Spoilers for season 2.

A Small Reminder

The pain was vibrant, fresh and again at the forefront of her mind. All it had taken for it to return was a few words, a small reminder that she would never see Nathan again. Nathan Stark was gone from this world and would be for the rest of eternity. He was a hero and an idiot for putting himself out there to be the hero. Most importantly, he was gone. Lost to her.

She felt tears well up in her eyes and swallowed hard to keep from letting her sadness show. Judging by the look on Carter's face, she was not succeeding. "Excuse me." It was weak of her, but she let the words slip out and just as quickly, slipped away from her company and headed for her car. She sat in the driver's seat, and didn't move for a few seconds, just feeling. And then there was a knock at her window and the face of Eva Thorne.

Sitting up ramrod straight, she swallowed again and wound down the window. She didn't bother to hide her sadness. It was time to be honest with herself. She wasn't fine, and she wouldn't be for a long time after this.