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The Rangers lay motionless on the ground, in a dark room, the wreckage of the Ranger Plane not too far from them. For a moment, it seemed like they left this life, if Chip didn't groaned and pushed himself up.

"What …happened?" Chip muttered as he looked around in the dark room. "G-guys?"

He heard Gadget groan. "G-golly, w-what happened?"

"That's …just the thing I want to know." Chip said, who started crawling around, trying to find the others.. "How did we end up from the sky into a room."

"I have really no idea OUCH!" Gadget said, as Chip bonked against her.

"Shut up, I'm trying to sleep here." Dale mumbled.

"D-Dale?" Chip asked.

"My head." Foxglove's voice said. "Dale Darling, wake up."

"Crickey, I haven't had such a ride since I went scuba diving in the Sahara Desert." Monty said, rubbing his head.

"First my head must stop spinning." Dale said. "Then I'm going to figure out if what Monty said can actually be done."

"Golly, someone please put on a light." Gadget said.

As on cue, the lights suddenly sprang on, blinding the Rangers. When their eyes were adjusted to the light, they gasped in awe. Everything seemed like normal human stuff, but everything was about their size.

"Did everything shrunk or did we grow?" Dale asked, sitting down on one of the chairs in the room.

"I don't feel different." Gadget said. "There must be a logical …somehow-explanation for this."

"Shhhh ….quiet." Chip said. "I hear voices."

"There is medication for that." Dale said.

"Stop goofing' around, Dale." Monty said, pushing the Hawaiian-shirted chipmunk down. He pushed the switch, putting the lights out."

Through the windows they could see the silhouette of a familiar person, or a fat cat in that case.

"What caused the blackout?" Fat Cat's silhouette asked another silhouette.

"I don't know, sir." The other silhouette said. "Whatever caused the blackout has stopped."

"Okay, we'll figure it out later." Fat Cat's silhouette said, turning around. He stopped turning, his face turned to the darkened room. "Is it just me or is there a giant detergent bottle with wings in the evidence room?"

"We're spotted." Chip said. "Gadget, do you still have those smoke bombs with you."

"Never leave home without it." Gadget grinned, getting out a small cylinder.

The door of the room opened a bit. "Get ready, Gadget luv." Monty said.

"I know those voices." Fat Cat's voice said. "IT'S THEM! GUARDS, MOVE ….""

"NOW, GADGET!" Chip yelled. Gadget activated the smoke bomb and threw it at the door. The whole room, plus a part of the hall was filled with smoke.

They quickly ran out the room, with Monty knocking over the other guy Fat Cat was with.

"This is Officer Beck." The guy said. "Priority One is heading towards the exit."

"Don't shoot them, just gas them." Fat Cat yelled.

"They're gaining on us!" Dale yelled.

"We need split up." Chip said. "They can't pursue all of us."

"Okay, Foxglove, you're with me." Dale said as he ran in a different hall.

"You too, Zipper." Monterey said.

"See you outside." Foxglove yelled as she flew after Dale and Zipper and out of sight.

They temporarily evaded their pursuers.

"We need to hide." Chip said.

"In there." Gadget yelled, pointing at a room.

They quickly ran inside the room.

"Do you think we're save here?" Dale asked.

The question was answered by several cylinders being shot into the room. Gas escaped from it.

"K-k-knock-out gas." Chip coughed. "G-Gadget."

"C-Chip." Gadget said, falling down on the ground. She tried to crawl to him, barely reaching him. She linked his arm into his and then passed out.

Chip looked around. The others were out too. The last thing he saw before the darkness overtook him, was Fat Cat coming into the room, twirling his whiskers. He looked different.

"We got you, Rangers." Fat Cat said.

Did he always had that scar over his eye?

"After all these years …" Fat Cat said.

Why was he wearing a badge?

"You will pay for your crimes." Fat Cat said.

"C-c-crim-m-es?" Was the last thing chip managed to said before he passed out completely.

Chip opened his eyes.

"My head." Chip groaned. He looked around. He was in a cell. So were Gadget and Monty.

"Gadget, wake up." He yelled at the other cell.

Groaning, Gadget opened her eyes. "Golly, how many times are we going to pass out?"

"As many times as necessary." A familiar voice said.

"Fat Cat." Chip growled.

"I hope you had a nice nap, Rangers." Fat Cat said. "I always knew there was something wrong with you, Chip. But to break into this base …you must be crazy."

"Whatever you have planned, Fat Cat, we will stop you." Monty said.

