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They had been on tour for six weeks now and were getting a two week break after tonight's show, before they headed to Europe for the last of it. Heather was so excited when Naya asked if she wanted to go to the Caribbean with her, she was hoping that maybe something would come out of it. It had been two weeks since the blonde had broken up with Taylor, and three long months since that faithful night when she and Naya kissed, and still no moves had been made from either direction. Hopefully she thought this will be our chance. No one but us for two weeks. I cannot wait.

Naya was in her dressing room getting the last of her things ready for tonight's show when Di came in.

"Hey. Hey." Dianna said with her usual excitement.

"Hey D," Naya said back "Are you excited for tonight's show?"

"Yes, can't wait... Its going to be epic, but I am really looking forward to just a little time off after tonight." Di said to her friend "So where are you going to be spending your next two weeks of vaca?"

"The Caribbean" Naya told her trying to hold back her smile. "With Heather!" she added before letting her smile crack, she was so excited she couldn't contain herself.

"Wait, what?" Dianna asked, "No way Nay-nay, that's… FANTASTIC!" She said unable to contain her joy for her two best friends. Maybe now something can go somewhere she thought.

"What?" Naya asked trying not to make a big deal about it.

"Umm, what does this mean Nay?" Dianna asked the question Naya had been asking herself for weeks now.

Naya just shrugged, "We will see, I guess."

"We will see?" Di asked obviously disappointed in the brunette's answer. "Naya you have wanted this for… well like ever now, and you say "we will see"? She broke up with Taylor, Nay, for you!"

"We don't know that!" Naya said to the blonde who was now sitting on her couch with her arms crossed. "She could have broken up with Tay for any other number of reasons, you act like this is the first time they have broken up Di, if my count is right this is like oh I don't know, 1,500, who's to say that she's not going to be back with him in a month, or a week? I don't know what this means, she hasn't said anything to me."

"Nay, you are in the clear, she has basically all but given you the green light. She kissed you, asked you to wait for her, broke up with her boyfriend, and now you are going on vacation together for 2 whole weeks, open your eyes Nay, she wants this." The blonde tried to talk some sense into her friend.

"Does she want this?" Naya asked Di, "Because that question still has yet to be answered to me, she has said nothing to me, not a word. Your right, she kissed me, asked me to wait for her, so we could be us, and then when she did break up with Taylor, 3 months later might I add, but she still hasn't told me what she wants…" Naya could feel her eyes welling up with tears, this had really been bugging her for sometime now, and she was having a hard time holding it in any longer.

Di saw the look of hurt in her best friends' eyes, and walked over to where she was and sat next to her.

"Hey, Nay… its going to be okay, she kissed you, and then she ended things with Taylor, that has to be a good sign, that has to mean something-"

"-it does mean something" Dianna was cut off by the tall blonde dancer who must have been standing in the doorway listening for sometime now; she also had tears in her eye.

"It met everything to me." She whispered walking closer to Naya. "You didn't know that already?"

Naya suddenly felt like she had been punched in the stomach.

"I – umm… well." Naya said not knowing what words to use let alone figure out how to form them into a sentence right now.

Dianna stood up getting off the couch, "I am going to go, but I will see you side stage?" She asked them both.

"Yeah," Heather said "thanks Di, love you"

"You too, HeMo, and you Nay." Dianna said leaving the room.

Heather walked over and sat where her friend had previously been sitting, and grabbed Naya's hand.

"I am sorry" Heather said "I didn't realize we weren't on the same page with this." She spoke softly to her best friend with sad eyes who sat in front of her.

"I just didn't want to - to assume." Naya said

"Not like you didn't know something was there though Nay, I mean, we kissed." Heather said starring into her eyes.

"3 moths ago Heath, and yeah there has been little ones here and there, that I crave, and that I literally pray and hope come more frequently than not, but you haven't really said anything to me, not since you asked me to wait for you..." Naya trailed off.

"I know Naya, and I am sorry. I know that it wasn't fair to you to do that to you, and I am sorry that it took so long for me to break up with Tay, I just-"

Nay cuts her off "its ok, I know that it must have been hard, cause you love him, and –"

"no nay" heather said cutting back in "I loved him, that's the thing, I don't want him, he's not who I love, yes I did at one point, but not anymore Naya, somewhere along the way I fell in love with my sweet and sassy hot best friend, don't you see Nay, its you, its always been you, I want you."

Tears formed in Nay's eyes, she couldn't believe what she was hearing, she was praying that she wouldn't wake up and this be another torturous dream.

"Really?" Naya asked

"Is that not what you want Nay?" Heather asked worried.

Naya took a deep breath; "Of course it's what I want" Naya took her hands and intertwined them with Heather's. "I want you, Heath, so badly, I have been waiting to hear those words since, well what feels like for ever now.

Naya remember back to that night.

They had just gotten back from a party to celebrate getting picked up for season 3. Neither of them had really drank much because Heather had dance rehearsal in the morning and Naya was staying over at Heather's house cause she wanted to go watch.

"That was a fun party" Heather said flopping, on her bed exhausted.

