"Are you sure?" Alonzo asked. 'This is great' he thought to him self, 'we don't get a new Macavity, we get the old one back.'

"Yes." Tantomile started.

"But he is quite a way away." Coricopat finished.

"Well where ever he his, he has to be stopped before he can grow to become who he truly is." Alonzo hated the thought of killing a kitten, but this was Macavity, they couldn't let him grow up. "In the morning I will tell Deuteronomy and set up a search party. Do you know where he is?"

The twins concentrated really hard to track him down. "A place called Olney."

"It sounds familiar. Enjoy the ball, we'll sort it out tomorrow." The twins went to carry on with the ball. Alonzo was un-easy that night. He wasn't a killer.

"They're so cute Jerrie. They look just like you and Teazer." Tugger said as he held the larger tom kitten. He was darker than his siblings. They all had the same markings as Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer. The queen had longer fur and her markings were yellowish white, and the other tom had redder fur and longer head fur. "Why the long face Jerrie, you're a dad."

"Can't ya see it?"

"What?" Mungojerrie realised that only the parents could see who the reborn cats were.

"They're all reborn cats."

"Yeah, and?"

"The queen is Griddlebone…"


"This tom is Macavity and tha tom is Munkustrap."

"Oh." Tugger looked at the 'Munkustrap' he was holding.

"How can oi tell Teazer?"

"Tell me wha?" Rumpleteazer woke up. She didn't get much of a sleep, but she hadn't seen her kittens yet. "The kit's are ok aren't they?" She sat up with concern on her face.

"Tha kit's are fine. Here, look they're all beautiful." Mungojerrie handed the 2 he was hold to her and held the tom Tugger handed to him.

"Jerrie, they're…"

"Oi know love. This is Munkustrap." Jerrie showed Teazer the last kitten.

"Oi'm sorry Jerrie."

"It's no' your fault Teaz. Nd nyways, it don't matter. We're parents nd we got 3 beautiful kits, tha's all tha matters." He smiled at her and gave her a reassuring kiss on the cheek.

"What are you going to call them?" Tugger asked. Watching them almost made him want to find love and settle down, almost.

Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer looked at each other. They had talked about this, but now the names seemed obvious.

"Razi." Rumpleteazer stroked the tom in her arms, "Phiona." She stroked the queen.

"Nd Vasilek." Mungojerrie stroked the tom in his arms.

"Razi, Phiona and Vasilek. Um, nice. What makes you pick those names?"

"Vasilek means protector, Phiona means Ivory and Razi means my secret."

"My secret?"

"'Ow many cats are we gonna tell tha' this is Macavity?" Rumpleteazer said. It was true. Cats would judge Razi before they got to know him if they knew he was Macavity.

"It's dark. You 2 should get some sleep. Teazer you especially. I'm going to bunk some where else, give you lot some space." Tugger turned to leave before they could complain.

Tugger did a little dance as he was walking. He sighed to himself.

"The jellicle ball."

The new family head towards the home they had made for them selves and went to sleep, unaware of the trouble that was coming.

At the junkyard the next morning, everyone wondered why a meeting was called. There were no problems at the jellicle ball. No attacks from other cats. Electra and Admetus did the mating dance without a flaw, and they were very happy.

"Last night the twins told me some news, some terrible news. Macavity has been reborn." Everyone was shocked. They all started talking. "We have to stop him before he can grow up to become the Macavity we all knew." Alonzo said above the crowd. Everyone was quiet. "The twins have said he is in a place called Olney. I'm taking a search party with me to find him. Who wants to come?" Alonzo knew this was going to be hard. Not many cats dared venture out of the jellicle area of London.

"We'll go." The twins said in unison.

"Me to." Victoria said. She had become very bold since the ball before last.

"I'll come as well." Mistoffelees didn't want his sister Victoria to go if he wasn't, he cared about her too much.

"And me." Bomby was never one to miss out on an adventure.

Victoria knew that her mate Plato would want to come, but he had broken his leg recently and couldn't walk, well, anywhere.

"Ok. That will be enough. We will leave this afternoon." Alonzo knew that he had a good selection of cats.

"I'll stay here and look after the lovely ladies then." Pouncival said while he winked at Zele, Cassandra's kitten. Zele was his biggest fan; she was just like Etcetera was with Tugger. Not that Etcetera had changed. The only difference was that she liked Pouncival now. It was a Bomby-Tugger relationship with her and Pounce. She had grown up to be a very sexy queen.

