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Well, here we are, at the end. Or the beginning, depending on how you look at it. :)

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Epilogue Revelations And A Proposal

"Ohh, Kyle!" Jaymie moaned softly, squirming where he stood beside their bed, his upper half bent over its surface and his hands on the mattress, fingers clutching at the sheets tightly, desperately.

Kyle was on his knees behind him, his face pressed against his backside, his hot, wet tongue buried between the taunt, perfect swells of his delectable little ass.

Jaymie cried out loudly, shuddering and biting his lower lip to stifle the sound lest someone decide to investigate. He was shaking now, small whimpers of an insane amount of need escaping him as Kyle's skilled tongue worked it's way deeper inside him, his legs starting to shake with the intensity of the wonderful sensations building quickly in his lower abdomen.

"Kyle! Oh god, please, Kyle! Don't stop!"

Kyle inwardly grinned, not hesitating, keeping up his quest to drive Jaymie over the edge with just his tongue, withdrawing briefly to lap at him, licking a full strip up from his balls all the way to the top of his divide before moving his head down again to shove his tongue back into him abruptly.

Jaymie screamed with joy when Kyle pushed his tongue back inside him, shoving against all his defenses like a battering ram. A hot, wet battering ram that was welcome to smash through his castle gate anytime it wished to. Jaymie was abruptly convulsing at the thought, moaning Kyle's name as he violently spilled out his seed across their bed sheets, sweat soaked and panting as he finally collapsed atop the mattress. He was unable to hold himself up any longer after that, trembling as Kyle climbed onto the bed and straddled his upper thighs, his large hands caressing the younger man's flanks with obviously sexual intent, brushing his fingers and palms over his smooth hips and ass lovingly.

"Do you want me?.." Kyle leaned down to whisper in his ear, unable to resist running his hot tongue up the back of the delicate shell, reveling in Jaymie's hard shudder beneath him in response.

"Yes, yes!" Jaymes moaned, arching his back, consciously pressing himself against Kyle's hard length where it rested heavy and hot against his backside, trembling harder as he begged him for it. "Please, Kyle! I want it! I need you inside of me, so much!"

Kyle smiled at that, slicking his fingers with lube thoroughly, loving how Jaymes blushed so prettily when two of his fingertips touched his saliva damp opening. He pressed them slowly, so slowly into his wet, needy hole after a moment, stretching him out gently until he could take a third, causing Jaymie to whine softly in clear pleasure as he prepared him carefully.

"Kyle, Kyle, please!" he begged him more desperately now. "I need you, inside! Need it now!"

Kyle grinned again, nodding as he removed his fingers so that he could apply a condom, slipping it on quickly before slicking up his length as well. He pulled Jaymie up to his hands and knees now, holding him securely as he rose above him and began the descent into his hot, tight little body once again, reaching down with his right hand to stroke Jaymie back to full hardness after his earlier release.

"Mmm, Jaymes.." Kyle groaned low, panting softly as he started to move now, still stroking his lover's length tenderly. "You're always so tight, my Jaymes.. I love it, and you, very much.."

"I love you, too, Kyle," Jaymie whimpered, his slender body quivering violently beneath his larger one as he got close once again.

The pair only managed to hold out for seven thrusts, Jaymes screaming as he released over the sheets again, Kyle releasing deep within him with a loud groan. He pulled out after a moment or two reluctantly to discard the condom, pulling his exhausted boyfriend into his strong, sheltering arms to hold him against his chest as they recovered slowly, eventually drifting into a deep, restful sleep.

Doc woke several hours later, feeling refreshed, though very thirsty after drinking that alcohol, seeing Calihan laying on his side on the next cot over, watching him almost warily as he sat up slowly before standing and moving to get him a glass of water.

"Regrets?.." Cal asked him softly when he'd finished drinking and set the glass down, and Eustace realized that he was waiting for anger at what had happened between them.

Instead, Doc walked over to his side, lowering himself down to kneel beside the cot, reaching out with his right hand to take hold of Calihan's chin. He stared into his beautiful differently colored eyes for a moment before drawing his face closer so that he could press his lips to Cal's, kissing him gently for a moment or two before pulling back to calm Cal's nerves by answering the other man calmly and with level and honest eyes.

"None. I've no regrets, Cal. Sweet Cal. It was time for me to let her go. Neither of us was happy with the other any longer. We haven't been for a long time now, I was just too afraid of being alone. But you.. You gave me the strength to do it, Cal, because I knew that you would be here for me, and you were. So, thank you."

Calihan flushed at his words, and Doc thought that it looked well on him as Cal smiled at him almost shyly.

"Of course. You know that I care for you. I.. I love you, Eustace. I have ever since I met you that first day. I know that it's sudden, especially after.. But, I want to be with you.. To spend my life with you, if you'll have me. I.. I just want you to know your options.."

