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Approximately forty-five minutes later, River and the Doctor lie side by side on the floor, their hair and clothing in utter disarray, and a thin sheen of sweat coating them as they try to regain their breath.

"How did we end up down here?" It suddenly occurs to River.

Still looking up at the ceiling, the Doctor frowns. "I don't know." And then he grins and turns his head to face her. "And it's not often I don't know things," he beams at her. She rolls her eyes and there is a peaceful pause, only the sound of their shallow breaths and loudly beating hearts filling it.

"How many lectures have you got left today?" The Doctor asks her softly after a moment, rolling onto his side and propping himself up on an elbow to look down at her.

"Just one."

"Then after will you come with me? I discovered the most fabulous restaurant in thirty-third century France - I knew you'd love it as soon as I found it. They do those spiced croissants you love."

She smiles. "Okay." And then sighs before sitting up, running a hand through her hair in an attempt to make it presentable. "As long as you let me fly the Tardis back after," she continues as she gets to her feet and starts to pull her clothes together. "I can't miss tomorrows classes, my students have important papers due in."

The Doctor grins, ignoring the insult as he bounces to his own feet to lean forward and drop a kiss to her lips. "It's a deal…as long as we don't have to fly back straight after…the Tardis has missed you and my room's been empty without you."

Smiling wider she lifts a hand to his cheek. "Goes without saying that I'll stay the night sweetie. Besides you're not done making that stunt you pulled in my lecture up to me yet!"

"I'm not?"


"Well…" he presses himself against her, backing her up into the digital blackboard behind her. "How much more time do we have left before your class?"

She lets out a sigh. "Definitely not enough for that."

He runs a hand up her thigh under her skirt. "You sure?"

She gives an involuntary sharp intake of breath as his hand reaches the top and slips between her legs. "Yes," she breathes.

He is smirking at her clouded eyes. "Really sure?"

She lets out a sigh. "I…" she is breathing heavily now and has forgotten what she was trying to say. Her hands grips his biceps tightly, her red nails unintentionally digging in a little as she starts to rock her hips in time with the movements of his skilled fingers. "Stop it," she pants out, "it must be…nearly be - time…time for my class…"

The Doctor cannot resist leaning down and kissing her when her face is flushed and beautiful like that and she's clutching him like there's no tomorrow. She kisses him back, passionately, and her leg slides up of it's own accord to hook over his hip where his free hand naturally slips down to cup it under her knee keeping it pulled in place.

She moans softly, her eyes fluttering closed and the Doctor grins.

"Still want me to stop?"

"No," she breathes out, gripping his arms a little tighter, before she takes a deep breath and tries to pull herself together. "Yes," she corrects, and grips his wrist, tugging his hand away from her as she drops her leg back to the floor. She looks at him apologetically. "Later sweetie."

The Doctor sighs heavily and runs a hand through his hair. "Suppose I should go." He says, although he makes no move to put any distance between them.

"Yes, you should. Or I'll never get through this next class with you distracting me again."

He pouts a little at the scolding.

"Wait for me in the Tardis?" She asks.

He nods, but looks unhappy to be leaving her. "Don't be long."

She smiles. "I'll be an hour sweetie. I'm sure you can last an hour without me."

"Hmm, I'm not," he grumbled.

"Don't pout my love, you'll get lines." She teases him, poking a finger to his forehead. When he catches her hand in his, she can't resist leaning in to kiss him again, and he kisses her back immediately, his hands slipping round her waist. This kiss is slow and languid, but it still manages to hold all the passion they just experienced and the promise of more to come. River slides her arms up round his neck, and presses herself close to him.

And before she knows it he has her lying back on the desk again with her legs dangling over the edge and him leaning down over her as their mouths move against each other. Somewhere, in the very far back of her mind she knows she needs to stop this before it goes any further again, but his hands are running up under her shirt and she is moaning against his mouth, and just a couple more minutes, she thinks vaguely, before she pushes him away and insists he leave. Her hands tangled in his thick dark locks, she clutches his head tightly to keep him pulled to her as their tongues twist together…

Until the door bursts open, and a pile of noisy students tumble in.

Panic floods through River as her hearts plummet in her chest and she shoves the Doctor quickly away from her and scrambles to get up and off the desk, although knowing there's no disguising the situation.

The noise stops abruptly as the students all simultaneously come to a shocked halt.

There are a few seconds of painful absolute silence as with burning red faces, River and the Doctor straighten their clothes, trying to pull themselves together.

A loud young man with short white hair who, at most times, was more than a bit of a nuisance in class, breaks the silence with a loud catcall and a shout of, "woohoo looks like the professor got lucky!" he nudges his friends and his exclamation leads to laughter, mostly from the male students, along with more whistling and cheering.

