Bonus chapter! I wanted a little bit of closure for Complicated Simplicity so enter the mysterious epilogue! There will also be a little ditty about what Wayne got up to on his sabbatical but I want that one to be more of a comedy thing so it's going as a stand-alone short soon. I know the story, just need to write it.

I am going to write a follow up, but I need to get "Whatever You Are, Be A Good One" sorted as the follow up to this will have many of the same characters. Keeping a tight hold on all of the OCs is a bit tricksy.

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The warden stood for a moment watching the data that was being scanned every second from the occupant of the unique prison cell. It had originally been built to put whatever prisoner that was being kept inside on the psychological back foot thanks to it's lack of corners and walls that sloped inwards, despite it's once-upon-a-time role as a make-shift playroom for the alien baby. Over the years when Megamind had been honing his super villain reputation the room had been outfitted with every type of bio-telemetry and scanning equipment money could buy, funded mainly by the bioengineering wing of Scott Enterprises.

The data banks in front of him could tell him the body temperature, brain activity level, hormone levels and even blood pressure of the alien housed inside the room. Yet all of the fancy equipment was next to useless, barely more than a very expensive form of market research providing every piece of useless information the psychotherapists believed they needed. The one thing the Warden had actually needed the blasted machine to do was tell him what the blue alien was actually thinking yet that one was the only thing it could not do.

His breathing was steady and he wasn't moving at all, yet the Warden didn't need the machines to tell him that the alien was wide awake. He had spent years observing this man, watching him grow from an incredibly adorable child to a mischievous youngster through to a troublesome teenager and then a menace of a young man. There wasn't a single thing that Megamind could do that would surprise the Warden. Or so he had thought.

After a while he had finally managed to get Metro Man to spill the beans on what had truly happened in the run up to Megamind getting himself shot. The news of how Megamind had run in to save Miss Ritchie had not come as too much of a surprise, anyone would have to be deaf, blind and utterly stupid to miss the fact that the boy was head over heels in love with the reporter. But the Warden had not expected Megamind to actually put himself in danger to save her. His machines and even Minion maybe, but himself?

The old man shook his head, berating himself for yet again going back on his vow to stop trying to figure the lad out. It was far too difficult and tiring and only served to raise his blood pressure.

The second thing that had surprised him recently had been that fact that after three weeks Megamind had not made any move to escape the prison. In fact he had been better behaved since his shooting than he had been for years.

Some of the officers, Marci Kipriani included, were under the opinion that Megamind had finally turned over that leaf they had been begging him to consider. The Warden huffed at the thought, it would take much more than a few weeks of good behaviour to convince him the boy had gone good.

Still, he was a big believer in second chances so he releaved the guard on duty, offering him an extra coffee break to get him out of the way, and went to the door to the cell before he could change his mind about what he was about to do.

"I heard you have been pretty quiet recently," The Warden said by way of greeting as he stepped into the cell making sure the door closed solidly behind him, "I figured I better come and check on you myself, in case you had checked out on us for good this time."

"Nah," Megamind replied with a wave of his hand, not even bothering to open his eyes let alone spin his chair around to face the older man, "Why would I go and do that, you would all miss me too much."

"Well I can see your ego is as inflated as ever." The Warden chuckled as he shook his head slightly. Even as a teenager the alien had developed a very high opinion of himself.

"And you are surprised by that?"

"Not in the slightest." He ran his hand through his grey hair as he took a deep breath, "But I am surprised about one thing."

"Oh really? Do tell." Megamind said as he shifted in his seat. He still hadn't turned to face the warden yet the older nan could clearly hear the smirk in his voice.

"Well you are still here. It has been Just over two weeks since the Doctors let you out of the medical wing. That's just not like you. Don't you have another hair-brained scheme to take over the city or something?"

"Hair-brained? Oh very funny." Megamind rolled his eyes as he finally span his chair around smoothly and tented his fingers in front of himself.

"You know what I mean kid." The warden frowned as one eyebrow twitched slightly in annoyance, "You gonna tell me the truth now or what? You know damn well you can't lie for shit. Not to me."