"I think my options are very clear at this point," the older man said, smiling at Cal in return. "And I choose you, Cal. I don't know if we can make it, but Jared and Ian and Kyle and Jaymie seem to be managing, so I think that we'll be all right."

"You.. Want me?.."

"Yes. I do. Come here, Cal.."

Calihan shuddered visibly, delight tingling up his spine at the other man's tone of voice, shifting himself down off the cot gracefully to sit on the dirt floor of the cave beside Doc. He was uncaring if he got dirty as Eustace reached out and pulled him closer, surprising him when he took Cal in his arms and lowered him down 'till he was lying on his back, Doc following him down to rest atop him, looking deep into his eyes to try to convey his seriousness so that he would know he meant it and that he wasn't just fucking around.

Though he knew that Cal most likely already knew that, he just wanted to make sure that he'd conveyed his feelings as best he could to him before they were intimate with each other.

"I want you, Cal," he spoke to him softly, his eyes sincere as they looked into those of the man beneath his body. "I want to be inside you."

Calihan sucked in a breath at his words, his two-toned eyes going wide and dark, feeling as though someone had punched his stomach with the sheer force of the lust, the hunger, and also the love that was clawing at her insides suddenly, nodding in at first silent answer as he trembled beneath him with the feelings coursing through his body.

"Yes.. Gods, yes. I want that, too. So much it hurts.."

Eustace smiled at his answer, lowering his head down to kiss him again, his left hand stroking Calihan's hair tenderly before he pulled back after a moment to speak again quietly. "Your hair is so soft, Cal. I like it."

"Mmmm.." Calihan moaned at his words without realizing it, his face flushing pink again at the other male's compliment. "Thank you, Eustace.."

Then they were kissing once more, their bodies twisting, entwining together where they lay on the floor of the hospital cave, both shaking as they pulled and tugged at each other's clothes in heated silence.

Soon they were both naked, and Doc moved off of Calihan reluctantly so that he could go retrieve oil and one condom from his supply. He moved back to the other man's side, watching in lustful fascination as Cal opened his long legs for him, spreading his thighs further where he still lay on his back on the dirt floor. He was staring up at him calmly, though he looked closely and noticed that there was a barely detectable quivering running through Calihan's naked body as he knelt down beside him.

He reached out and placed a hand on Calihan's bare left hip gently, wanting to reassure him. "Hey.." he said softly, looking down into his green eyes without blinking. "It'll be okay, Cal. I'll be as gentle as I can, sweetheart. I don't want to hurt you."

"I know that, my love," Calihan explained to him with a smile and soft eyes. "I'll be all right. I'm not frightened. I want to do it. I want to be one with you, in all ways."

"Oh, Cal.. Sweet Cal.." Eustace whispered, slipping the fingers of his right hand between Calihan's spread thighs after coating them thoroughly with the oil. He slipped two down into the valley between his firm buttocks, causing the soul to moan and squirm at the touch, panting softly with the pleasure he obviously felt even when all that he was doing was lightly touching at the moment.

"Ohh, Eustace.." Calihan whimpered softly, pleading with the older man as he stared up into his eyes and licked his lips unconsciously. "Please.. I want your fingers inside of me, deep inside!"

Doc shuddered at his request, nodding silently and slipping a single finger into him, closely followed by a second, starting to stretch him open gently to receive him.

Calihan arched his back unconsciously, a soft, needy sound escaping him at the intimate touch of the insistent press of those fingers inside his body, trembling now as all the muscles in his body relaxed suddenly. "Ahh! Eustace! Ohh, Eustace, don't stop.. I want you inside me.."

Calihan moaned with loss when those wonderful fingers were withdrawn suddenly, but then Eustace's hands were on his upper thighs, pushing his quivering legs up and back gently. He spread him open wider as he opened and slipped on a condom, coating himself with more oil quickly and moving his body up over Calihan's, speaking to him softly. "Cal?.."

"Yes?" he asked weakly, his two-toned green eyes clouded over with lust as he stared up at him.

"I love you."

"I love you, too. Always."

Then Eustace was pushing inside his body, his still-tight muscles burning with the stretching as he was penetrated by another man for the first time in his life. He cried out softly before he bit his lower lip to hold back the moan of true and pure passion struggling to break free, wrapping his arms and legs around Eustace now and holding on for dear life as they started to move together in this dance of desire and love for each other.

Calihan clung to him tightly, desperately, his eyes wide and dark as Eustace took him to whole new worlds of sensation, making love to him. He was kissing him now, his tongue taking intense possession of Cal's mouth and causing him to whimper helplessly in response. The lover's released together suddenly, Calihan spilling his seed over both of their bellies, Eustace deep inside Cal's body with a low groan of completion.

