started wondering around.

"It's very quiet." Munkustrap whispered to Mungojerrie.

"Oi know, not like Mac."

"I forgot to ask, what's your Mum's name, I know it won't help with the search because we can't shout, but I was curious."

"Griddlebone." Jerrie whispered hesitantly.


"Griddlebone, you know, 'Griddlebone she gave a screech for she was badly skeered.'"

"That make's you Dad…"

"The Terror of the Thames himself, Growltiger." Jerrie grinned a bit at this. Him and Miru had fun going around telling cats who their parents were when they were kits. As they grew older they stopped, because cats judged them on their parents.

"Does Teazer know?"

"Of course Teaza knows. Oi tell er everythin."

"Well I'm going to call off the search." Munkustrap turned to find everyone else.

"Wha! Why?" Jerrie demanded as he grabbed Munkustrap's shoulder and swung him round.

"There's no point looking for Griddlebone."


"Because it's Griddlebone, she's evil."

"No she's not!"

"Yes she is. She mated into Growltiger's family, and that makes her evil, I mean Macavity's in that family. Wait, he's…"

"E's me uncle. But oi'm part of tha family, nd so's Teazea, does tha mean we're evil?"

"We'll have to decide that when we get back to the junkyard."

"Lisen 'ere you son of a pom. You cannot judge my Mum, Teaza or me like tha'! We're good cats! Dad was bad 'nd so's uncle Mac, but it doesn't mean we are." Jerrie was fuming with anger, how dare Munkustrap say that about his Mum or Teazer. "I know you've neva liked me, but tha's no reason to judge the cats I love."

"The cat's you love don't deserve the name cat. They are family of evil; so don't expect to be a jellicle for very long, you or Rumpleteazer. And your right I don't like you, I've always thought that you were useless, worthless, shouldn't have been born." Munkustrap didn't know what came over him. He didn't have any control over what he was saying.

"You say tha' again and you'll wish oi 'ad never been born." Jerrie had his claws out now, he couldn't control himself, he was over taken with rage.

"Your useless, worthless, you shouldn't have been born. I always thought that, and now I know who your family are the feeling is growing. You are worthless, your sister is worthless and so is your…"

"Don't say it!" Jerrie said between gritted teeth.

"So is your, and especially, your Mum." Munkustrap didn't expect what came next; he had never seen Mungojerrie lose his cool. Mungojerrie hated violence, which made it even more of a surprise.

Mungojerrie snapped when Munkustrap said that about his Mum. He attacked Munkustrap with strength he never knew he had. In one swift swipe, Munkustrap was dead.

"Everlastin cat! Wha 'ave oi done!" Jerrie had to find Teazer, he ran.

Jerrie ran and ran and ran. He ran past some of Macavity's Hench cats, but they didn't seem to care. He kept running until he saw Teazer.

"Teazer!" He ran towards her and skidded to a stop behind her. "Oi didn't mean to, oi didn't mean to, it was a acciden'" he panted.

"Jerrie. Wha' are you on abou'. Where's Munkus?"

"Oi didn't mean to."

"Jerrie. You're making no sense. Calm down, breath and tell us what's happened." Tugger said.

"Oi can't calm down."

"Why can't you calm down?" Tugger was worried; he'd never seen Jerrie like this.

"Oi…oi…oi can't say it. You'll 'ave to follow me."

"Ok Jerrie. Don't worry it'll be fine." Teazer gave him a comforting kiss. Jerrie headed back to where Munkustrap's body was with Tugger and Teazer in tow.

When they got there he pointed at Munkustrap's body.

"Everlasting Cat! What happened? Is he dead?" Tugger ran over to see his best friend. He may not show it, but him and Munkustrap had been best friends since they were little kits. Mungojerrie couldn't speak; he just looked down and nodded his head.

"Oo did it Jerrie?" Teazer had her arm around her mate and was comforting him.

"Oi didn't mean to." Jerrie got out before he started crying.

"Oh Jerrie, you didn't." Tugger said holding Munkustrap's paw.

"He wen mad. E was sayin oi was worthless and tha oi shouldn't ave been born. E said it 'bout Teaza, Miru and Mum as well, oi couldn't hold my anger in; oi just cracked and attacked im. Oi didn't mean to, e was just to much" Jerrie was still crying and was hugging up to Teazer, holding her.

"He's right you know." A voice came from the shadows. "Little Munkus there went mad, if Jerrie here hadn't killed him, I would have. No one says that about my favourite nephew. Your not useless are you Jerrie, you have some skills I need, so why don't you just give up?" Macavity stepped out from the shadows and was towering over the 3 cats.

"Firstly, oi'm your only nephew, and secondly, oi'll never join you." Jerrie broke away from Teazer and stood in front of her.