"Stop me?" Fat Cat said, confused. "You will pay for your crimes."

"If someone will pay for his crimes, it is you, Fat Cat." Chip said.

Fat Cat was now really confused. "Did the three of you hit your heads or so."

A canine, wearing a officer's suit came in.

"Officer Malon, what is it?" Fat Cat said.

"We caught one of the two other intruders, Sir." The Officer said. "The bat and the fly he was with flew away."

"We'll catch them later." Fat Cat said. "How about the suspect?"

"They're bringing him in now." Officer Malone said. He turned pale as he saw who it was. "SIR, you won't believe this." The officer said, spooked.

"Believe what?" Fat Cat asked.

The officer turned to someone outside. "B-bring h-him i-in." He jumped backwards as another officer brought the suspect in. It was Dale, who was struggling to get loose.

Fat Cat stepped backwards. "C-c-can't be."

"Let me and my friends go, Fat Cat, or you will pay." Dale said, struggling.

Fat Cat did a step in the direction of Dale. "Can't be." He said again. "D-Dale? Dale Oakmont?"

"That's my name, don't wear it out." Dale said.

"You can't be Dale Oakmont." Fat Cat said. "Dale Oakmont died in the line of duty five years ago."

"Wait, what?" the Rangers said.

Fat Cat turned to the officers. "Leave."

The officers placed Dale into one of the cells and then left.

Fat Cat turned to the Rangers. "WHO ARE YOU?"

"You know who we are!" Chip said.

"Enlighten me …" Fat Cat said coldly.

"We're the Rescue Rangers!" Chip said.

"Are you now?" Fat Cat said, twirling his whiskers. "Do you think it's funny?"

"What is funny?" Gadget asked. "I don't find anything hilarious at the moment."

"Do you think it's funny dressing up like that, posing as the Rangers and breaking in the ADO Headquarters?"

"Dressing up? Posing? What the heck is ADO?" Monty asked.

"You really don't know do you?" Fat Cat asked. "You are not posing?"

"Did you lose your marbles after we took back the Maltese Mouse you stole?" Dale asked.

"ME? Stealing?" Fat Cat asked, clearly insulted. "Me, the Chief of the Animalia Defense Organization?"

"What the heck are you talking about?" Chip said.

"Guys, I think I suspect what is happening." Gadget said. "But it is too absurd to be true."

"Lemme guess." Monty said. "We're all having the same dream? Then where's the cheese?"

"He's Monterey Jack alright." Fat Cat said.

"No, not a dream." Gadget said. "I think we ended up in …a parallel universe."

"And I thought I had a lot of imagination." Dale said.

"No, no, just think about it." Gadget said. "Everything is our size, Fat Cat is a good guy, he doesn't know about his criminal actions."

"I'm still in the same room, you know." Fat Cat said. "So, you're telling me, that you are Rescue Rangers from an alternate dimension?"

"I-I guess so." Gadget said.

Fat Cat twirled his whiskers, thinking everything through. His eyes turned big suddenly. "The Dimensional Transponder…"

"What?" Chip asked.

Fat Cat took out a key and opened the cells of the Rangers. "No time to explain." Fat Cat said. "Follow me to my office."

"You think we should do it?" Chip asked Gadget.

"If we're really in another dimension where Fat Cat is a good guy, then I think we don't have to worry about him, …I think." Gadget said.

"Believe me, I have the same doubts." Fat Cat said as he opened the door. "Follow me."

They followed Fat Cat through a whole series of hallways. They couldn't believe what they saw. All kinds of animals, wearing uniforms, like they are a sort of police force. They gave the Rangers strange looks as they passed, but all gasped when Dale passed by.

"Wasn't he dead?"

"Did Dale had a twin brother?"

"Why are they wearing that?"

All and more things they heard as they followed Fat Cat. They reached an office. On the door read: 'Fat Cat, ADO Chief'

They entered the office and Fat Cat walked to a desk and sat behind it. "Take a seat, gentlemen ….and lady."

The rangers took a seat.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions, but first I want mine to be answered." Fat Cat said.

"Now, wait a minute." Chip protested.

"I am ADO Chief and thus your superior." Fat Cat said. "You WILL answer these questions."

"…okay." Chip said.

"Okay, tell me your tale." Fat Cat said.

"from where?" Gadget tasked.

"The very beginning.

"Well, it all started when Dale and I were trying to fly a paper plane, when we suddenly heard the sirens of police cars…"