Three months later.

Heather was on set, choreographing with Zach. The season had been going great, but weird now that Naya wasn't there everyday. She still had a full time contract, she could only do so much now that she was bigger than big. Her pregnancy was going great, they had one scare about a month back which ended up resulting in something pretty cool.


"Heather!" Naya screamed from the bathroom.

"What?" Heather asked running in right away with the intensity of the scream. Naya was in the tub. She had decided to get in because she wasn't feeling too well.

"Something is... Wrong." She said sounding scared.

Naya was sitting in a lightly tinted red bath, she knew what that meant: blood. Heather's first instinct was to freak out but she knew she needed to stay calm for her wife. "Okay, I am going to get you a towel and we are going to get you to the ER. I will call Margo on the way and let her know what is up." She said calmly.

"Baby, I am scared, what if something is wrong with the baby, what if we lose-"

"NO, don't even say it, everything is going to be alright, it isn't that much. I am sure it is normal...ish." She grabbed a towel and wrapped her wife up, "I am going to grab you some clothes. Sit on the toilet."

Heather grabbed her cell and called her mom."Hello," Janet answered.

"MOMMY, I need you!" Heather said.

"What's wrong?"

"Nay is bleeding, she was in the bath cause she had some light pains in her side, and then she started..." Heather could feel herself start to panic.

"Heather, breath... you need to stay calm for her right now. I know you are scared but Naya can't freak out or she may send the baby into distress... okay?" Janet said firm but calm.

"Okay," Heather said taking a deep breath.

"Get her to the hospital. I am sure it is just spotting. In the water it can look much worse than it really is. Tell me is the water dark or more pink?"

"It's lighter, but not pink..." Heather said.

"Okay, is there any tissue or clots in the blood?"

"I don't think so" She handed Naya her clothes, "I am talking to Mom. Baby, any clots or tissue?"

"No, just a light amount..."

"That's good" Janet said, "Listen to me Heather, get her to the hospital, take her in through the ER tell them she is having bleeding and that she is almost four months along, they will take her back right away, and keep me updated."

"Okay I will, love you Mom... thanks."

"Love you too, you put Naya on while you get her in the car. I would like to talk to her."

She handed the cell to Nay, "Come on let's go to the car. Mom wants to talk to you."

Naya walked out the door as she put the phone to her ear. "Hello."

"Naya, you okay?" Janet asked calmly.

"Yeah, I am just... freaked out."

"Listen, this is common, you aren't clotting so that is good; try not to stress that will stress the baby alright?"

"uh huh" Naya said.

"I love you. You are going to be fine, you call me if you need me and I will be there as quickly as possible okay?"

"Thank you," Naya smiled. "Can you do me a favor?"

"Anything Darling."

"Can you call my mom?"

"I sure will," Janet said.

"Tell her not to come unless Heather calls, no need to rush up if it's nothing."

"I will do that. Love you."

"Love you Mom," Naya said hanging up the phone.

They were already halfway to the hospital. Heather was driving safe but quickly. "Baby can you dial Margo, I will put it on the car speaker."

Naya dialed Margo and her voice soon filled the car. "Hello?"

"Margo, it's Heather."

"Heather. How are you?" She asked.

"Well I am on the way to the hospital now with Naya. She is having some light bleeding." Heather explained calm.

"Okay, can you tell me what color?"

"Pinkish red" Naya said.

"Hello Naya" Margo said, "Okay, anything coming out with it, clots?"

"No, I was in the bathtub because I was having some pain."

"What kind of pain, and how severe?" Margo asked.

"Light pain, just like a nagging pain and not very severe."

"Scale of one to ten, ten being the worst."

"3" Naya said.

"Are you still in pain?"

"No, not really, I am about a one now."

"That is all good to hear" Margo said, "But it is good you are going in, please let whoever sees you know to call me with any information."

"Will do," Heather said. "We just got here."

"Okay go, I will hear from you later." Margo said, "And I will call and check on you girls soon."

"Thanks, Margo." Heather said disconnecting the call.

"Baby, I am scared." Naya said.

"It's okay Nay, I am here; I will not leave your side okay?" Heather kissed her head.

Naya nodded.