That afternoon the 7 cats set off. They knew it would be a long journey.

(A/N: I don't know how long a kitten takes to grow up so I've made this up.)

A few weeks later Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer were sitting together watching their kittens play, under a tree. It was getting colder but none of them seemed to notice. Suddenly Tugger came running over.

"Tugger, where's tha fire?" Mungojerrie asked with a laugh.

"This is worse than a fire, a fire we can escape from, this we can't."

"Wha are ya goin on abou'"

"The jellicles are here."


"I saw them coming down past the castle pub. I hid and I heard that they after Macavity. They want to kill him!"

"They wouldn't, would they?"

"They don't want him to grow up."

"We gotta hide, we can't le' um see us."

"Where are we going to hide?"

"Tha park." Rumpleteazer said. Tugger and Mungojerrie looked at them. "It's big, we could hide easy."

"Good idea Teaz. Phi, Raz, Vas! Come over here." Mungojerrie called them over.

"Yes dad?" Phiona was very polite. Neither parent knew where she got it from, it certainly wasn't them.

"We're goin for a trip."

"Yay! A trip." Razi jumped up and down. He was very adventurous.

"Where are we going mum?" Vasilek asked Rumpleteazer. He was polite in his own way. He was a very curious cat. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer guessed that Tugger had shown him that.

"We're goin to tha park over tha road. Bu' it's gonna be dangerous. So we're gonna have ta carry ya."

"Tugger, will you carry me?" Phiona asked. She may be very young, but she had quite a crush on Tugger.

"Of course. I wouldn't want to let my favourite queen down now would I?" Tugger played this a lot more than he did with the kits back at the junkyard, because she was so much younger.

She jumped on his back, Razi jumped on Jerrie and Vasilek jumped on Teazer. They made they're way towards the road.

"They had to turn up when the road is busy didn't they?" Tugger said to Mungo and Teazer.

"We're going to be ok aren't we Tugger?" Phiona worriedly asked.

"Of course we are Phi. Would I let anything hurt you?" She giggled her girlish giggle.

"Ok. Teaza, you go first, Tugger, then you, nd oi'll go last."

"Ok." Rumple replied. She gave Jerrie a kiss on the cheek and ran across the road. She made it across with no difficulty, Vasilek screamed a bit, but that was expected. Tugger went next. A car beeped him and Phiona jumped a bit, but she didn't let go. Jerrie went last and Razi started woo hooing. In his excitement he let go. Mungojerrie screeched to a halt and turned back for the kitten. Rumpleteazer and Tugger were shouting in fear. They knew that the shouting would probably bring more attention to them through the psychic field that the twins had, but they didn't care at the moment.

Mungojerrie grabbed Razi with his mouth and ran to the other cats. A car had to swerve, and it crashed into another car. It didn't look deadly serious, and they couldn't do anything about it. So the 6 cats headed into the park. (Emberton Park for anyone who actually knows Olney)

"Your in trouble Razi." Rumpleteazer exclaimed with Vasilek still on her back. Razi was still being held by Mungojerrie's mouth.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." He looked down resentfully. Not that he could really look anywhere else.

"This way." The twins were leading the group of jellicles. It had been about 20 minutes since they sensed Tugger around them. They had stopped for a rest then, but now they were on the hunt again. They were all near the river. Alonzo sniffed the air.

"They've defiantly been here, the sent is very strong." On the way to Olney the twins had realised that Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer were 'Macavity's' parents. The closer they were the more they could find out.

"Look here." Bomby called over, "I think this was their den." The sent of Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer was very strong, along with 3 other cats who they didn't know.

"This isn't where we sensed the shouting." The twins said in unison.

"Do you know which direction it was?" Victoria asked. The twins concentrated for a minute.

"That way." Coricopat pointed toward the church, (which happens to have the road on the other side of it.) The group set off for the road. The traffic was still when the got there. The accident had caused a massive tail back.

"Looks like they've been up to they're old tricks." Misto said with a laugh.

"They have." The twins replied.

"They really did this?" Alonzo exclaimed.

"Yes, trying to cross the road in a hurry it would seem." Coricopat said while his sister was trying to find out if any humans had been hurt.

"No one was hurt to badly"

"Well let's get across before traffic starts again." Alonzo suggested. They all crossed the road and headed into the park.

"Down 'ere."

"Bu' Teaza, oi'm ungrey!"

