We entered the castle. A man, whom we later found out to be Professor Longbottom, was standing in the entrance hall.

To Hagrid, the man said jovially, "I'll take it from here."

Hagrid then nodded to him and left. I was sad to see him go. He seemed like a jolly fellow.

The man that Hagrid had left us with explained to us that we would be going into the entrance hall and putting on a hat that would tell us which house we belonged in and which table we would sit at. (He also told us that he fell into the lake when he was coming into Hogwarts in his first year and that he also lost his toad named Trevor but found it again).

The doors opened. We were walking in. I was so nervous. What house would I be sorted into? Gryffindor seemed fun. Ravenclaw would be nice, but I don't really think I'm that smart. Hufflepuff... well... it's not for me. Slytherin... I've heard bad things about. I wonder -


Oh! That was my name!

I walked up to the stool, sat down, and shoved the hat on my head. No longer was I nervous. The emotions that were now filling me were only excitement and anticipation.

Ah, not a bad mind. Maybe Gryffindor... Maybe not. No, not Slytherin... no ambition. Not Hufflepuff. There's loyalty there, it's just not you first priority. Ravenclaw would not suit you either. Where to put you... there's always... well... There is one house that would suit you well.


I hopped off the stool.

Wait. There were only four tables! Where should I go?

Murmurs echoed across the vast ceiling of the Great Hall. Anxiety bubbled up in my chest. What would I do?

Shouts from outside reached to ears of the teachers.

A unicorn burst trough the doors of the Grand Hall and I rode away on it's back...

The next day, everyone woke up and went down to breakfast. There was a new flag hanging from the ceiling. A flag of purple and white, with the words 'Unicordindor' emblazoned on the top and a unicorn as the mascot.