"Very!" Naya said taking off her shoes and joining heather in the bed. "You my friend, the way you danced with me tonight… woo hotness." Naya said fanning herself off to mime her words.

"Right?" Heather said with a giggle, "Taylor said that I wasn't alowed to get freaky with any guys, but he never mentioned my best friend." Heather said still giggling.

Naya cringed a little at his name, wow she really didn't like heathers boy friend, and to tell you the truth, she really liked Heather dancing so close to her. Having her body grind up and down her like that it drove her crazy. She needed to get this heather crush outta her system, except she didn't think she would be able too, she knew it had evolved into more then that now, she was full blown in love with her best friend now. And there wasn't anything that she could do about it. Except flirt with heather, and surprisingly she flirted back, A lot.

Heathers phone started to ring.

"I fell in love with a careless mans careless daughter, you are the best thing, that's every been mine"

Instantly Naya knew it was Taylor that was his ring tone he set it for himself.

Heather just looked at her cell, and pressed ignore.

"Trouble in paradise?" Naya asked Heather. Secretly hoping maybe there was as awful as that may sound.

"Na, just hanging out with my best friend, and he knows that, he can wait." Heather said with a smile.

She looked over at her clock, "Ugh it's 3:20 AM" she groaned, "I have to be in the studio in 5 hours to learn that new coreo for 'Slave'" she groaned not liking the thought of getting up in 4 hours to go get ready to dance. She really wanted to shower before bed though.

"Hey, I am going to go take a quick shower, don't fall a sleep on me though okay?" Heather asked her friend who was already looking like she was going to fade away at any moment. "You know I don't like to fall a sleep with out talking to you first"

"Okay," Nay said forcing her eyes to stay open for her friend.

A couple minutes later Heather came out of the bathroom.

"You awake?" Heather whispered.

"Yes" Naya said groggy but still hanging on.

"Good." Heather said getting in bed and curling up next to her bff, who was now wearing one of heathers 'DKB' (dancers kick butt) shirts, and a pair of short boy cut underwear only.

Heather couldn't help but notice, she has always noticed Naya. She was gorgeous, everything about her, but Heather was particularly found of that ass.

"Hey Nay…" Heather said trying to see if her friend was still awake or not.

"Yeah, Babe," Naya asked back.

"Will you… sing to me?" Heather asked desperately. "I don't know why, but I just need you to… please?" She added the 'please' in almost less then a whisper.

"Sure" Naya said sitting up a little, taking Heather in her arms.

Today was a particularly hard day for heather, 10 years ago today her father passed away. Naya knew, they had talked about it that morning, but Heather asked that they please have as normal of a day as possible, because she didn't want to cry all day. But now she was longing for some comfort, and she needed that from Naya right now.

Naya thought for a minute about what she should sing to Heather, she knew what she wanted to sing, but she didn't want to be cheesy, Oh well she thought, I am just going to do it.

"Well I have been scared of changing 'cause I built my life around you."

"Well time makes us bolder children get older, and I am getting older too."

"Yeah I am getting older too."

"So, take this love and take it down. If I climbed a mountain and you turn around, and if I see my reflection in a snow covered hill, where the land slide brought me down."

Heather took comfort in the song, so many things were running threw her head, one being how much she missed her dad. Another being, how she was realizing that she was in love with Heather, she couldn't deny it anymore, she loved her. All the small touches the extra long embraces, this was it, she loved her, but how could she tell her, how would she deal with Taylor and her mom and sisters, the cast and media. She looked into Naya's eyes as she finished singing to her and she realized she didn't care about any of those things, right now all she cared about was the gorgeous brunette laying next to her. When Naya finished singing she realized that this was it, she leaned in and went for it pressing her lips against Naya's, which yes she had done before on set, but not like this, not as Heather and Naya. She was afraid Naya would pull away, or get upset for what she was doing but instead she deepened her kiss, and pulled heather intensely closer.

They stayed like that for what seemed like most the night. Until heather finally pulled away.

"Wow" Naya said to her, "what does this all mean?" She asked the blonde as she starred into her perfect blue eyes.

"Honestly, I am not completely sure. I need to figure out my shit that's for sure, but there is definitely something here Nay, do you feel it?" Heather asked her.

Nay just shook her head and intertwined there fingers, she whispered "Yeah, I have always felt it Heather." A tear streamed down her face, she couldn't believe Heather had actually spoken those words. Or kissed her, this was an incredible night.

"Will you wait for me?" Heather asked Naya, "Will you please wait for me so I can get all my shit straightened out, and we can be together?"

"Yes," Naya said threw her tears, "I will wait forever for you Heather Elizabeth Morris."

And with that Naya pressed her lips back to Heathers.

Naya snapped back into reality, "So what does this mean?" she asked the blonde still sitting in front of her.

"I love you." Heather said softly, "I love you so much"

"I love you too" Naya told her looking into the perfect blue eyes.

She leaned into kiss her, when they heard the click of the loud speaker in the dressing room.

"Heather and Naya to side stage please, we start in 3."


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