"But now I've got your sister, your mate and lots of other little Jellicles wondering around my layer, it won't be very hard to capture them all. I don't see that you have a choice. Also, you're now a murderer; you killed the tribe protector, that's how I got kicked out. But then again I killed him for no reason at all, you do have a reason, but the jellicles will judge and that will be the end of you."

"You don't know that." Jerrie was slightly worried at the look in Macavity's eyes; it was look that said he wasn't going to mess around.

"Think about it Mungojerrie. You killed the tribe protector, they're not going to go easy on you." Deep down, Jerrie knew that Macavity was right, but he wasn't about to admit it.

"You're wrong, they'll be mad, bu' it'll be ok after a while, they won't kick me ou'." Jerrie was lying to himself. They'd be more than mad, but he wasn't sure if they would kick him out. Chances are they would, even if he told them what happened.

"Oh come on Jerrie. Your being stupid, we both know what will happen to you, and your mate. It's the same kind of thing that's happened to your mum." Macavity was cleaning between his teeth with his claws, not noticing the anger that was building up inside Mungojerrie.

"What have you done to er!" Jerrie had his claws out again. One still had Munkustrap's blood on it.

"Oh nothing, I just made the last hour she spent alive a living hell, which is convenient, considering that's where she is now." Macavity was grinning, Rumpleteazer went to stand next to Tugger; she was scared of what Macavity was going to do, and what Jerrie was going to do. Jerrie didn't say anything for a few seconds, he was engulfed in shock, then he moved.

"There's something oi've been meaning to do to you for a long time." Before Macavity even had the chance to respond, or say bobsyouruncle, Mungojerrie attacked him.

Jerrie knew that this fight wasn't going to be as easy as Munkustrap's was. He was an exceptional fighter; Munkustrap and the tribe had often depended on that, even if Jerrie wouldn't fight unless he needed to. But Macavity was the best fighter; he had never lost a one on one fight ever.

The 2 toms fought for what felt like forever to them and the 2 spectators. Fur and blood was flying everywhere. Jerrie lost an ear and Macavity lost an eye. But finally the fight was over. Teazer and Tugger held their breath, they couldn't tell who'd won. If it was Jerrie, they would be fine, if it was Macavity, they would have to run. One of the toms started to move, it was Mungojerrie. Rumpleteazer went running over to him.

"Oh Jerrie! Are you Ok? Everlasting Cat, We need to get you back to the junkyard." She started licking his wounds, Jerrie gave her a hug and he didn't want to let go.

"Jerrie, thank everlasting cat your ok. Where did you learn to fight like that?" Tugger asked,

"Dad taught me. 'e wanted me to be tha next Terror Of The Thames." He realised what he said and quickly tried to explain, when Teazer cut in.

"Don't worry Jerrie, oi told im."

"Come on, we need to find everyone else." Tugger suggested. They all agreed and set off deeper into Macavity's layer, leaving Munkustrap's and Macavity's bodies behind.

Eventually they found everyone. They were all in the corridor next to all the cells.

"Where's Munkustrap?" Demeter asked with a worried expression on her face.

"'E's gone." Rumpleteazer said with her most caring voice.


"Oi'm sorry Demeter." Teazer replied,

"NO! HE CAN'T BE, YOU'RE LYING, HE HAS TO BE ALIVE!" Demeter was in hysterics. Bombalurina and Rumpleteazer took her to a quite corner to comfort her. Jerrie felt terrible, he wondered why he survived the fight with Macavity, he certainly didn't deserve to. Tugger sat next to him.

"Don't blame your self Jerrie, he went mad at the end, I'd noticed it happening for weeks. He would have done something drastic soon." Tugger whispered, neither of them wanted anyone else to know. Suddenly there was a scream from one of the cells.

"MIRU!" Jerrie jumped up and ran towards her scream, when he got there he broke down in tears. Miru had found where Griddlebone's body was. The rest of the cats came to see what was going on. Alonzo, Demeter and Bombalurina were the only ones who didn't know that Griddlebone was Mungojerrie's and Miru's mum.

"It's Griddlebone, I thought she lived near the sea?" Bombalurina said.

"Mum, what did he do to you." Miru walked over to her mum's body.

"MUM!" Alonzo exclaimed.

"Yes, Griddlebone and Growltiger are Mungojerrie's and Miru's parents." Tugger replied

"I'll kill him I swear." Miru said while standing up.

"Don't bother, e's all ready dead." Jerrie got out between sobs.

"What!" Demeter, Miru, Bombalurina and Alonzo said together.

"Jerrie 'ere got a bit mad." Teazer said while putting her arms around her mate.

"We should get out of here, with Macavity dead, who knows what his hench cats and rats will do." Tugger suggested while standing up and turning to face everyone.

"You're right, come on everyone. Alonzo, you carry Griddlebone, Tugger you're going to carry Munkustrap, they both deserve proper funerals." Bombalurina took charge.

They all headed back to the junkyard where all the cats were waiting for them. Tantomile and Coricopat had sensed that some thing bad had happened, but they didn't know what.