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"She came home late from Ali's house, she smelled like a man's cologne!" Eli said to Adam. Adam looked at him and said,

"Do you thing Clare is cheating?" Eli looked down and back up,

"Hold on, I think I have some proof." Eli ran up the stairs to his condo he shared with his wife. He ran into the bathroom and pulled out a pregnancy test and ran down stairs again.

Eli ran into the living room and held up the positive pregnancy test.

"Look! She's pregnant!" Adam got up and patted him on the back and said,

"Congrats man, it's about time you two had a baby." Eli let a subtle tear slip and said,

"We haven't had sex in almost nine months." Adam's face turned shocked and said,

"It's not your baby."

Adam left twenty minutes later. Shock was waved over his body, of all people he never thought Clare would ever cheat. She was so much in love with Eli; he was her stone when she had no one else. All things must come to an end.

Eli sat in the living room waiting for Clare to come home. She got off work at six every night, but she didn't seem to come home until eight or nine anymore.

Ten o'clock struck and finally Clare came waltzing in through the door. She had her shirt unbuttoned a little more than normal and had her purse stuffed with her stilettos. She looked over at the couch and saw Eli was asleep. She walked over and put a blanket over his cold asleep body and kissed his head gently before descending upstairs to grab a shower.

"Clare?" Eli called out as he woke up after noticing the blanket placed over him. He could hear the shower running and singing coming from upstairs. Eli walked up the stairs and into the bathroom.

Eli walked over to the shower curtain and gently pushed it open. He saw the shower radio on and Clare sitting on the bottom of the shower crying. She held her legs up to her naked chest and she rocked back and forth. Eli looked at her in empathy and said,

"What's wrong?" Clare jumped a little and said,

"Oh, Eli, I'm sorry, did I wake you?" Eli shook his head no and said,

"Are you okay?" Clare shook and said,

"No, I need to tell you something." Eli knew this moment would come eventually. The moment she admitted to cheating. The moment that would tear his heart out further and stomp on it. It would be over with and Clare would move onto something better than a non-successful writer. Someone better.

"Please just tell me, Clare." Clare got out of the shower and grabbed a towel and sat down on the plush rug in the bathroom. Eli sat on the toilet seat and looked at her intently. Clare let out a long sigh and said,

"Eli, I..."

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