As if tings weren't akward ENOUGH around here...

Chapter 1

Pairing: J'onn J'onnz/Clark Kent


Summary: In which J'onn discusses Conner and M'gann's... relationship and things happening. Rated T for J'onn threatening Superman and the discussion of the hanky panky. Haha, poor poor Captian Marvel. :D

Warning- I only used the JL member's whom I know about. (WW, GA, Dinah, Flash, RT, etc.)

The Justice League had been called for their weekly meeting. As they reached the end, Batman, in his dark, beyond creepy voice, asked if anyone had any questions. "How old are Earth teens when they begin to have sex?" J'onn asked. At first, the Leaguers thought their favorite Martian was joking, until they saw the seriousness on his face.

That's when things got akward.

"So, um... J'onn? Why would you like to know this, er... Particular question?" Wonder Woman asked. "Because I've recently discovered my neice and Conner are now an item. And I've also discovered brusies on M'gann. So..." J'onn was interupted by Green Arrow.

"So either he's abusive or boy howdy are they active!" He said.

"Gross!" Captian Marvel yelled, plugging his ears and quickly leaving the room, the words "La la la!" leaving his mouth.

"Ollie!" Dinah shrieked, gapping at her boyfriend. "What?" He asked, though the League- and Dinah- now ignored him.

"Believe me J'onn, I know Conner. I'm like a mom to him. If he's hurting M'gann, it's not on purpose." Dinah told him.

"And J'onn, you do realize there's a difference between hickies and brusies right?" Hal asked. "They're on her legs!" J'onn yelped, throwing his arms up in exasperation. The poor Martian did not want or need to picture his young neice being... Deflowered.

"Oh yeah, they're having sex. Sorry J'onn." Hawkman said sympathetically, as he pat the poor Martian's shoulder.

"Who's Conner?"

Everyone turne to stare at Superman, the source of those two complex words.

"Clark? How can you not know-" Batman cut off Red Tornado. "Remember, he wants nothing to do with the boy." Batman said, reminding the android.

"Clark, Conner is Superboy. J'onn and M'gann helped him pick out a real name for school." Aquaman said, informing him.

"Miss Martian and Superboy are dating?" Superman said. Everyone slowly nodded for the Kryptonian. "Yes, and so help me Clark if he hurts M'gann not only will I kill him but I will also kill you!" J'onn growled at the Big Blue Boy Scout.

"I don't want to tell my sister and her husband that their second youngest is pregnant!" J'onn snapped.

"Would a Kryptonian and a Martian even be able to concieve a baby?" Zatarra asked. "Only one way to find out..." John Stewart said, trailing off.

"It could be worse J'onn, M'gann could be dating Wally." Flash said, finally speaking up. No one made a sound until Ollie commented.

"Please, like that will ever happen." He scoffed.

/I was originally going to have this be a oneshot, but half way through, I decided to make this a series of oneshots. I will take requests, but if I don't like/know the pairing or person, it's not gonna be written. And don't expect constant updates. I'll only update when I have access to a computer and internet. I love my iPhone, but I can't write proper FanFic stories on it.\