Then he slumped down atop Calihan in sudden exhaustion, slipping out of him as the younger man slid his arms around him, holding him close as Cal's eyes slid closed. The pair was panting together heavily, feeling contentment drape over them both like a large warm blanket.

Calihan jolted awake a few hours later to the feel of the cold steel of a knife at his throat, staring up into the enraged eyes of an unfamiliar female that he guessed to be Sharon. He flushed in embarrassment when he realized that Eustace was still draped atop his body like a warm blanket, making it obvious enough what they'd been doing even without the oil and used condom lying on the ground nearby.

"So," she hissed down at him, her eyes angry and lit with viciousness. "You're the one who stole him from me? I should kill you for what you've done!"

Cal didn't speak, knowing that it would do no good, his two-toned eyes shifting to the other woman that was with Sharon, trying to hide his sudden panic at the situation that he found himself in. Sharon dug the knife hard against his neck then, though it didn't break the skin, and he winced in pain with response.

Then suddenly Jared, Kyle and Jeb were there, though he had no idea where they had come from, how they'd known that they were needed. The two younger men had ahold of Maggie and Sharon by their shoulders securely, the knife laying on the ground now since Jared had disarmed her, and Jeb had his gun pointed at the two women.

Calihan wrapped his arms around Eustace protectively, rolling them both until they were in the far corner of the cave just incase one of the females managed to break free, smiling at his love reassuringly when he awoke with the movement to look around in horror at the scene.

"It's alright, my love," he said softly where he lay atop Doc's naked body, reaching out for a blanket and drawing it over them both for modesty. "I believe the situation is under control."

"Why is everyone in this place suddenly turning into frickin' queers?" Sharon growled with obvious frustration where Jared held her tightly.

"Maybe it's because there's so many selfish bitches in these caves," Kyle said with a slightly crooked smile in Jared's direction from where he had hold of Maggie, but Sharon's next words wiped it away completely.

"You're all just as bad as that Wanderer! You should all be put down like dogs!"

Jared suddenly had Sharon spun around with her back pressed roughly against the cave's wall, snarling down into her face like the animal that she had just mentioned. "How dare you even speak her name! Wanda was ten times the woman that you will ever be! She was good and loving, ad she didn't deserve to die so tragically. Neither did Melanie. They were loved, they were wanted!"

"Aww, what's the matter, Jared?" Sharon taunted him. "Are you upset because I killed your precious girlfriend and that of your current lover?"

Jared gasped, his eyes widening at her words, face filling with shock. "You bitch! Why? I loved her!"

"Because she was one of them! And, if I can't have love, then no one should!"

"You're insane, Sharon," Doc spoke up then from where he still lay beneath Calihan, feeling sheltered and safe in the other man's arms. "I loved you, so much.. With everything that I had to give. But it wasn't enough. Why wasn't it enough for you?.. No one can be loved, truly loved, by everyone, but I loved you enough for the world. You're the one that stopped loving me! You pushed me into Calihan's arms! But it's truly over now. You and Maggie will have to be executed, because you know too much to merely be exiled from the caves."

"Sharon and Maggie are going to be executed, Ian," Jared said where he was leaning against the wall by the entrance to their cave, watching his lover as he walked toward him and into his waiting arms.

"What?" Ian asked him, shocked as he stared up into Jared's beloved face. "Why?"

"Because.. because they killed Mel and Wanda. They both confessed, after they tried and failed to kill Calihan. He and Doc are lovers now."

Ian stiffened against him as pain filled his eyes, and Jared pulled him closer, moving his right hand up to touch Ian's hair, kissing his forehead tenderly to try and soothe him. He rocked him in his arms as he started to cry, making heart-wrenching sobbing sounds as he buried his face against his chest. Jared's arms tightened around him in response, just holding him close as he wept and shook with his suddenly renewed agony in the face of this revelation.

When Ian's tears had waned nearly an hour later, the two men were curled up together in their bed. Jared's left hand moved over Ian's side in a long gliding, gentle caress where he lay between Ian and the entrance to their cave protectively, looking into each other's eyes where they each lay facing the other.

"Ian?.." Jared said to him softly, his eyes more serious then they usually were now if that was possible.

"Yes, Jared?.. What is it?.."

"Ian.. Will you marry me?"

Ian gasped, his eyes going wide at the question, looking stunned, shaking his head to clear it before replying quickly. "I- Yes, yes, I will! I love you so much, yes!"

Jared's breath left him in a huff when Ian threw himself atop him, knocking him flat on his back on the bed before starting to kiss him passionately, wrapping his strong arms around him and returning the kiss enthusiastically.