Megamind hiked one eyebrow up in surprise. The Warden had never been one for swearing and even mild cussing was not in his usual vocabulary. The old man was letting something get to him which was so very out of character that Megamind had to wonder what it was that was going on.

He was right though, despite all of the evil doings, mayhem and destruction, Megamind had never been much of a liar. He just wasn't very good at it.

"I just don't feel like it. Escaping I man. Not just at this moment."

"I would have thought you actually had something to escape to this time." The warden said as he fixed the blue alien with a piercing stare.

"Oh fantastic!" Megamind said as he leaned forwards in his chair and ran one hand down his face, "I'm guessing you got MR Goody-Two-Shoes to sing like a canary! Honestly! That man has no concept or personal privacy!"

"He didn't exactly have a choice. You should know I'm good at getting people like that to talk"

"Oh yes, I do remember all of your little 'talks' with Minion! I really must pay you back for those some day!"

"You wouldn't dare!" A smirk threatened to pull up the corner of the Wardens face as his stance relaxed slightly. For the first time in too many years he felt like he was actually talking to Megamind the person, not Megamind the villain. "But the question remains, why are you in here when you could very easily be out there with her."

"And what would that make her?" Megamind snapped with more force that the Warden had been expecting, "The pawn in another attempt on the city? A hostage to draw out Metro Man? Or someone who could very well be hauled in here for aiding and abetting?"

"What?" The warden breathed, truly surprised by the angry outburst, "That's why you are still here?"

"The game has changed Warden! Hell I don't even recognise the pieces any more let alone the rules! What exactly am I supposed to do now? She got hurt because someone wanted to get to me! If I hadn't found her then who knows what would have happened to her!"

"Do you love her?" The warden asked suddenly, cutting Megamind off in mid monologue. The alien blinked once before looking away, unable to meet the grey eyes of the only man to be in his life as a permanent fixture. "Well that's a yes if ever I saw one!"

"Oh what would you know?" Megamind folded his arms across his chest and barely resisted the urge to pout. He was fully aware of the fact tat he looked like a child but he honestly couldn't help it.

"A lot more than you think, that's what!" The warden sighed slightly, "If you learn anything from this it has to be that she is a very strong woman. She has been taking care of herself for a long time and you need to realise that she is fully capable of making her own choices. Judging by the look on her face when she came in to beg to be allowed to see you a few weeks ago she has already made her choice. If you try to choose for her … well lets just say that won't go over very well."

"What if someone else tries to hurt her." Megamind said very quietly. So quietly in fact that the Warden had hardly even heard him.

"Then you be there to save her again. I'm not saying it is going to be easy kid but you have to follow your heart on this one. That head of your is what is causing the problem here. You are over thinking things. Tell me. When you close your eyes what do you see?"

Megamind closed his eyes obediently as a calm smile spread on his face. He didn't even say anything before the Warden spoke for him.

"I thought so."

"So what are you suggesting, exactly?" Megamind asked as he opened his eyes. He looked tired, more so that the Warden had ever seen before.

"I think now is a very good time for a career change. I don't think that Miss Ritchie will go for the whole Evil Queen bit. But maybe she would if you dropped the Evil shtick." The Warden watched for any signs of rebuttal that the man in front of his was giving off yet he couldn't detect any, "It isn't going to be easy, but I think your path in life is going to take a very dramatic direction change. I know I could really do with the break it would give me at least!"

"So you think I should stay inside? Show up in court like a good little convict and take whatever the city can throw at me?"

"Oh come on! You and I both know that you have never been in court a day in your life!" The warden said, noting the frown that settled on the other man's face with relief, "I'm sure something can be arranged if your have the right people working on it. But just remember, you have something worth fighting and winning for now, don't mess it up."

"Huh! Easier said than done old man!"

