Part 4 - Hatred


After her initial raging maelstrom of emotion, Fiona had calmed down enough to sit with a plop onto the floor, staring vacantly around at her prison. She blinked, a white shaped object laying amid all the splinters, tied to a tiny piece of a paper. A note? Surely, not here... She crawled forward tiredly, plopping onto her belly and reading it. Reflecting on bits and pieces of the latter... Water Tower. Way out. Magistrium item. What was a "Magistrium"? Top of the tower. To a... House of Truth. I pray for your safety. Lorenzo. This Lorenzo. Probably the old "fossil" of a hand that had reached for her through that holey wall, way back when that dulled man was still alive and well... He had given her a note then to. If she could only... only get out... Maybe he... would help her. Woozily, Fiona half crawled, half scooted herself to the back wall, clutching the small bridge piece in her hand, perhaps being this "Magistrium".


Riccardo came to a halt in front of the bars of Fiona's cage, staring in amusement, his mouth twisting beneath his hooded eyes. Fiona was sitting at the back wall with her arms around her knees, head dozing against arms. He did not see the small piece that was clutched tiredly in her curled hand. The bed was tilted over against the bars, the little table, chair, basin and box, for what good they did, were stacked in front of the entrance as well. Riccardo snickered as he unlocked the door and slid it to the side, but as he started to move the furniture, Fiona was awakened and stood up quickly, kicking the bed back in place and knocking him a good one in the mouth. Riccardo swore, swiping it aside to land against the wall.

"Come forward, princess. Your day awaits." He snarled with a grin, teeth bloodied from busted gums. Fiona leaned against the wall and as he kicked the little, useless items away she ran at him with all her bodily might. She pushed him back a foot or so and she tried to dart to freedom but he grabbed her arm and slammed her backwards. Instead of through the doorway, she slammed into the corner of the door, reopening the stab wound which had been stitched shut. Blood flowed down her back and pain shattered her brain for a second, long enough for Riccardo to grab her arm and jerk her to his chest, "You can't get away, child!" He thrust her down onto the ground where she fell to one knee and scrambled forward towards the door, so antagonizingy opened. Riccardo stomped on her heel, "I don't THINK so, you wretch!" Fiona twisted on her back and kicked up at him with her foot, but he smacked it away with his gun, leaving her ankle smarting from the metal. With her least free foot she slammed her foot into his groin, leaving him sinking to his knees in pain. Fiona used the chance to run down the hallway at full speed. Riccardo snarled, realizing that this girl was giving him many occasions to curse and snarl.

Fiona ran, knowing that the kick would not keep that insane, freaky man down for long. Briefly, she stopped at the main, door, swinging open a door to reveal that Lorenzo had spoken the truth; there was no way out. So up, Lorenzo had told her. Up. So she followed her absent maybe-savior's advice and went up the ramp of stone, across another stone level and up several more ramps, having to stop and waste valuable time pulling levers and figuring her way up. She hurriedly ran up a spiraling staircase and burst through a door and caught her breath at the astounding view that made her feel woozy, after having been trapped indoors for so long. She looked around rapidly for a place to put the bridge, and happily found two little towers on a ledge, and was about to settle it when Riccardo suddenly came around the corner and slammed into her, knocking the bridge out of her hand, dropping it to the ground with her not far away but landing heavily on her side, taken by surprise by this attack. Riccardo ruthlessly kicked her to turn her over onto her back, smirking at her dazed eyes.

He dropped down, straddling her waist, making Fiona scream and flail. Riccardo tucked his gun into his pocket, and grabbed her wrists, slamming them down onto the hard stone so hard she could feel her wrist bones crunch together. When she squalled a second time he pulled one hand away long enough to smack her across the mouth, silencing her. Fiona was getting tired of being smacked around and glared at him resentfully.

"I was only waiting for ovulation, dearest Fiona. The part of the menstrual cycle where an egg is in your Fallopian tubes can be... fertilized." Fiona stared at him, and his meaning flashed into her with a zap of understanding. He was wanting to fulfill his promise of impregnating her, as he had threatened with that pregnant statue! She shuddered and roiled with energy, flailing, wailing, rocking, kicking, straining. All Riccardo did was rip the lower part of her dress away, ripping the crossed threading and leaving her bare to him.

"NO! PLEASE NO! GOD NO!" Fiona begged and pleaded with him, but the next thing she knew was he was invading her body in the most invasive, personal way possible. He was thrusting in with roughened, angry zest and slamming her into the ground time and time again. He grunted as she tried to wiggle away, only stopping long enough to pull her back towards him.

"Fine, if you won't lay still..." He suddenly grasped her legs and hooked them over his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her legs and continued, leaving her half hanging there helplessly. She looked up, above his head, and saw the stars, felt the wind. It seemed she kept getting so close to freedom, only to have it ripped from her grasp by painful means. Fiona closed her eyes and willed herself not to cry or whimper, instead only grit her teeth and willed it to be over.


Daniella had been obediently walking a tray of beer for Riccardo, wanting to take him in a refreshment to the workroom where he had been staying, waiting for something in Fiona to mature, she thought. She walked into the celestial room slowly, her thoughts on Riccardo and how to win his affections. Her eyes widened slightly at the unexpected sound of scuffling and heavy boot thuds that hurriedly ran up the stairs above her. She stood stock still for a moment, thinking, her eyes slowing widening at the sound of a reverberating scream that echoed down the stairwell. She walked stiffly up the stairs, to the doorway, listening to the noises of huffs and grunts, and stopped, looking onto the sight of Riccardo bending over Fiona, raping her.

With a wail of jealousy, Daniella took a bottle, dropping the plate of bread and another bottle of liquor, smashing it all to the floor. The one good unbroken one got smashed against the wall, leaving jagged edges. Fiona's eyes snapped open at the sound of shattering glass, and tilted her head back to see Daniella swinging murderously at Riccardo. Riccardo, startled, fell backwards with a yell with his pants still around his ankles. Fiona scrambled away towards the door, and with the space between them so small, expected a swing of broken beer bottle, but nothing came. Daniella was wailing her misery as she came at Riccardo. She had thought he had impregnated her with instruments. As if this wasn't enough, he had to do the deed himself, getting into that filthy woman's body!

"Daniella! Wait! No!" Riccardo yelled in a panic, struggling to get up, defend himself, and pull his pants up in one moment. Fiona used the distraction to her advantage, jerking away and hobbling to the bridge, jerking herself upward to smack the bridge into its rightful place between tower and mansion. With a cry of YES! Fiona ran, glancing only briefly to see that they were far enough away- yes, they were, with lots of wailing and protests and scuffling to the side- and ran to the door, leaping over the broken glass and jumping two at a time down the stairs. She had to willfully make herself resist the urge to jump three or four at time, not wanting to risk a broken ankle or neck.

She sobbed with relief as she saw the still opened door that led to the misty outside, and ran into it. She kept running forward onto the uprisen bridge that would lead her to Lorenzo and hopefully... safety and freedom.