"This is no toime to be thinking of your stomach. TUGGER! Stop eyin up tha queens, we gotta 'ide!" Rumple was getting very mad at the 2 toms. She knew they both wanted to hide, but with them, lets just say they need to be forced. "You 2 get in 'ere now!" They quickly followed her.

"A tip for you little ones, never get your mum mad." Tugger lied down so that Phiona could get off easily. The 2 tom kittens jumped off of their parents back. Razi had got a lecture on the way there about what he did wrong. It wasn't a very good lecture because Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer aren't the best cats to ask for anything serious.

"You 3 can carry on playin now, but stay close." Mungo said to them before he went and sat next to Rumple. "Wha are we gonna do Teaza? They'll foind us, especially with tha twins." Rumple sighed.

"Oi don't know Jerrie."

They all heard Phiona shout 'SHUT UP' to her brothers. They all loved to tease each other. Not only because it was natural for siblings to do that, but also because they got it from their parents. "Tugger, go check them will ya?"

"You're the parents, why don't you?"

"Because Phi loves ya."

"Good point." Tugger walked out of the bush they had chosen to hide in and looked at the kits. "Hey, guys, where's your sister."

"She walked off." Razi replied not moving his eyes from the stone he seemed to be having fun with.

"Why did she walk off?"

"Because Raz said she was a girly girl and was teasing her." Vasilek said bating at a patch of grass.

"You were as well." Razi dropped the stone and turned to his brother. They started arguing in an away that only brothers can.

"Ok you 2 cut it out. Which way did she go?" Tugger had one kit in one paw and the other in the other. (Just thought I'd confuse myself there).

"That way." They both said pointing in different directions.

"Ok, I'm not going to mess around, which way!" Tugger almost shouted.

"Wha goin on?" Mungo and Rumple stuck their heads out of the bush.

"Phi's gone wondering and these won't give me straight directions." The kits sore the look of anger and worry building up on Mungo and Teazer's faces.

"That way." They both pointed in the same direction.

"Thank you." Tugger turned to the parents, "I'll go look for her, she can't have gone far."

"Ok. It's toime we had a word with our little trouble makers here." Mungo and Teazer picked up a kit each and Tugger went off to find the young queen. He had quite a soft spot for her. He had watched her since she was born and saw himself more as an Uncle to her.

Meanwhile, Phi was wondering around mumbling to her self.

"Stupid brothers, I'm not a girly girl." She suddenly heard a noise from behind a bush. She was going over to investigate when Tugger came running over.

"Phi, there you are! I was worried." Phi quickly dismissed the noise.

"You don't think I'm a girly girl do you Tugger?"

"Of course not. Ignore your brothers, they're just immature." A short sharp burst of laughter came from behind a bush. The laughter sounded slightly familiar, but Tugger couldn't think who it belonged to. Deciding it was better to be safe than sorry, he got his claws out. "Stay here." He whispered to Phi. Then he jumped through the bush ready to attack the cat if necessary. The cat screamed. "Victoria?!" Tugger was suddenly zapped from behind. "MISTO!"

"Don't you dare touch my sister!" Misto had lightning building up in his hands ready to attack again.

"I wasn't going to attack her." Misto looked at Tugger's claws and raised an eyebrow. Tugger retracted them, "That was just a scare method, you know, just in case." Victoria slowly creped around him and ran to her brother's side. "Why'd you laugh at me anyway?" He pointed at Victoria.

"Because you were talking about immaturity like you arn't."

"I know that I am, but I don't tease young queens about their gender." He gestured to Phi. She hid behind his arm "This is…"

"GRIDDLEBONE!" Bomby appeared behind the group of cats. Phiona jumped about 10 feet in the air. That was her cat name, but no one called her by it. Everyone she knew called her Phiona or Phi.

"Tugger? How'd she know my name?"

"It's a long story, I'll tell you later." Tugger ruffled her head fur and she giggled. "Long time no see Bomby."

"And whose fault is that?!" She asked in complete rage.

"That's my fault, I know that."

"Why did you just leave like that you son of a pom!" She slapped him round the face and Phi hid even more.

"Bomby! Not in front of the kitten." He rubbed his face.

"I'm sorry, but you deserve it, just running off like that, do you know the chaos you caused?"

"No, but I can guess from the look on your face."

"You haven't changed."

"And nor have you I see." Tugger smirked. He hadn't noticed that Alonzo and the twins had turned up as well.

