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Chapter One

Pain. That was the first thing Ty thought of. The outlaw's aim was dead on. He didn't miss his shot and Ty was here with a harpoon sticking through his right shoulder. He tried to move in time but he wasn't fast enough to move out of the way of the outlaw's harpoon.

He would've screamed if it weren't for the liquigen. The pain was sharp and intense. The water turned murky around him. The crown lights on his helmet only made the bloody water stand out. Any shark within a mile would smell that and come swimming for him.

He had to get away. He had to get help. Someone had to be here! They couldn't have left him behind.

Shade started to reel him in like the catch of the day with short, sharp tugs of the harpoon line. Ty tried to struggle to get free but he was being dragged in like a fish. There had to be something he could do. He wasn't just going to let himself be killed by the outlaw. His emerald knife! Of course. He could cut the line and dig out Hewitt's mantaboard out of the ocean much and ride it home. Of course that would be impossible with the harpoon through his shoulder. But he had to try.

Ty reached for his knife with his good hand and tried to fish it out from his dive belt. The outlaw continued to bring him in closer and closer still. He brought the knife up to the line and started to cut his way through it. The line snapped. He sank to the bottom of the ocean and laid in the muck.

A figure hovered over him. His body wouldn't respond to his commands. He has to stand now!

He didn't. He couldn't.

Shade only gripped his bad arm and picked him up. A large submarine hovered into view. Ty's blood ran ice cold. He knew what that was. A circle of light beamed down upon them. Shade kicked upwards and passed Ty into the hands of the other outlaws waiting in the sub.

He was dumped on the floor like a net full of fish. An outlaw jerked his helmet off. He took in a deep breath and let the liquigen evaporate from his lungs. The lights were dim. He couldn't make out any faces, but two outlaws were near him. The pain didn't help either. He could feel the harpoon inside of him. It was uncomfortable. Whenever he moved, pain shot down the right side of his body, immobilizing him.

"You caught a guppy, Shade," an outlaw said and bent down to take a closer look at him.

"He was being nosy," he said deeply and bent down to Ty's level. "Weren't you, guppy?" The albino smiled down at Ty. Shivers went down his spine.

Shade stood up. "Where are the others?"

"Just finishing up their business," the outlaw answered.

"Radio them in, we gotta get moving."

"What do we do with the guppy here?" the other outlaw asked.

Shade shrugged. His skin suddenly darkened. Ty was probably hallucinating. Loss of blood will do that to you. Maybe it was a trick of the light.

"I don't know," he said. "Pull the harpoon out and stick him in the common room. We'll have a discussion later tonight with what we should do with him." The way he said discussions sent Ty into another round of shivers.

"Hang on tight, guppy," an outlaw said and grinned, giving Ty full view of his sharpened teeth, sharpened like a shark's. "This is gonna hurt." The outlaw pushed the barbs of the harpoon in and yanked it out in one pull.

Ty screamed and gripped his bleeding shoulder. He curled up into a ball to ignore the pain. Tears dripped down his face. He was scared, he was in pain, he wanted to go home. He didn't want to be stuck here with outlaws. There were a number of things they could do to him. None of which were pretty.

Three more outlaws stepped into the sub. All of their helmets were darkened so he couldn't see who they were. They all looked at him with mild interest. One by one they pulled off their helmets.

"What do we have here?" a dark haired one asked and smiled. "Looks like we've got ourselves a treat."

"We should kick him into the ocean and let him be shark bait," the one with long blonde hair and icy blue eyes said.

"That's not how we operate here, Pretty," Shade warned. "Hatchet's looking after him right now. Nobody's touching him. Got it?" The outlaws all mumbled their answers. That didn't make Ty feel any better. "Now, get cleaned up," he ordered. "We're moving out." They all started to move around and become just a little bit organized before the Specter moved out into open water.

Ty looked at the open hatch. It was his only means of escape. Sure he was in pain, but it was better than the alternative which was staying where he was.

Yes, he would dive back into the safe ocean, his home, and swim to the surface. There had to be a boat cruising about.

He shimmied across the floor while the outlaws walked around him, cleaning up their gear. He was close now, so close to slipping into the cool embrace of the ocean. He dipped his fingers into the water.

Hatchet nudged him back with his foot and the hatch was securely closed. Ty's hopes of escaping sank. There was no chance of escape now.

Ty felt himself being dragged back by the outlaw. His shoulder screamed in protest with every little jerk Hatchet gave him. When he was in the back of the common room, Hatchet set to work on binding his bad shoulder. Ty couldn't hide his fear anymore. He wasn't as strong as his parents thought he was. Oh no. Ma and Pa! What was he going to do about them? They would be sick with grief when he doesn't come back home. Everyone would be out looking for him. Ma, Pa, Lars, Raj, even the Topsider girl Gemma. That was a little comforting, knowing that he had a lot of people ready to look for him. With that, he closed his eyes and submerged into a world of pain.

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