They admitted her right away as Janet said they would and ran a bunch of tests and blood work, they were waiting on the results and a ultrasound. She was hooked up to a fetal monitor; they could hear the baby's heart beat. "It sounds funny," Naya said to Heather."Doesn't it sound funny... different, fast."

They were in the room by themselves now, waiting on the doctor to return. "A little different but I am sure it's nothing." It did sound different and Heather knew it, but she didn't want to freak Naya out more then she already was, it sounded un-rhythmical this time around.

"Naya," the tall dark haired man came in.

"Yes, Dr. Hass," Naya said squeezing her wife's hand; she was instantly nervous.

"Your tests all came back perfectly normal, both you and the baby."

Naya and Heather both breathed a sigh of relief, "We are going to do an ultrasound now, just to make sure the fluid level and the placenta is okay."

Nay nodded, and the doctor moved her gown to the side and squeezed some jelly onto her tummy. "Sorry it's cold," he said and moved the scope around and found a picture. "Hmm, that's sorda what I thought."

"What?" Heather asked.

"Do you hear how the beat of the heart sounds... quickly paced? Like one beat right after the other."

"Yeah, is the baby okay?'

"More than okay, fluid looks great and so does the placenta."

"So what is the irregular heart beat all about then?" Naya asked.

"There is nothing irregular about it actually, there are two strong healthy heart beats." Dr. Hass said.

"It is twins!" Naya said with a smile.

"Yes, it is," he said. "It is very common to have some light spotting with twins, due to the stretching and placenta moving a little, all very normal."

"Two babies" Heather smiled.

"Would you like to know the sex of your twins?" He asked.

Heather looked to Naya, who nodded, "I do if you do" She smiled.

"Yes, please," Heather said.

"Okay, well this little baby here" He pointed to the screen. "Actually here you know what," he put down the scope he was using and picked up a different one and pressed a button on the computer then put the new scope on Naya's belly. "This is a 3D ultrasound; see this is Baby A"

"Oh wow, look at how much that looks like your nose Nay," Heather smiled.

"That is crazy how much you can see with that," Naya said tears filling up her eyes.

"Yeah, the new technology is amazing, alright so Baby A is a... boy" He said pointing to his parts on the screen.

"Oh yes he is," Heather said; tears now also in her eyes.

"And..." the doctor said moving the scope. "This is his... sister." Dr. Hass smiled.

"A girl," Heather cooed.

"One of each how perfect," Naya said, almost unable to control the tears of joy that were now running down her face.

"I love you," Heather kissed her wife.

"I love you Baby!"


Heather's phone rang for the second time while she was dancing. "I better check that," she said to Zach.

"Yeah, go ahead." She looked at the screen and picked up. "Hey baby."

"Hi. When are you coming home?" Naya asked.

"About an hour, you okay?"

"I guess, I am starving and uncomfortable. One of the babies is sitting on my bladder, the other is kicking me in the ribs."

Heather smiled, at the thought of her babies in there, "They're squished in there Babe."

"Well I am a human crock pot, the least Benjamin could do is give poor Emma some room."

"How do you know it's Benji?" Heather asked.

"Because he is so stubborn," she said.

"Hmm, I wonder who he gets that from?" Heather laughed.

"Seriously, Love, I am pregnant and ginormous with your children and you are going to mock me... Wow mi Dios haga el favor de darme de comer!"

"Yes love I will bring dinner home. I got to go though so I can get home faster."

"Something spicy."

"I know, I know. Love you."

"Love you, Baby."

Heather hung up the phone. "How is she anways?" Zach asked.

He hadn't seen her in almost three weeks, because she only came in to record and film scenes, Ryan had been doing a great job at hiding her before. For being pregnant with twins she looked great; she was huge in the belly, but the rest of her body hadn't changed too much. She went to a pregnancy gym and was keeping super healthy, well besides the food she was eating.

"She is HUGE, and uncomfortable, our son is sorda a womb hog, in the last ultrasound he was pretty much sitting on his sister, which makes it hard for Naya, she can barley breath some nights, and has to pee like 40 times a day."

Zach giggled, "Her moods still bad?"

"They are... tolerable. She isn't as cranky, but she gets there sometimes cause she is super uncomfortable."

"What are their names?"