"Well now, I'm going to have to head off, no rest for the wicked after all." The warden sighed as he turned back towards the door, "Oh, by the way, Officer Kipriani is going to be watching you tonight. Go easy on her. I don't think she has been getting much sleep recently so he's a bit tired at the moment. I swear to god if you are not in this room tomorrow morning you will not know what hits you. Have a nice night."

Megamind blinked as the older man left the room and locked the door behind him. It was the longest talk that he had had with the Warden for years and yet he believed that most of what was said had been between the lines. A smirk slowly spread across his face as he sat back in his chair, his mind a whirlwind of activity on the monitors outside.


The lair was dark and cold, the brainbots having long since returned for the night to recharge their batteries. The smell of fresh baking still lingered after Minion had spent the evening baking an array of sweet treats which still sat cooling on the kitchen counter top. The fish had retreated to his room once Roxanne had taken herself off to bed for this night leaving the main warehouse abandoned, for the most part.

One solitary brainbot who sat on top of one of the larger machines, spending her guard duty staring off into the middle distance noted a movement in the shadows but after a quick scan of the area settled back to guard her post. No threat having being detected.

Roxanne sighed in her sleep as she rolled over, pulling the thick duvet up around her as she shivered slightly. It had taken a while for her to get used to the cold of the Lair and Minion had been kind enough to turn the temperature up slightly but there was only so much he could do to heat the expansive space. Her face twitched along with a dream, the day having been filled with what passed for excitement recently. She had spent most of the day at the hospital having various scans and x-rays on her arm as the cast was finally removed. A brace lay on the cabinet beside the bed, intended to be worn at all times but too uncomfortable to sleep in effectively. The scar on her wrist was itchy but she had forced herself to forget about it as she had drifted off into a fitful sleep.

The shadows in the room shifted as the soft sound of fabric falling to the floor disturbed the quiet. The bed sank down slightly behind her causing her to shift onto her back, muttering something illegible in her sleep. A hand brushed her bangs away from her face as a pair of soft lips pressed gently to her forehead.

Her eyes snapped open, suddenly very awake and alert as her gaze focused in the dark onto a pair of very green and very close eyes. Megamind grinned down at the shocked expression that crossed her face before her reached around him to pull him into a fierce hug, His own arms snaked around her, holding onto her almost desperately as he shifted himself without breaking contact until he could lay comfortably beside her.

He felt her pull away slight causing him to relax his grip on her before he felt her lips press against his in a kiss that left him hungry for more. At some point he ended up on his back with her laying on his chest, one hand curled around the back of his neck as the other rubbed up and down his chest over the white prison issue tank top he had been wearing under the orange jump suit.

"Hi." He said breathlessly when they finally came up for air. A grin spread on his face and a chuckle escaped from his throat as she leaned down one more for a short but very sweet kiss.

"Hi yourself." Roxanne said, her face barely even inches away from his as she ran her nose along the line of his tenderly. She had no idea how he had come to be in this bed or even if this whole thing was real or a dream but she was determined to believe it was real and fully take advantage of the fact.

"Well I must say," Megamind said as he managed to find his voice again, "Minion never used to greet me like that."

"Well I hope you never greeted him like this." She said as she kissed him again, his hands sending shots of electricity up and down her spine as they ran over her back, sneaking under the night shirt she was wearing.

"Well not exactly like this, no" He grinned as she pulled back again. Se stared up at her for what felt like an eternity, wondering once again how he actually managed to find himself in this situation. His hand came up and swept her bangs out of her face, his palm lingering on her cheek as she closed her eyes and leaned into him.

"Minion was beginning to get worried about you. He said it never normally takes you this long to escape." Roxanne said with a smile as she had to resist the urge to purr like a contented house cat.

"Oh my dear, I don't escape, I just leave when I get bored with it." His smile faded as he sighed to himself, "But I needed the time to think. About us, about this... what this means."

"And what did you come up with?" Roxanne asked as the grin slipped from her face. She moved to sit up next to him but his hand resting on the small of her back held her firmly in place. She could practically feel the colour drain from her face as every possible outcome of his next sentence whirled around her head.

