I am sorry to say this, but the final chapter of Urban Jungle is here. Now, to answer a question about the songs, they are my own creation, but I base them off others. The one in I Hate Clowns I named "I Will Rise", based from a Christian song I heard (No name that I remember). The one in this one was based from Metallica's "Sad But True" which I converted to "Know it inside". Now that I am done, let's shove off!

The four met on the roof of the restaurant almost fifteen minutes before. During that entire time, no zombies had bothered them. Rather odd, but no one wanted to think about it.

Richtofen and Takeo changed into nondescript civilian clothing and they all had fake names. Richtofen was Rick, Takeo was Jack, Dempsey was Tony, and Nikolai was Nick, Fairly simple.

Richtofen gripped his Phantom nervously. This entire thing was stupid. Trusting the US Army to save a Nazi. Preposterous. They didn't know his nationality, but that was irrelevant.

Private Powers told them to wait until they came to evac them, but they had no idea where they'd come from.

"I hate waiting" complained Nikolai.

"Shut up" replied Dempsey curtly. This was just exterior though. Inside he was excited. Finally, a chance to get some real rest. Dempsey never admitted it, but he was getting tired. He hadn't slept in two days. Somehow, he didn't even feel tired physically, just mentally.

"These Americans are pissing me off" stated Takeo. "I am glad Dempsey, you are nothing like them."

"Whatever" muttered Dempsey. It was true though. They had taken almost an hour to get ready, and no Army. Wherever they were, they were far away.

'Hey, check it out!" Nikolai declared pointing to the east.

Dempsey stood up and looked out. Approaching the city from the barren desert was a large truck.

"It's going to the end of the street!" said Dempsey. He pointed and ordered, "Get there now!"

They jumped off the roof and rolled on the ground. A groan or two went out, but they landed safely.

"Let's go!" no one person said it, it was more of the entire team.

Dempsey hot several shots into the air to get the truck's attention. It was huge, almost the size of a semi.

"Come here you stupid git!" yelled Dempsey.

The truck roared to them then stopped. A soldier came out with a large assault rifle aimed at them.

"Get to the back!" ordered the soldier.

He started shooting, but not at them. Dempsey turned and saw a large crowd of zombies were following them.

"Dicklickers" muttered Dempsey turning and firing his Oscillator. The others joined in, but it didn't make a dent.

"There's hundreds!" Nikolai shouted firing the EPC-WN.

A loud groan went out and Dempsey turned. A lone zombie was there, but it was right in his face.

The zombie swiped him and he gasped. It had gotten him in the stomach. He looked down and saw a long series of marks on his shirt. They were bleeding and appeared really deep.

He looked the zombie in the eye and swore it said, "No no Dempsey. Cheaters never win."

Dempsey fell to his knees and applied pressure to the wound.

"Dempsey!" exclaimed a voice. He couldn't tell who it was.

A flash of yellow appeared in front of Dempsey. He looked up and saw Nikolai with his crowbar raised.

"Die hell pig!" the drunk yelled swinging the tool. It smashed into the zombie's leg and sent it to its knees. He swung again and snapped its jaw to the side. With a final roar, he placed the sharp point into the zombie's eye and pushed it through the skull.

Nikolai dropped the tool and came over to his comrade. "You will survive my friend. You always survive."

He helped Dempsey up and shouted, "Doc!"

Richtofen stopped shooting and grabbed Dempsey's arm. "Damn" muttered the German. The wounds looked serious.

They got Dempsey into the truck and Richtofen said, "Takeo, get in here!"

Takeo threw aside his guns and sprinted into the truck. The door slammed closed and the truck began flying forward.

"Just a scratch" Dempsey stated on the bench. Richtofen ripped open the American's shirt and saw four long jagged lines. They were bleeding profusely and Richtofen quickly wiped it away. It was not a death blow, but if left untreated could get infected.

"Give me your vodka Nikolai" ordered Richtofen.

"Why?" defended the drunk.

"I need alcohol to disinfect ze vound! Give me!" he snapped.

"Fine" muttered the Russian. He handed over the bottle and wiped away a tear.

Richtofen opened the bottle and poured it onto the wound. Dempsey groaned in pain and whispered, "Going…to…pass…out." He fell unconscious and Richtofen tossed the bottle away.

"Hey!" declared one of the soldiers up front. "I need one of you to get on the machine gun up top!"

"I will go" announced Takeo. He stood up and began climbing the ladder up.

Richtofen pulled out needle and thread and began stitching. The treatment he had done to the American should heal him naturally, but it needed stitching to grow back right.

Takeo flipped open the latch and stuck out his head. He was on top of the truck, and he could see the zombies were still coming after them. They were driving pretty fast, but all the dodging and weaving in the streets were slowing them down.

Takeo's eyes stopped when he saw a large mounted machine gun. He smiled. Who said being a samurai wasn't fun?

Richtofen sowed the last line and cut the thread. It would have to do.

He sighed and sat back. Then he realized the soldiers had overheard them using their real names.

"Scheibe" muttered the Doctor.

Takeo pulled back the lever and slammed in a belt of ammo. He raised it up and took aim. Time to wreck some shit.

He fired and watched the gun roar. The bullets shredded whatever it hit and Takeo laughed.

"My honor, shall shred you to shit!"

He quickly slammed in another belt and kept firing.


After a while, all the zombies were just puddles of meat on the ground. Takeo nodded firmly and got down.

Nikolai was already taking a nap, and Richtofen was simply sitting. Takeo sat next to him and said, "It is done."

Richtofen shook his head. "No." He looked the samurai dead in the eye and said, "This is just the beginning."

Dun un un! Dun un un un un! Get ready for the sequel!