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"You lying bitch!" Eli yelled at Imogen as he walked into the office the next day. Imogen hung up her phone and smiled at him slightly and said in an innocent voice,

"What do you mean, Eli? Baby?" Eli glared daggers at her and said,

"What the fuck! You told Clare I cheated on her with you! Ha! Like that would ever happen, you're nothing but a skank whore. You always have cold sores which mean you have herpes. God, I can't fucking believe you!" Eli yelled in such fury. Imogen stood in silence listening to Eli yell at her.

When the evil words stopped pouring into the room, Imogen started to sob. She looked at her boss and said,

"You and I had something special, I could feel it!" Eli looked at her in shock and said,

"We had nothing, I only hired you because your dad is my dad's friend and he begged me to hire his "loser daughter" I never liked you. Not now, not ever." Imogen sobbed heavier and fell to the ground and said,

"Clare's gone now, please, can't I have a chance with you?" Eli stood in disgust and said,

"Get the fuck out of my office you whore. Clare will always be my heart. You fucked this up, and I have to fix it. I never want to see you lying face ever again!" Imogen packed up her desk and walked brisk out of the office. Every step she took more tears poured out of her dark eyes.

Clare drove to her childhood home in the middle of Toronto. No one lived there anymore, but it was still family owned and fully furnished. It was exactly the same as it was when she was sixteen.

Clare got out of the car and walked to the door and pulled out her key and unlocked the door and walked inside the old home. She tossed her duffle bag by the coat rack and hung up her hoodie. Actually she hung up Eli's hoodie, she took it from his car when he wasn't looking. It made her feel like he was still there in a way.

The steps in the house had a loud creek to them. Clare walked up them slowly until she came up to the third to the last step. She looked down and noticed a muddy shoe print. It was still a little damp. Instantly Clare panicked. It had been raining today, but it had passed about an hour ago.

Carefully, Clare opened the hall closet and grabbed an umbrella. She walked closer to where the foot prints went to and she inhaled deeply and assured herself along the way. When she finally made it to her old room, she placed her hand on the door knob and twisted it. She kicked the door open fully and grasped the umbrella tightly with both hands. When she had the door opened fully, she heard someone yell,

"What the fuck!" She looked at the bed and saw Eli sitting there. He had a bouquet of carnation flowers and a baby's outfit in hand. He was startled by Clare's entrance.

Once Eli had calmed down, he walked over to Clare and said,

"Imogen lied; I never ever liked her, or cheated on you. She wanted me and she was willing to hurt you to do it." Clare let out a cry and said,

"I cheated on you because I thought you cheated! Oh god, I feel like such a whore. I-I got to g-go." Clare said between sobs and started to walk to the door when Eli grabbed her hand and spun her around. He kissed her on the lips and said,

"I want to raise this child together. I will legally adopt him or her once they are born." Clare sobbed more and said,

"Oh Eli, I'm so sorry." Eli hugged Clare gently and said,

"I love you, please give this a chance." Clare looked up at him and said,

"Okay. Please just give me some time to adjust though." Eli nodded and there they sat on her bed. Sitting silently rocking back and forth, holding, cuddling and crying together.

And the sad part of it is, this all could have been prevented.

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