River wants the floor to open up and swallow her in that moment, and possibly for the first time in her life, she doesn't know what to say.

Luckily a blonde haired girl who sits in the front row and who River has always liked, comes to her rescue. "Alright guys come on, I think we should step outside for a moment, come on - out!" She shoos her laughing twittering peers out of the classroom, sending a small reassuring smile River's way before she follows them out and closes the door behind her. It does nothing to vanish the racket her students are now causing - or to hide what they're saying.

River and the Doctor look at each other. The Doctor is straightening his jacket nervously, his face still slightly red and River is biting her lip.

"I hate you." She proclaims after a moments silence.

"Me?" He splutters. "How is this my fault!"

She fixes him with a look that dares him to argue. "It's your fault, sweetie." She runs her hands through her hair and over her face and lets out a shaky breath. "I don't think I've ever been this embarrassed in my life. Not even when my parents walked in on us."

The Doctor's eyebrows shoot skywards. "They - what!"

River looks up to catch his eyes. "Whoops. Spoilers?"

"What - Amy and Rory walk in on us…doing what?"

Even in her embarrassed state a small grin has to tug at River's lips at the Doctor's obvious panic. She shakes her head. "Spoilers. But, obviously, something not unlike what we were just doing."

The Doctor eyes the desk with wide eyes.

"But with less clothes." She can't resist adding.


"But forget that Doctor, this is worse - I'm never going to be able to stand up in front of my class again!" She moans, turning away from him to fist both hands in her curly hair.

Sensing her distress, the Doctor places a hand on her shoulder. "Of course you will - you're River Song," he tells her with a small smile.

"I'm going to kill you." She says.

"Well. Now that's not really -"

"I can't believe that just happened!" She whirls back to face him and he sees that her face is flushed red and she looks a little like she may be starting to panic.

"River, just - calm down -"

"Don't 'River' me!" She snaps, slapping the hand he places on her shoulder away. "This is terrible, it's mortifying! I have to stand up and teach these people every day, and they respected me! Oh God…"

Quickly, the Doctor realises that she seems to be working herself into a bit of a state and that if he doesn't do something now she is looking like she may actually start to cry. "Come on River," he tries to reason with her. "It's not that bad…at least we weren't…doing anything that terrible. Think if they'd walked in ten minutes earlier…now that would have been embarrassing…"

"Not helping Doctor!"

"Oh, right." He scratches the back of his head. "Well just trying to get you to see that the gravity of the situation really isn't as bad as it could be -"

"Yes it is, it's awful! I…I'm just going to…come to the Tardis with you now and go. And never come back here."

"River," he takes hold of her shoulders to get her to look him in the eye. "Come on, don't be silly. You don't care about some kids seeing you in a…slightly heated situation. You once danced on a bar in front of a room full of people in just your underwear."

Her eyebrows shoot up and she can't help herself from laughing out loud at that. "Spoilers!"

He narrows his eyes at her. "No I don't think so, you were quite young. I think you were probably just too drunk to remember it - I did end up having to carry you most of the way back to the Tardis shortly afterwards."

She is still laughing and he silently congratulates himself on managing to rid her of her distress. "Did I really? I honestly don't remember that. Sounds like it was a good job you were there then."

"Yes I dread to think what you get up to when I'm not around to carry you home." He pokes her in the side lightly.

"Oh sweetie you don't want to know."

"I'm sure you're probably right."

They both laugh lightly and then she sighs. "I'm never going to live this down."

"But you're not leaving now?"

"No," another sigh. "Of course not. You should probably go, and tell them to come back in on your way out, suppose I better face the jeers and teasing I'm gonna get sooner rather than later."

The Doctor's eyes go wide at the thought of facing the rowdy mob. "Are you joking! I'm not going out there!" He looks genuinely terrified.

River plants her hands on her hips. "Well you're going to have to some time."

"No I don't. Your students - think I best leave the explaining to you!" And with that he grins at her, plants a kiss on her cheek, and with a comment of, "see you in an hour sweetie!" Is bounding up the stairs to the door at the back of the lecture hall.


"One hour - I'll be waiting!"

"I hate you!" She calls after him as he reaches the top.

"No you don't!" The door shuts behind him and she huffs loudly.

She gives herself a minute to prepare herself, straightening her clothes out and running hands through her hair before taking a deep breath and walking over to the door.

"In you come," she says quietly as she opens it, and moves to stand by her desk as the class files in, desperately trying to ignore the giggles and whispers.

