Butler Knows Best

By: UnicornAssassin

*Warning!: Yes this is Yaoi, Very Fluffy! If you don't like fluff or yaoi in general then please don't read this, thank you!*

On a cold winter morning Ciel woke up to a sore throat and a runny nose. Ciel hardly got sick but when ever did it was very painful for him; His throat burning and nose sore from rubbing it so much.

"Oh young Master, It looks as if you have gotten a cold... You should stay in bed for the day. I shall go make some tea for you." Sebastian said as closed the curtains back up tucked the sick boy back in bed. Ciel muttered something that sounded like a 'Thank You.' but is throat hurt so much that it just sounded like some sort of crackling sound. Ciel sighed as he thought about all the work he would have to finish the following but pushed aside as Sebastian walked back into the room with the boy's tea.

"I hope this will sooth your throat." The man said as he poured the tea then handed it to his Master. The boy took a small sip from the tea cup and pouted as it sat in his stomach rather uncomfortably. Sebastian looked up to see pained and drowsy look on the boys face.

"Is there something wrong with the tea, you Master?" the butler said with a concerned look on his face. "No It's just the tea isn't sitting very well in my stomach..." The boy then sat the cup on the side table next to him and slumped back down on the bed.

The rest of the day was used to figure out something to make the sick boy better, More Tea, to a bath, back to tea, and even medicine... Nothing worked at all!

Now with the day coming to an end the butler stood in the slowly dimming room trying to think of a solution to the mystery H looked over to his master, who looked ready to fall asleep but couldn't because of the headache pounding at his head.

The butler then thought for a little bit until a devilish thought popped into his head, causing a sly smirk to creep over his face.

"Well young master there is one thing I want try, if you don't mind." The butler said as he glided over to the side of the bed. "Sure do what ever you must! I just want this cold gone!" With that being said he inched his face closer to the younger boys. Ciel showed slight confusion on his face until the butler then softly pressed their lips together. Now the boy panicked but slowly melted into the kiss, slowly. The butler then slowly parted from the kiss looking at his Master.

"Do you feel better now?" Sebastian said sweetly with a soft smile on his face. Ciel blushed a bright pink as he looked away and slightly nodded his head. "Y-yes..."

And from that day on Ciel would every once in a while fake being sick just to get cured the 'Sebastian' way.