"Benjamin and Emma, I call him Benji already."

"Love , well, you can be done for the day" Zach said.

"You're sure?" Heather asked.

"Yes. Go home to your wife. Ask Ryan if he needs you for anything, but I. am done with you... See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah I will be here ALL day, I think Naya is going to come with me for a while, just to get out of the house, she doesn't work all week. Well she doesn't work much at all actually. Ryan was amazing and filmed the majority of Santana's stuff for the whole season before she started to really show, so she only really comes in to record now before finalization of the episodes... but she wants to come see everyone." Heather said.

"Cool. Bring her by the shed," Zach said. "Good work today."

"Thanks, will do," Heather said.

Heather walked across the lot to Ryan's office. "Hey, Hemo!" Mark's voice called as Kev and he caught up to her.

"How's my girl?" Mark asked.

"She is good, uncomfortable," she said knowing just whom he met.

"The babies good? We haven't seen her in forever." Kevin said.

"Like a week and a half," Heather laughed. "And yes the babies are good, at the ultrasound last week we found out Benji is a bit of a space hog, so Emma is pushed up against her ribs most the time."

"is he bigger than her, can you tell?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, by about a centimeter right now, they are the size of mangos according to 'The Bump'" She said.

"The bump?" Kevin asked.

"It's a baby website" Dianna said coming up behind them.

"Hey D" Heather said.

"Hi how's the mama?"

"Hungry, I have to get home. She is going to come with me tomorrow I think while I work." She said gripping the door knob.

"Okay, tell her we love her." Dianna said, "I will call tonight."

"Sounds good, love you guys."


Heather arrived home with food from Naya's current favorite place Frijoles Arroz.

"FOOOD" She said when she heard the door shut.

"Yes Nay food, where are you?" She called.

"Living room, on the couch."

Heather walked in and saw her sitting on the couch, "Good you have your feet up."

"Yes. Is that Frijoles Arroz?"

"Yes love, a Grande supreme with extra jalapenos in it and some on the side."

"Pico?" Naya asked.

"Of course."

"You are so good to me."

"Yeah in about twenty minutes the babies are going to hate me." Heather laughed.

"Come here and kiss me," Naya said.

Heather leaned over and kissed her wife, and the sat beside her on the couch. Naya rested her feet on her lap. "Lets get these socks off. I am going to rub those feet."

"You're not eating?"

"No, not hungry. I will later though I promise." Heather said putting lotion in her hands and rubbing Naya's feet.

Heather grabbed the remote to the Ihome and pressed PLAY. Classical music filled the room. "I will never understand why you think the babies need to listen to this," Naya said.

"They love it," Heather smiled."Emma dances to it, and it calms the already-wild Benji down."

"That it does, they like change positions when it is on."

"See. It gives Emma some room, Benji falls a sleep and she kicks him out of the way and stretches out."

"More like does summersaults." Naya said.

"How have they been today?" Heather asked.

"Active. Poor Emma, I think Ben was practicing his karate or something, the left side of my body is almost sore."

Heather laughed. "Sorry, I don't mean to laugh I just love them so much already. Their little personalities are awesome in there."

"Hey hey... come here." Naya took her hand and put it on her belly, just as always everyday when Heather turned on classical music Benji had drifted off to sleep, and Emma was moving around like crazy.

"Dance Em, dance," Heath smiled.

"She is going to be just like you," Naya smiled.

Heather was so content in that moment, her little family was amazing... she couldn't wait to meet her babies and raise them with the woman she loved more than anything.


The next morning Heather had to leave the house at 7:30AM she didn't think she was going to get her wife out of the house, but she came. She managed to talk her into driving through Starbucks. "What are you having?" She looked over.

"A... Hazelnut Macchiato," Naya said.

"Can I get a Venti Hazelnut Macchaito decaf, with nonfat and whip cream at 120 degrees, and a Venti quad Caramel Macchaito with nonfat, 180 degrees..." She turned to Naya, "Food?"

"A pumpkin scone and a blueberry muffin."

Heather nodded and finished her order. The pulled up to the window and got their coffees and were on their way.

"Soo good," Nay said sipping her coffee.

Heather reached over and grabbed her hand. Everyone is going to be so excited to see you. Yesterday, I got asked, I don't know how many times, how you were."

