when we came home
your feet seemed almost to stumble on the front steps
your eyes seemed almost to close in the middle of the day

when we came home
you smiled, hiding your old scars
hiding the pain that we all thought had passed away

when we came home
you leaned against the door to watch the growing trees
because you knew that you could only guess their height
that you would be gone long before they scraped the stars
'disapeared' as is the Baggins wont, and right

I cannot keep you here, I realize that
as I leave my daughter's bedside and walk to yours
apologies on your pale face, for what I'm missing
but I'm missing you, dear Frodo, even more

when we struggled, when we climbed down mountainsides, when we prayed to the Valar
when we thought that we were dead, the shire kept us on
and I came home, to find my dreams full and beautiful
and when you came home, you found your dreams were gone


A/N I had previously posted this as a second chapter to a first poem, but apparently you're not supposed to do that if they're not related, even if you cringe at taking up extra space. So I posted it again, and apologies to those who accidentally read it twice (although since I got one review for it the other time, that means it could only happen to one person, since no one would ::gasp:: read it and not review!)