Hello faithful fans! Last time we left our heroes, they apparently had been struck by lightning! Now, here they are, spick and spam. Enjoy!

The first thing the Marine noticed was that he was still breathing.

He opened his eyes and saw only darkness. At first he was panic-stricken, thinking he was blind. Then he realized he was lying down.

He rolled over and closed his eyes. He was staring straight at the sun.

He turned his head to the left and opened his eyes. A Japanese Imperial soldier was lying about a foot away from him.

Dempsey reached out and nudged him. "Hey Takman, wake up."

Takeo opened his eyes and said, "American? Good to see you. We must've made it then. Or we're both dead."

Dempsey chuckled and replied, "Naw, I didn't think hell had a sun. I bet we're still alive."

Takeo sat up and looked around. It appeared they seemed to be on some kind of rooftop. The floor was made of yellowish stone and the sides stretched out in all directions. Around him and Dempsey was a large black mark, like a burn mark.

Dempsey sat up and said, "Well, this is the most boring place I've ever woken up to."

Takeo looked behind him and saw two other people lying there unconscious. One of them was wearing a yellow winter coat and holding a large brown bottle. The other was wearing a Nazi SS uniform, muttering German to himself.

Takeo crawled over to the Nazi and whispered, "Doctor, wake up."

Richtofen opened his eyes and bolted up. It seemed he was in the middle of a nightmare. "Samantha! You bitch!" he yelled to no one in particular.

Takeo grabbed him and said, "Doctor, it is I, Takeo. You must've been having a nightmare."

Richtofen looked at him and replied, "Takeo! Ah, vell. Oh damn, my head."

The German lied down and rubbed his temples. "Vhere ze hell are ve?" he asked closing his eyes.

Takeo looked around and answered, "No idea Doctor."

Dempsey went over to Nikolai and said, "Nikolai man. Get your ass up."

Nikolai yawned and sat up. "Ah balls" he muttered looking around. "Every time I wake up and find myself with you motherfuckers, something bad happens. For once, I'd just want to wake up back at my home, with my girlfriend next to me."

Dempsey chuckled and patted him on the shoulder. "If only man" he said standing up.

Dempsey's right hand nudged a metallic object on his thigh and he grabbed it. He raised it to his eye level and discovered it was a Colt M1911.

He scowled and stated, "Every time, this motherfucking pistol is the one we get stuck with. Treyarch really needs to give us a decent weapon for once."

Nikolai pulled out the pistol and remarked, "Ah, stupid ass pistol. Its only good function is as a paperweight."

Takeo and Richtofen got up and Richtofen asked, "Hey, who iz zhat?"

A lone figure was stumbling towards them. He was limping and leaning on his left leg.

Dempsey cupped his hands and shouted, 'Hey man! Who are you?"

The figure didn't respond, but just walked faster. As he got closer, more details became apparent. His skin was completely gray with spots of black. His clothes were an old security uniform, complete with a helmet. His eyes were glowing yellow and he was growling to himself.

"Damn" muttered Dempsey firing into him. The guard only sped up, running in an odd, restricted manner.

They all started firing at him, but he didn't stop. Nikolai rolled his eyes and said, "Enough horse shit." He pulled out his knife and threw it.

It nailed the zombie right in the eye and it fell instantly. Nikolai chuckled and yelled, "Ha ha! Nikolai, cannot die! Hey, that rhymed!"

Nikolai went over to the dead body and pulled out his knife. He looked up and muttered, "Bliad."

He ran back and yelled, "Run, run! For God's sake, run!"

The Russian ran past them and Dempsey said, "Whoa, what's up man?"

Dempsey turned and swore. A long line of approaching zombies were sprinting towards them.

'Run and gun!" he yelled following Nikolai. Richtofen and Takeo were right behind the American, shooting and throwing grenades.

"Hey, an elevator!" announced Nikolai. They looked and sure enough, there was an elevator, completely clear of zombies.

"Ha ha! 'bout time we had some good luck" remarked Dempsey.

Nikolai got inside first. He hit the wall and fired behind them. "Hurry it up!" he ordered reloading.

Dempsey dove in, followed by Richtofen and Takeo. The Marine threw a grenade and said, "For Christ's sake, someone hit the goddamn button!"

Takeo slammed the lobby button and the doors slowly closed. But not before a zombie had grabbed Richtofen with a large claw.

"Nien!" yelled Richtofen grabbed the arm. He pulled and said, "One limb at a time!" Then with an impressive showing of strength, he ripped the arm right off the thing's body.

The elevator doors completely closed and Richtofen tossed the arm aside. "Holy shit" muttered Dempsey.

The elevator reached the lobby and the group stepped out. The lobby had a business kind of setting to it, with metal sides and steel benches. Blood stains covered the walls and words were written in the red fluid.

Dempsey walked over to a large chalk outline and said, "Buy." A large over-and-under shotgun fell into his hands. The Marine laughed maniacally, "This'll spread the love!"

Richtofen went over to a large chalk outline and bought it. A large rifle popped out. Richtofen smiled and brought back the hammer. "They vill bleed!" he yelled in a high pitched voice.

Then the power shut off.

"Fuck" muttered Dempsey.

See how I've changed my writing style a little? Hope it makes a difference. Goodbye!