by Leki

Haunting Grounds. Fiona, Daniella, Riccardo, Lorenzo. Rated T for kidnapping, may go to M for rape. Genre - Drama/Horror.

Fiona is a victim to her captors, but Daniella seems to be captive of something in her head.

Disclaimer - Haunting Ground belongs to Capcom.



Part 1 Impasse


Her decline into despair had started with that shot in that damned forest. Hewie had leapt ahead of his master to stop a would-be threat, but all she knew of what had happened to him was a shot. Whether he had been gotten or not, she could not tell, for the close-knit bushes that afforded Huey passage did not so for her. She had to sneak through the paths, being as quiet as she could, until with relief, she had found Hewie, shot but alive, from the sounds of his panting. She had stopped and kneeled, shushing him, quieting him and ripping off the edge of her blouse to wrap his wounds. She stiffened as she heard a crunch but didn't react fast enough to keep the booted kick from her vulnerable spine. He had known she would come for her only companion in this house of tragedies. She had fell forward, and then scrambled sideways, running through the bushes with Hewie whining for her safety. She had turned to help him, magnesia in her hand, but he had shot her shoulder and she had dropped it, with no other choice but to run. She hated herself for it, but she could do nothing with a bullet in her spine or perhaps a kneecap or shin.

She had lost him for awhile, outrunning him with horrifying panic pulsing through her body. But she had come to an impasse, a cliff of steep rock. She had no time to choose another path, and he had found her, disclosing the truth about her father's path, until she could listen no more to his tale and made a rash choice to try and spare herself further pain. Anything but this man.

Fiona chose to jump off the cliff. She staggered slightly from the rushing adrenaline that pumped through her at the mere sight of Riccardo. He had wrecked her car, killed her parents, had chased her, shot her, slapped her, degraded her to something not worthy of being human. He would not leave her alone and was now threatening her with some unimaginably horrible future. So she turned and jumped onto the nearest edge of sloped rock and began to slide down, no purchase for her feet found. Immediately she felt the exhausted strain of her thigh muscles threatening to give out and grimaced at the memories of running through the forest. After she had found Hewie, he had surprised her and she had to run and run, sometimes doubling back to find her way through the winding trees and paths, exhausting herself further with her mistakes. Her exhaustion had perhaps lost her her only companion's life. With a grimacing, pained smile she heard Riccardo swear above her. Her smile was swept off her face instantaneously as a shot exploded in her hip. She gasped, but kept leaping and sliding towards the tree line below and to the maybe-safety of the ocean. She'd prefer to drown herself than go back.

Her smile turned to one of hope as the shots fired into the soil beside her, again and again. She had seen his gun, an old flintlock type that her father had told her about. They were older styled and could not fire accurately from a distance. So she kept sliding, putting in that distance. She heard him curse and jump onto the slope, then curse again as he was forced to stop with his gun to tuck it away, unable to shoot and climb. She hopped onto a ledge of rock that gave way, and tumble rolled the last 27 feet to the ground and landed with a hard thump, her bare legs, hands and face gaining scratches and gashes. She was sourly glad for her boots, the only good thing the twisted Belli family had given her. In her original low heeled sandals, she would have been rubbish. She pushed herself up with an effort of exhausted will and staggered forward, slowly breaking into a more even fast walk. She couldn't jog, the wind was simply knocked out of her and fast motion was beyond her. She brushed past trees, thorns catching in her skin with no stopping time to yank them out, rocks and roots stubbing her toes, webs clinging to her face to choke her. But she managed to get to the edge of the gritty, sandy beach that stretched to the ocean that surrounded this island. She saw a wooden pier that end with a small ferry that would hold one vehicle. She could operate it, barely, her father having shown her many things in their seemingly short time together. As she staggered forward to the sand, she heard a moaning yell and a sharp body-rending slice went into her shoulder.

She fell like a rock to the sandy terrain with a thud, the wind knocked out of her again from the searing pain that stretched down her back. She breathed raspily, unwillingly drawing sand into her nose and mouth, gagging, but having no strength to move, much less clear her mouth. She saw the stick-like legs of the maid's uniform, her bloodied apron swinging into view. The also bloodied poker was hanging at her side, shaking. Vaguely, Fiona thought she had been aiming at her neck, but her grievous wounds had probably caused her to miss. She rolled one eye up, the other being covered in a paste of sand, and saw Daniella's wide, staring eyes, veins standing out even more noticeably on her paler, blood-lossed skin. A sheen of blood was dripping from the gaping wound in her chest and stomach from where a shard of glass had pierced her. It had not been enough. It was one horror after another it seemed, as she raised her weapon for the final drawing of blood. As cruel, despairing hopelessness filled her, her vision failed to gray, all visages of strength gone.

There was a rustle of tree boughs being snapped out of place, and then Daniella was tackled to the ground. Daniella screeched in sheer angst.

"Away from her!" Daniella was making a keening noise with the full desire to get at her.

"Not now, Daniella! It has only just begun!" The voice of dread, that horrible man. Daniella snarled and there was a swishing of air as she struck at Riccardo, determined to get through him to her prey, the wretched creature of a woman that lay there, bleeding her life out upon the sand, "I said NOT NOW!" There was a ringing noise of smack, and Daniella hissed and groaned. There was scuffling noises, more hisses, as Daniella was forcefully wrestled to the ground, "Enough." Riccardo said firmly, pushing her to the ground. She was furious, and might have won on a normal day, but today of all days, she had to have that wretched hole in her body, leaking out precious energy, "Not until I get what I want from her, what is rightfully mine, but Lorenzo would not have me have!" His voice was one of triumph. Daniella was still furiously hissing, but there was no more struggling. Her eyes stayed on Fiona though, never leaving her, her deadened nerves singing from the Azoth that was so close. So close to her desire...

Riccardo stepped forward and looked into Fiona's dull eyes.

"Soon, my pet, soon." He swung her up and over his shoulder to carry her back to the castle. Tears slid down her face at the sound of waves lapping against the shore, the only link to the outside world that she had seen in days.