"I 'came up with' the fact that..." He paused as he closed his eyes briefly, taking a steadying breath. He had felt her body tense up against his instantly and it was making him concerned about what he was about to say. "I love you. And while I have absolutely no idea how this is going to work, I want it to. So very badly. So unless you are willing to reconsider my offer to make you my Evil Queen..."

She smirked down at him as she folded her arms across his chest. One eyebrow arched up as she shook her head slightly at his giddy expression.

"Well, seen as you are completely in denial about how amazing that would be. I guess I'll just have to 'settle' for..." He fixed her with a serious gaze, his green eyes almost glittering in the darkness. The lights of the city shining in through the windows hight up on the walls close to the lofty ceiling giving the only light in the room. "For simply making you my Queen instead. Dropping the 'Evil' part."


"Continuing to be 'Evil' will only get you hurt in the end, and it may have even been me who ended up hurting you. And I never, ever want to see you get hurt ever again. Roxanne," He took another deep breath as his voice began to shake, "Roxanne, you have no idea how much you mean to me, and I will do anything, anything if it means I can keep you."

"Megamind," Roxanne said as her vision began to blur, "I love you so much, but I can't ask you to change who you are, not for me."

"You yourself have told me before that you don't think I'm actually Evil." Megamind smirked as his thumb swiped a tear from her cheek before it could fall any further, "Giving up the 'façade' probably wont be that difficult. Of course it would mean stopping any future plans to take over the city... but I would do it for you."

"Megamind," She whispered as she gazed down at him, a few more tears breaking free and falling onto his chest.

"OK, you can keep saying that, I love the way that sounds!" He chuckled as he leaned up and captured her lips in a soft kiss. He could feel her tremble against him slightly as he pulled her back down onto the bed. As they pulled apart Roxanne lay her head against his chest as his fingers played absently with her hair.

"Roxanne," He began after a few moments, "I am not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do. Any time you want to leave, that's fine! I asked Minion to bring you here and keep an eye on you until I'm sure you would be safe at your apartment. I've had some Brainbots keep an eye on the place and no one else has been up there. In some ways, maybe it would be better for us to … distance ourselves-"

"No!" Roxanne yelled much louder than she had actually meant to, "I will not let anyone dictate who I can and cannot spend my time with. Not Wayne, my parents, this... 'Ikura' guy... and not the City. I'm just as confused about all of this as you are but I... I know that I love you and I want to be with you. Yes, the whole 'Evil' thing would be difficult to deal with but I honestly think you are far better than that!

"Megamind, you are brilliant and wonderful and amazing and yet despite your over inflated ego, you don't seem to be able to see your true worth! I don't want you to change who you are. I want you to become who you truly should be!"

"But what if I don't know who I should be?" He asked, his voice a quiet hum against her ear. He held onto her tighter as he buried his nose into her hair.

"Well then you are lucky you have so many good people around you to help." She smiled as she nuzzled closer to him, "You have me and Minion, and Wayne and the Warden in their own... very unique way."


"Well yeah," Roxanne shrugged as she tried to stifle a yawn. She closed her eyes as the feel of Megamind's fingers running up and down her spine gently lulled her towards sleep. Megamind chuckled slightly when it became clear she wasn't going to offer up any more information than that.

"So you really think I could do it? Stop being Evil I mean?"

"I don't think you were ever evil." Roxanne said sleepily as her breathing levelled out and her grip on him relaxed slightly.

"Maybe not." Megamind mumbled to himself as he tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. He sighed as he looked down at the top of her head. When he had left the prison he knew she would be at the Lair, Minion had kept him updated about that much, but he had still been surprised to find her here, in his own bed no less.

He blinked owlishly as the bedroom door opened slightly, the soft blue/green light from Minion's dome cast the room in an almost eerie light as he leaned in through the door. A grin spread on Megamind's face as Minion smiled back knowingly.

"Nice to see you out again Sir," Minion whispered from the doorway, "what time would you like your 'welcome home' breakfast?

"Early Minion. I can't stay for long, I'll explain later. Just let Roxanne get a few more hours sleep."

