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Our world is not alone. There have been other worlds, other realities. Some with such a slight difference, someone has to spent an eternity to find it. Others are, as you can suspect, totally different. The world I'm talking about, is such a reality. This worlds' history was in sync with ours, until the point that 100 years ago, the world got hit by a huge meteorite that exterminated 90% of the human race and brought an evolutionary acceleration to the animals.

The surviving 10% of the humans all went to one place, Australia and started their lives over.

The animals grew smarter and developed near-human personalities and intelligence. They still remained animals and did not change in size or instinct. The only difference was that they could talk, learn, live in societies and started to wear clothes. An evolved race of animals was born: the Animalia.

The animals started living in the destroyed and abandoned great cities of the Old Human World. They selected a leader, who formed a 'government' with rules for the safety for the people and the city. They build walls around the cities, to protect from the not-evolved, carnivorous animals and Dessert Gangs.

These cities became small countries and the cities traded and lived with each other.

After years of building their society, the human country started trading with the Animals Dominance, slowly but surely building up a partnership between the two worlds. But the humans had one request: to live in peace and without intervention of the Animal Dominance.

But with civilization and organized societies, you have the inevitable disease of crime. The wicked-of-heart animals and more scum formed gangs, terrorized the citizens, robbed banks, and more.

So, a police force was made, the Animalia Defense Organization or ADO, that worked with the different Animalia city-states, making a secure and peaceful world for the Animalia.

But like in our world, crime can be stopped, but not removed. Crime kept on going and sometimes the ADO couldn't do anything. So that's why, in some point in recent history, this world's rescue Rangers were formed, with this world's versions of our world's heroes. They had similar cases like the Prime World's Rangers, but had one great difference. Fat Cat, the Prime World's archenemy of the Rangers, was this world's ally and friend of the Rangers and were supported and funded by him. The Rangers were largely autonomous, but received their cases from Fat Cat.

Another difference of these Rangers was the fact that the bat Foxglove, who was rescued by Dale and soon became his girlfriend, was a valued member of the team.

All went well for the Rangers, until the day tragedy happened.

It was supposed to be a normal case for the Rangers. They were hired to investigate the disappearance of a young rabbit girl, who had been missing for three days. They found her, beaten and near dead. The story of the girl confirmed Chip's suspicion and fear. An entire organization of Rats and Skunks that kidnap young girls and sold them on the black market. They didn't care who they sold the girls to or what would happen with them. After a day of searching and Monterey Jack beating the living daylights out of a captured Rat, they found the base of the Soon the rangers discovered the base of operations of the thugs and infiltrated it.

After splitting up in two teams. One team, consisting out of Monterey Jack (and zipper) and Gadget was under the leadership of Chip.

Foxglove and Dale, who was a bit more serious and less of a goof than the Prime worlds' version, were the other team. Soon, Chip's team found the gangs main leaders and subdued them, using one of Gadgets inventions.

Chip grabbed his chipmunk-sized walkie-talkie and contacted his friends. "Dale, come in." Chip said. "We got the leaders. It's over."

"Dale here, Foxy and I have encountered some resistance, but we got them easily.

"We?" Foxglove's voice asked. "I got knocked through the wall, it was you that karate kicked that guy and got the information.

"Can't get all the glory, can't I?" Dale's voice chuckled. "But we interrogated the thug and located the room where they are holding the girls."

"Good work, Dale." Chip said. "See you guys soon."

The teams littlest member, the housefly Zipper, was flying around and noticed something. After flying through the keyhole and saw what was one the other side, he quickly flew out and warned the others.

"What is he saying, Monty?" Chip asked, making sure the thugs' leaders were still tied up.

Monterey Jack became pale. "H-he says that the girls are in the room on the other side of this room." He said. "The girls told him that they never went to a room in that section of the factory."

"Then where's Dale going to?" Gadget asked.

One of the Rat Leaders started laughing. "You might have stopped us, but we'll get the last laugh."

Chip started trying to contact Dale.

Monty grabbed of one the thugs by the collar and lifted him up in the air. "o'right, pally." Monty said. "What will Dale find there? More thugs? An empty room?"

The rat chuckled. "Let's just say it will be a big BANG." He said. "At least we take two of you guys out. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

Chip became pale. "DALE! DALE! ANSWER ME!" he yelled in the radio. "DALE! FOXGLOVE! STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND COME BACK!"

"Not now, Chip." Dale's voice said. "We just arrived at the room. Foxy, go hang somewhere further to watch for thugs."

"Sure thing, cutie." Foxglove's voice said. The sound of flapping wings could be heard.

"Dale, you must come back right now." Gadget yelled in the radio, tears starting to form in her eyes.

"I get it, you want to rescue them as a team, ey?" Dale said. "I'm just going to make sure that they're alright and BANG!"

An explosion was not only heard in the radio, but throughout the factory too. The ground started shaking and the Rangers fell on the ground. Out of the radio was nothing but static.

The Rangers became pale.

"D-Dale?" Chip asked the radio. "D-Dale?" He tried reaching him for ten minutes.

