Finding Home

"Letty, promise me that you'll come back for me," she whispered to the older girl; not that Letty was that much older than her. "That you'll save me from this hell hole and save me from Leroy and Scott,"

"I don't know when but I promise that I will come back and find you. You're practically family now and little Lachie too,"

"Yeah, he really adores you,"

They sat silently in the old abandoned barn, waiting for Letty's boyfriend to arrive to take Letty home. Tonight would be the last time they would see each other in a long time, possibly even ever.

"What's he like?" the young girl asked softly after a moment.

Letty looked outside of the barn and into the dark.

"Who Dom?"

"Yeah Dom, is he the man of your dreams? Are you going to marry him and have twenty of his children?"

Letty let out a longing sigh and tried to wipe the silly grin off her face as she thought about Dom Toretto. She kinda failed.

"Pssh, hon I don't think one man will ever keep me down but for the moment he is. I love him; he's everything at the moment and that's enough for me,"

The two girls stood as they heard a car drive up to the barn. Both guessed it was Letty's boyfriend here to pick her up and take her back to LA. Both girls would miss each other dearly and both wanted to go to LA.

"Let?" she started softly. "You better not forget me or I'll hunt you down,"

The two girls hugged before a car revved outside the old barn. It was the signal both were waiting and dreading for. They turned to each other and Chloe gave her a weak smile. It was time to go.

"That's him alright, always impatient," Letty said making both girls giggle.

They walked out and the younger girl flinched as they heard guns fired in the distance.

"Come with me. Run now and never look back. We can look after you and you can have a new loving family. Maybe I can even get you a boyfriend that won't hurt you,"

She placed her hands over her stomach with a shake of her head; no matter how bad Scott was he didn't deserve that. Letty didn't understand why she didn't want to leave but respected her wishes.

"Not yet; they'll be after me and you don't need that. You're only just off the radar after all those heists you pulled,"

Letty hugged her tightly.

"Love you C,"

"Love you too Letty. And can you please try not to get arrested?"

"No promises; beside who else would make our lovely officers do something besides eat doughnuts?"

She watched Letty climb into the black car and drove away. She couldn't make out the make or model but it didn't worry her because it also meant Scott didn't know either. He couldn't hurt them that way. She stood there for a moment before she hear the heavy sound of footsteps coming over to her. Scott came up beside her and though she couldn't see the sickening smirk she knew it was there. She hadn't even noticed he'd been around; Scott had a way of doing things like that but maybe he had just his minions do his work and locate her when he couldn't find her back at the house.

"You will never leave here if you want her to stay alive. Or she could become our next guest if you really wanted,"

She swallowed tightly as he wrapped an arm around her waist leading her back to her prison…

Author's Note: This is just the introduction to a new story that I've been working on for a while. This is just the beginning of a Dom and OC story. I hope you like. XOXO