"Oh, OK." Minion said as his smile slipped a little, "Will do, Sir."

"Thank you Minion," Megamind said quietly, "for everything, I mean."

"Oh, well..." Minion said with a slight frown, "you're welcome." He backed out of the room and shut the door quietly behind him plunging the room into the welcoming darkness once again.


"mmmmmm" Roxanne hummed sleepily as she buried her face deeper into the pillow. She opened her eyes briefly before screwing them shut again tightly, "nnnaaaaaa! 's not ev'n dawn!"

"Come on my love, wake up, please." Megamind said against her ear as he ran his nose along its shell. He had slithered out from under her a few minutes before to see if Minion was preparing breakfast before padding barefoot back into the room to wake the woman sleeping in his bed.

"-time it is?" She mumbled as she rolled over onto her back to blink sleepily up at him.


"I take it back, you are evil!" She grumbled as she tried to pull the duvet up over her face, "Why are you waking me up so early in the gad damn morning? Do you not value your life?"

"You can come up with a suitable punishment later, in the mean time, breakfast!" Megamind said as he dragged the duvet off the bed, chuckling at the enraged squeak he received from the grouchy woman, "come on, please. I can't stay for long."

"Where are you going?" Roxanne asked as she instantly woke up fully.

"I have to go back to the prison," He sighed as he sat on the edge of the bed again. Roxanne sat up next to him and practically tilted her head in confusion as she blinked at him. For a moment Megamind just sat there staring at her, a wistful smile on his face. "It's a long story and I'll explain everything I promise. After breakfast. Minion is making waffles!"

"Oh, well..." Roxanne said with a frown, "if there are waffles..."

"Good girl." he said quietly as he tangled his hand in her hair gently and pulled her in for a tender kiss.

As the pair of them emerged a few minutes later, Roxanne wrapped in a fluffy black bathrobe and Megamind dressed in a black t-shirt with the orange prison jump suit pulled up to his waist and tied loosely around his middle. Minion pointed at the table which he had already set with glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice and an assortment of warm pastries. Despite the early hour Roxanne found her stomach growling almost immediately as she sat down in a high backed chair that Megamind held out for her.

"Well this is more than a little bit strange." She said as she shuffled the chair closer to the table. A few brainbots who had woken up for their early morning patrol had gathered excitedly around their creator as he grinned and stroked each one on their plasma domes.

"So much for keeping a low profile from you guys eh?" He said with a laugh as minion brought in two plates piled high with pancakes and waffles complete with lashings of maple syrup.

"No wonder you two are so full of energy all the time if this is what you wake up to each morning!"

"Oh no, this is the 'welcome home' breakfast." Minion said as he set one of the plates in front of Roxanne, "I must say we have never held one quite this early in the morning though."

"Yes, I am sorry about that." Megamind said with a sigh as he sent the last of the brainbots back to work before sitting down, "I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time this morning."

Minion blinked in confusion as he stood by the table a few feet away. He could tell something was wrong but his boss looked so happy. Minion shook his head with a sigh as Megamind waved his hand dismissing the subject for the time being.

"This all looks wonderful Minion!" Roxanne said with a smile as she dug in hungrily.

"Thank you Miss Ritchie, I aim to please!" Minion said as he turned and head back to the kitchen to allow the pair to eat their breakfast in peace.


"OK, so let me get this straight," Roxanne said as she ran her hand through her hair again, "you are actually going to go back into prison? Voluntarily?"

"Sir," Minion said after finally managing to find his voice "Has something... happened? That I don't know about I mean?"

"Honestly Minion, everything is fine!" Megamind said as he lounged back in the chair. Having finished breakfast and given Minion time to clear the table he had simply come out with the fact that he was returning to the prison voluntarily. "The Warden practically handed the idea to me on a silver platter. Besides there are some new guys due in that I wan to meet. Just a little business, nothing to worry about."

"Business?" Minion frowned, concern clearly written on his face.

"Yes Minion, don't worry! It's nothing, really." Megamind said as a sly grin spread on his face, "Oh and there is something I would like you to do for me."