When the class is all seated and the twittering hasn't stopped, River knows there is only one thing she can do, and that's face the situation head on, and with honesty. It's either that or have a hundred rumours spread around the university, not to mention the possibility of loosing her job for sleeping with a 'student'. In her lecture hall. In the middle of the day.

"Well," she begins, a hush falling over her class considerably quicker than usual. "After that…rather awkward moment and…very unprofessional display I think I owe you an explanation - or rather, I'd like to give you one, so you don't think things about me that definitely aren't true." River doesn't think she's ever known her class to be so quiet. "That man…wasn't a stranger -"

"I knew it!" Matthew Jeffries interrupts.

River gives him a stern look before continuing. "Far from it actually, he was…well…" she wonders for a split second if she will regret this but knows the alternative is definitely worse so continues, "…he's my husband."

Gasps and whispers flitter round the lecture hall.

"But," she continues, "you see we don't have a very conventional relationship, we…don't see each other all that much really. Things are complicated and mostly it's easier just to pretend we're not married. Although, granted, me playing along with his little game of pretending to be a transfer student was not the wisest thing I've ever done."

A few laughs are gained at this and, thankfully, River notices that they seem to be laughing with not at her.

"And like I said, we don't see much of each other and it has been a while since I last saw him," that him anyway, she thinks, "which, I suppose, is the only excuse I can make for what you just witnessed."

"Hey, don't worry about it professor," a girl in the second row, Janie Peters, pipes up. "My boyfriend works on the Neptune Mines, sometimes we don't see each other for months and when we do it's not for long. We usually can't keep our hands off each other. Last time he was allowed to beam home for the weekend he like, jumped on me in the hallway and we ended up doing it in the boys bathroom in the science block."

"Okay," River speaks over the laughter, "thank you for that Miss Peters." She says with a stern tone although she is smiling at the girl, and glad that she seems to have broken the awkwardness.

"So, who is he?" Matthew asks as the laughter dies down.

"Who's who?" River replies, knowing exactly who she means.

"That man - your husband?"

She smiles and shakes her head. "Can't tell you that."

He opens his mouth to reply but a blue haired girl by the name of Laiz cuts in. "I never knew you were married professor."

River shrugs. "Most people don't. My marriage is…complicated. I tend to keep it to myself if I can help it."

"Why is it complicated? Because of the being apart thing?" Asks Janie.

"Many reasons."

"Like what?" Asks a boy in the back row.

"Okay, I think this is where I tell you all to mind your own business. But, really, I do apologise for…before. It was totally unprofessional and I'm sorry."

"Seriously professor, it's alright." Says Laiz. "You're only human."

Inside her head, River has to laugh. That's what you think.

"Well…thank you for being so understanding all of you. And without further ado shall we start with today's lecture?"

The rest of the class goes by smoothly, and River is relieved that her students leave the matter of her and the Doctor alone. She finishes the class with another apology, and a thanks for their understanding, adding; "I know I can't prevent gossip from circulating, I'm sure it will no matter what I say but please, I'm asking you to at least be kind to me. I would really rather I don't end up getting fired for what happened. I like it here." She smiles.

"Hey, don't worry professor it was no biggie. My lips are sealed." Janie says immediately and the rest of the class agree.

"Well thank you. I appreciate that. Now go on, off you all go."

River breathes a sigh of relief as they file out, and although they are clearly trying to keep their voices down as they leave the room, they apparently think their professor is partially deaf as she is able to hear to most of their comments and speculations as she gathers her papers.

"I heard she's married to the Doctor!"

"Doctor who?"

"You know - the Doctor!"

"You mean that Time Lord guy? The one who supposedly used to go around saving everyone? He's not real you know, only kids believe those stories!"

"Well from what I heard he's real - I know someone who knows someone who met him."

"Oh yeah he's real alright - and some people say that he had a wife named River Song! Go figure."

"Is that the professor's first name?"

"Could be - I know it starts with an R I saw her initials on a letter once!"

"I heard River Song killed the Doctor - she was imprisoned in Stormcage for it - didn't you know?"

"Well maybe she got out."

"Yeah I heard she got a pardon."

"That's not true, it can't be you idiot - nobody gets out of Stormcage!"

"Yeah and if that was the Doctor, how could he be here if she killed him?"

"Duh, he's a Time Lord - he probably has no idea she killed a future him."

"But that man was her husband so it can't be him."

Their voices fade as they exit the room, and through the open door the last few bits of their conversations drift down the corridor.

"Maybe she married him and then she killed him!"

"Yeah she could be like, a psychopath or something, they say you can never tell."

"Yeah but come on, that can't be the professor!"

"You never know."

"I always thought there was something weird about her…"

Inside the lecture hall, River Song's lips curl upwards into a smile.


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