"MACAVITY!" Victoria screamed. Tugger looked around in shock.

"Razi, what are you doing here. You should be with your parents." Razi looked very shocked as well.

"I got bored."

"Mum and Dad will be worried." Phi said to him with anger in her voice.

"Phi, I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have teased you. Vas' sorry as well." He looked down and shuffled his paws.

"Is that him?" Alonzo said to the twins. Tugger turned round to face him

"Yes." Razi got very worried and clinged on to Tugger; he didn't like the way the cats were looking at him.

"Tugger, hand over the tom." Alonzo said in his most powerful voice.

"No! He's not you kitten, you have no right to take him!"

"What do they want?" Razi asked, still holding Tugger.

"Nothing, just stay with me." Tugger reassuringly said back. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer came running in with Vas behind them. They didn't notice the jellicles.

"Razi! Phinona! Thank everlasting cat your alroight." Rumpleteazer said as she licked them to make sure they were ok.

"Never run off loike tha again… AHH!" Mungojerrie was saying until he noticed the jellicles surrounding them. "Wha are you lot doin ere?"

"We are here for Macavity." The twins said together.

"NO! You leave my baby alone!" Rumpleteazer held Razi, who had let go of Tugger and holding onto his mum.

"I hate to do this Rumple, but it has to be done." Alonzo said in his most caring voice.

"NO!" Both parents said together. Razi sneezed.

"Can you answer us a question?" Victoria said from behind.

"Wha would tha be?" Mungo replied.

"Why did you leave?"

"No, oi won't answer that."

"Why not?" Bomby asked.

"Because." Mungo looked down in shame, he did not like lying to his friends.

"Mungojerrie, we deserve to know, we'll use the twins if you not careful." Alonzo threatened.

"Ya wouldn't!" Rumple exclaimed. Everyone knew that if the twins forced their way into your head it hurt. Razi sneezed again. "Are you ok Raz?"

"Yeah." Razi replied with another sneeze.

"We deserve to know why you left. All 3 of you left chaos." Bomby glared at Tugger.

"Stay ou' of me head!" Mungojerrie stood in front of Razi and Rumpleteazer with Vas clinging onto his side. Phi was clinging onto Tugger.

"We are going to find out." Alonzo said before he signalled the twins to begin. Mungojerrie started screaming in pain. Vas let go of his dad and hid behind his mum.

"STOP IT!!!!! YOU'RE HURTING HIM!!!!!!!" Rumpleteazer shouted.

"Jerrie, the more you fight it the more it will hurt." Misto said from behind them. He didn't want to see his friend hurt, even after the chaos he caused.

"GET OUT!!!!!!!!" Jerrie screamed. Rumple couldn't take seeing her mate like this. She pushed the kittens towards Tugger and ran towards the twins. Jerrie was in a ball on the floor. He had his paws over his ears, or one ear and one place where the ear should be, and was still screaming. Rumpleteazer ran straight into Coricopat, she didn't want to hurt him, just stop them from hurting Jerrie. She hadn't noticed the sharp rock behind Coricopat. He got a large scratch along his back.

"Look what you've done!" Tantomile shouted at Rumpleteazer.

"Oi'm sorry, oi didn't mean to. Oi jus' wan'ed you to stop 'urting Jerrie." Rumple apologised snappishly.

"We were just doing what was right."

"Invadin our privacy 'nd hurtin Jerrie is not righ'!"

"We were doing it for the right reasons!"

"We left for tha roight reasons, bu' you won't except that will ya?"

"We'll accept it if you hand over Macavity."

"No. He's my kitten and oi'm not let'in you ny where near him!"

"He's Macavity. Well all know what that means. We have to stop it before it starts."

"Jus' because he's tha reborn of Macavity don't mean he will be Macavity."

"Rumpleteazer, you very well that 9 out of 10 times the reborn is like the original."

"Razi hasn't done ny thin bad."


"You are really frustratin you know." Teazer had here claws out ready to attack. Tantomile noticed this.

"Ready to fight are we?" She got her claws out ready as well.

"Gladly." Rumpleteazer launched herself at Tantomile. They went rolling down a hill fighting to the most of their abilities. Coricopat and Alonzo went skidding down the hill after them. Mungojerrie was still curled up in a ball. He was crying and breathing heavily. Tugger had turned the kittens around; he didn't want them seeing any of this.