"Me?" Roxanne asked as she blinked at him in surprise. She was having a hard time processing the revelation that Megamind was voluntarily going back to the prison as it was and suddenly hearing that he wanted her to do something threw her for a loop.

"I need you to talk to Mr Good- I mean, Wayne." Megamind said as a serious expression settled on his face, "I need you to get him to come in and see me in the prison. I need to call in a solid 'he-owes-me'."

"What?" Roxanne breathed as she leaned forwards slightly, "from Wayne? Why? What...?"

"Roxanne," He said as he reached forwards and took her hands in his, "I know it sounds crazy but please, just trust me. I have an idea."

"An idea for what Sir?"

"For a way to get out properly, permanently. But I think it's going to need to be done carefully. It was something the Warden said to me, I don't even know if it is going to work but I think it is worth a shot. I know it all sounds crazy and I will explain everything after I've spoken to Wayne."

"But, I don't..." Roxanne turned her face away as struggled with putting her thoughts over this situation into words.

Gently pressure on her cheek from his fingers turned her face back towards his before she felt his lips press against hers softly. The thousands of thoughts that were swimming around inside her head stuttered to a stop as soon as the connection had been made. It never ceased to amaze her just how much this man could affect her with little more than a look or a touch.

"Roxanne, please," He whispered against her lips as he pressed his forehead against hers, "do you trust me?"

"Of course I do."

"Then please, I have to do things this way otherwise nothing is ever going to change. I love you and I want to spend every waking moment I can with you and believe me, being away from you is the worst thing I can possibly imagine. You have no idea how much I have missed seeing you since... oh god I want nothing more than to hold you close to me and never let you go ever again."

"Then stay!" Roxanne said as she curled her hand around the back of his neck, scratching the tips of her nails across his skin lightly.

"Roxanne," Megamind practically growled as he pulled her in for another kiss, "oh my little temptress! Do you have any idea what you are doing to me?"

"Some" She said as a smile spread across her face. Megamind's answering grin was enough to send her over the edge and she burst into a fit of giggles that left her wondering why she was laughing so much.

"So," Minion said tentatively as the pair finally pulled back from each other, "there is a plan then, Sir?"

"Yes Minion, my old friend, there is a plan." His lopsided grin and the spark of energy in his eyes reminded both Roxanne and Minion of the way he was when his newest evil plan was about to be launched, "A wickedly, evil plan for-"

"Didn't take long did it?"

"Humph!" Megamind said as he tried to suppress a smirk as he waved a dismissive hand in front of Roxanne's face, "Well OK, maybe it isn't a wickedly evil plan, but it is a plan. I know what I'm doing."

"Well, that's OK then!" Minion said with a sigh, "Is there anything you are going to need to take back with you Sir?"

"Just one of the watches, Minion, thank you." He said as he watched his best friend hurry off to gather some extra supplies, "Roxanne, I-"

"It's OK." She said as she silenced him with a finger against his lips, "I don't quite understand, but I trust you. I'm sure whatever scheme you have come up with will show itself in time. They always do."

"It will, and you'll see my dear Miss Ritchie," His voice dipped lower as he angled his head down and cocked up one eyebrow, "This time everything will go according to my plans!"


"Well, now what do we have here?" His shoes squeaked against the painted concrete of the corridor as he crept up to the door of his cell. He turned slowly to face the woman who was tapping one foot against the floor, a sheepish look on his face, "I don't know where you think you're going, Cinderella, but we have a schedule to keep round here."

Megamind frowned in confusion as Officer Marci paced towards him, motioning for him to hold out his arms. He watched as she calmly cuffed his hands together in front of him before stepping back with a wink and turning to lead him away from his cell. After a few moments he was standing at the door to one of the exercise yards as Marci swung it open and stood aside to watch him leave the building. He blinked as he walked out into the bright morning sunlight, his frown deepening as he turned back to look at the guard who had closed the door behind her.