"M-m-maybe his radio is broken." Gadget said, tears running over her cheeks. "T-try Foxglove's."

Chip changed the channel. "Foxglove, come in."

They heard grunting and moaning. "H-here F-Foxg-glove." Foxglove's voice said.

"What happened?" Chip asked.

"I don't know. Heard Dale talking to you, Dale opened the door and then …a loud noise, a bright flash and …nothing."

"H-how's …" Chip asked.

"D-Dale?" Foxglove asked, probably meant for Dale. "Sweetie, answer me."

They heard Foxglove's steps.

"Dale?" Foxglove's voice asked. "Darling?"

A gasp, the sound of a walkie-talkie falling on the ground and then …the sound that tore a hole in their hearts.

"DAAAAALE! NOOOOO!" Foxglove yelled.

Chip dropped the walkie-talkie, who broke in a million pieces, and dropped on his knees.

"C-can't be." He said.

"N-not Dale, not my little pally." Monty said, tears in his eyes.

"Dale?" Gadget asked. "I refuse to believe it. Foxglove made premature conclusions …I hope"

The thugs' leader started laughing again. "I'm afraid not, Rangers." He laughed. "There was enough C4 in that room to blow up an entire house. I'm surprised that that stupid bat survived. But one out of two is not bad. Not bad at all."

Chip lost it. He turned around and started to beat the living hell out of the thug that dared to mock his lost friend. The others didn't do anything to stop. They just watched, with hate in their eyes, how their leader acted out his revenge.

After beating the guy to a pulp, Chip stepped back and looked at his work. The Rat was coughing up blood, and was in severe pain. He deserved it.

"O-okay, you got me, you got your revenge." The Rat said in a weak voice. "Lock me up, just stop beating me."

Chip's eyes became full of hate. "Lock you up?" He asked. "YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE LOCKED UP!"

"So what are you going to do to me." The rat chuckled. "Kick me some more? By the sound of it, the ADO are coming to take me and my gang in, so you won't be able to do more damage."

"Oh, no." Chip said as he walked over to the thug and searched around in the thugs jacket. "I have something worse for you in mind." Chip's hand came out the jacket, holding a rodent-sized gun. The rat's eyes became thin in fear.

"No, please." He begged. "You don't want to …"

"An eye for an eye." Chip said as he pulled the trigger."

The canine ADO officer shook his head as he saw the coroner leave with the remains of the fallen Ranger. What a loss.

"Such a tragedy." A voice said behind the officer.

"who is …?" The dog asked as he turned around. "Oh, Mr. Fat Cat, it's you."

The round-bellied cat was twirling his whiskers as he approached the ADO officer. "I came as soon as I heard." He said. "Where are they?"

The officer pointed at the ambulance, where they were treating the Rangers' wounds. Foxglove had to be transferred to the hospital for some severe wounds. Fat Cat sighed and walked over.

He gave a sad smiled. "Good work, Rescue Rangers." He said sadly.

Chip turned around, anger in his eyes. "Good? GOOD?" he asked. "We lost Dale!"

Fat Cat looked in the ambulance and saw Foxglove laying on the bed. She appeared to be out.

"They have sedated her?" he asked.

"Yes." Gadget said emotionless, looking at the ground. "She couldn't stop crying. They had to sedate her, because she didn't want to leave Dale's …Dale's b-b-b…" She started crying.

"I can imagine, believe me." Fat cat said. He gave a sad sigh. He had trouble keeping his tears inside, but he had to remain professional. "Chip, about your action against the thugs' leader…"

"He deserved it, I have no regrets." Chip said.

"I'm not going to say you were wrong, Chip." Fat Cat said. "He was scum and deserved his fate. And how much I want to say that you deserved that revenge, it wasn't up to you to deliver that fate to him."

Chip remained silent.

"How hard this might seem, I can't see this through the fingers, Chip." Fat cat sternly said. "The Rescue Rangers are disbanded until further notice."

"You're firing us?" Gadget asked.

"No, the Rangers are disbanded." Fat Cat said. "YOU will no longer act as an independent organization and will be instructed to ADO. "

"You can't do this to us." Monty said. "Not after all the good we've done."

"That's the only reason I'm not firing you." Fat Cat said. He sighed. "Go home, friends. You can keep the HQ as your home, but all equipment, except for Gadget's stuff will be removed and placed in the possession of ADO."

The Rangers remained silent.

"Is that understood?" Fat Cat said.

"Yes, Fat Cat." Chip said. "We understand perfectly."

"Good." Fat cat said. "Go home, grieve for your loss. I will take care of …the funeral. Dale will receive full honors."

"Well, isn't that just great?" Monterey jack asked sarcastically.

"Dismissed." Fat cat said.

Half an hour later, the former Rangers walked home, in tears and sorrow.

"W-what a-are we going to do now, Chip." Gadget asked, burying her face in her boyfriends jacket.

Chip's eyes were cold and full of hate. "We wait…." He said.

"Wait for what?" She asked.

"For the right time …" Chip said. "To take actions in hour one hands. We will get our revenge."