At the bottom of the hill, Tantomile and Rumpleteazer were still fighting. Alonzo and Coricopat spilt them up. They both had various cuts, but nothing too serious.

"Now come on you 2, this is not going to help anyone." Alonzo shouted as he held Rumpleteazer.

"I know why they left!" Tantomile was faster than her brother with mind reading.

"NO!" Rumpleteazer struggled and tried to get free to stop Tanto from talking.

"Mungojerrie is a murderer!"

"We know that, he killed Macavity." Alonzo replied confused.

"Not Macavity…"

"NO! SHUT UP!" Rumpleteazer used all her strength to break free but Alonzo was a lot stronger.

"He killed Munkustrap!" Alonzo and Coricopat were shocked, and Rumpleteazer stopped squirming. At the top of the hill Misto, Bomby and Victoria had heard Mungo's secret. They turned to look at Mungo, who was still curled up in a ball.

"Is this true Tugger?" Victoria asked.

"Yes." Tugger hung his head in shame. He looked at the kittens that were now gently prodding Mungo, Razi was sneezing and sniffling.

The 4 cats came up the hill.

"Well, now that the truth has been told. Mungojerrie has to be punished; the punishment for murder is death."

"NO!!!!!" Rumpleteazer and Tugger screamed. (Everyone's saying no) The kittens jumped protectively on their dad.

"That's the way it has to be, he killed the tribe protector and then lied about it." Alonzo explained.

"Bu we lied bout it as well!" Rumple exclaimed

"And I'm the one who started the lie!" Tugger joined in.

"But he's the one who committed the crime." Tantomile commented,

"You stay ou' of this!" Rumpleteazer snapped at her.

"Rumpleteazer, please calm down." Alonzo didn't want this getting any further out of hand than it already was.

"Ow can oi calm down! You come 'ere, scare tha tail's off of us, and want ta kill moi kit'n and moi mate! Ow can oi be calm!" She was fuming, "If ya wanna kill either of them then your gonna 'ave ta kill me as well!" She stood over her young family.

"And me!" Tugger stood next to her.

"TUGGER!" Bomby shouted. Even after what Tugger had done she still wanted him around for…her own pleasure. "What are you doing?"

"I've become quite attached to them recently. They're like the loving family I never had." He said with a smirk.

"You're making this very difficult." Alonzo didn't know what to do.

"Your tha one makin it difficult!" Mungojerrie started getting up. Rumple held him up. "You ok Jerrie?"

"Bout as ok as oi'll ever be." He looked around. All eyes were on him. "Wha are they all looking at?"

"They know bout Munkus."

"Oh, roight. Oi'm so sorry, but e was goin mad."

"He's right. Munkustrap was going mad." Tugger stuck up for his friend.

"I don't believe you." Victoria snapped. This was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard, Munkustrap, the protector, the cat everyone looked up to, going mad. It couldn't be true.

Tugger suddenly started screaming in pain. No one knew what was going on until they looked at the twins. The twins were concentrating, a sign that they were mind reading. Once they had finished they spoke.

"He's right. Munkustrap went mad."

"Warn me before you do that again please." Tugger rubbed his head. Unlike Jerrie, he had let them in once he knew what was going on, it didn't hurt as much as it could have, but it still hurt.

"Sorry, but we wanted the pure truth." Coricopat apologised.

"Your sure?" Alonzo asked, with relief filling his voice.

"Yes. Munkustrap went mad." Coricopat confirmed.

"Well then Mungojerrie you are cleared of all charges." Rumple, Tugger and Mungo breathed a sigh of relief. "But that still doesn't help with the Macavity situation." Alonzo yawned, he needed an excuse get away so he could think a way around this, a yawn was good enough for him. "It's getting late and I'm tired. Lets all sleep and tomorrow we will figure this out. This isn't a chance for you to run again." He pointed at the run a ways.

"We won't. We only ran ta keep Jerrie's secret." Rumple was still holding Jerrie.

"Do you know anywhere safe to sleep?" Bomby asked.

"Well we found a bush, bu' it ain't warm." Rumpleteazer shivered a bit. The winter nights were kicking in. "Ooo. There's a shop over there." She pointed across the field. "Me nd Jerrie could break in?"

"That's the best option we have." Alonzo agreed as he shivered.

All the cats walked across the field. Phiona fell asleep on Tugger's back and Razi was sneezing while holding onto his Dad.

When they got to the shop, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer broke in without starting the alarm.

"Good old Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer." Misto said before he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.