"But..." Megamind muttered. It had been a very long time since he was last allowed to use the main exercise yard, let alone when there were other prisoners using it! So far no one out in the yard had noticed him as he stayed close to the wall but the level of activity was rather low, given the early hour. He scanned the crown briefly before turning back to blink owlishly at the woman.

"You need the government sanctioned amount of exercise as much as the next deadbeat." She shrugged as she leaned up against the wall, "I'm just following orders."

"You know, the term 'deadbeat' really doesn't apply here."

"Just get out there!" She said with a sigh, "Go! See if you can make some friends!"

"You have got to be-" His words dies on his lips as his eyes settled on one target further along the fence, "-kidding me..."

"Hold it Tiger, forgetting something?" As Megamind puled his gaze back to the woman standing behind him, Marci held up a set of keys connected to her belt by a thick chain."

"Never stopped me before." He shrugged as he held his wrists up towards her.

"Yeah, yeah. Just humour me." She said, a tight smirk on her face as she freed his wrists and hooked the cuffs onto her belt. He turned on his heel to head out into the yard until her voice stopped him once again. "Hey Kid, keep your nose clean yeah?"

Megamind waved one hand over his shoulder as he moved out into the yard. A quiet hum went around the occupants as his presence was finally noticed. He smiled briefly to himself as he realised that most of the people out in the yard were people he knew from when he had been placed in the main block along with everyone else. He felt like he had come home, like he was amongst friends.

His expression darkened as he focused again on the shape of two men who were too caught up in their own whispered argument over in the far corner. He was almost right next to them by the time one of them noticed he was there.

"Whoa! Hey, look man, it was this guy's idea, OK? I had like, nothing to do with it!" The smaller of the two said quickly as his knees immediately gave out under him. He cringed back against the fence as Megamind loomed over him, barely even looking down at him.

"You," The blue man's voice seemed deeper and so much more dangerous than he had ever heard before, "should run while you still can, Hal Shhhhtuart!" He practically hissed the shorter man's name yet Hal didn't need to be told twice. He finally manager to get his legs to work just well enough to crawl franticly out from under the imposing presence of the city's villain leaving Megamind alone with the other occupant of the corner of the yard.

"I must say, I was surprised to learn of your recovery, not many people can come back from a shot to the stomach. But then, you're not really people, are you?" The man stood to his full height, staring Megamind straight in the eye as the alien stepped closer, intentionally invading the other's personal space.

"If you are trying to imply that I am not Human, then I am astounded at your powers of observation." Megamind hissed in a low voice.

"Yes well, I make a living observing people, or at least I did before you came along!"

"Oh yes, I know all about what you have been observing, Sinclaire! In fact, that is precisely what I wanted to talk to you about." He said through gritted teeth as his hands clenched into fists at his sides. He could sense someone approach him slowly from behind but he didn't really care who they were or what they wanted, he was far more interested in the man in front of him. "Specifically, your observations of one Roxanne Ritchie and your association with a man named Derek Ikura!"

"Well then you are going to be waiting for a while!" Sinclaire met his gaze steadily, a smirk forming on his features, "You can't make me tell you anything!"

"Oh I think I will get the information I want out of you. One way or the other."

"Oh yeah? You and what army, freak?"

"This army!" A voice from Megamind's right shoulder growled out in the following silence. Megamind turned his head to glance over his shoulder, smiling briefly at the gathering of a majority of the older, long term inmates had gathered, waiting for a reason to jump into the fray.


"You mess with Blue, you mess with us. Them's the rules!" Another man said as he held up a meaty fist.

"Now, Mr Sinclaire," Megamind said calmly as he turned to face the investigator who had gone a few shades paler to say the least, "I'm going to ask nicely, one more time. Tell me what I want to know or my associates here will get the information for me." After a few moments of silence Megamind smiled and turned away.

"Have it your way. Gentlemen, play nice, yeah?"

"WAIT!" Sinclaire reached out a hand as if to hold back to advancing wall of men, "Wait! I'll … I'll talk."

Megamind turned back slowly, a truly evil smile spreading across his face.