"I know I miss them all so much I am used to being there all day everyday pretty much. I think I may record a few songs today too, that I havent for some coming up episodes."

"Sounds good... just please..."

"I know I won't over do it I promise, I will hang out and relax most of the day."

"And if you need to go home at all..."

"Promise." Naya kissed her hand. "You think there are going to be paparazzi outside?"

They had done a relatively good job at keeping stuff out of the public. Since they lived in a private gated community and didn't really go out anymore since Naya really couldn't, it wasn't too hard; but they all knew sooner or later that they were going to have to release it themselves. People are speculating already.

"I am going to drive right into the lot so I don't think so, but we are going to have to talk about how we are going to handle that."

"Yeah I know, I think we should probably decide that soon, but I DO NOT want to sell baby pictures."

"OH no, definitely not." Heather said, pulling into the back lot. Scott, the security guard, waved them in.

"Good to see you, Nay" He smiled.

"you as well, Scot,." Naya said getting excited to see everyone.

"I love that smile on your face," Heather said looking over at her.

"I just got super stoked to see everyone."

"They are going to be stoked to see you, too."


Heather was sitting in the hair and makeup chair, she was texting Naya who was in the Tin Shed watching some of the group rehearse.

From Wife (7:46AM): This is an awesome number, good job baby :)

"Who are you talking too?" Erin asked.

"Umm..." She smiled.

To Wife: (7:47AM): Thanks :)

"Your wife?" Erin asked.

From Wife (7:48AM): Emma is loving this song.

"Uh huh."

To Wife (7:48AM): 3 3 Love that little girl.

"Wow you two are relentless... where is she, you better tell her to get her Prego butt in here."


To Wife (7:50AM): Can you come in here, Erin would like to see you.

From Wife (7:52AM): Okay I will waddle that way now.

"She is on her way."

"Okay, sweet." Erin said excited.

A minute or two later, Naya came through the trailer door. "Jesus I barley fit through the door."

"Hiiiiii Mama!" Erin squealed.

"Hi Er" She hugged her, "Sorry I am not the easiest to hug now a days, as you can see these two get in the way now.."

"I can see that. May I?" She asked.

"Yeah, sure" Naya said. Erin placed her hands on her stomach. "Okay here," She pressed her hand on the left side, "This whole big space here, this is Benji. And this, in this little tiny space here, against my ribs... is Emma." Benji kicked against Erin's hand.

"Why, hello there Benji" Erin smile.

"Oh yeah he is a mover and a shaker." Heather smiled.

"Poor little Emi, all squished up."

"Tell me about it." Heather said, "Her brother is not the best sharer." She laughed.

"You miss work?" Erin asked.

"Yes, very much." Naya said, "More than anything, though I miss my cast and my people most."

"I know I miss are morning gossips and getting San all done up."

"Speaking of... Do you think you could do my face?" She asked sweetly.

"Of course, I am all done with your wife, sit, sit."

"baby I got to go to wardrobe, I will see you later text me when you're done in here I love you." She kissed her and then leaned down and kissed her belly on each side, "Be good in there guys, Benji that means you."

Erin giggled as heather left, "hair too?" She asked.

"Please, It has been a while since I have felt pretty." She sighed.

"Shut up. You are gorgeous, and look amazing for being what five months pregnant with twins."

"Yup we just had are five month check up the other day."

"Seriously girl you are gorge!"

"Well thanks. I feel as big... no bigger than a house."

"Heather seems like she has been amazing through this." Erin said.

"You have no idea. She is wonderful. She rubs my feet everyday while she plays classical music for them."


"Uh huh she heard that it helps with brain development. I don't know if it does but the babies love it."

"They do?"

"Uh huh, it puts Ben to sleep, and Emma dances, seriously you would think she was biologically Hemo's."

"That's adorable." Her phone beeped. It was a text. "Your wife?" Erin smiled.


From Heather (8:10AM) Heading ontop film, I love you and our babies.

Naya smiled, she loved that Heather was so excited for these babies, and already loved them so much, she felt the same way, they were already her everything them and Hemo.

To Heather (8:11AM) I will be there soon, I love you too, so do Benji and Emma 33


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