Love; life's natural sweeter of choice.

A young man in a worn tuxedo walks onto the stage of a grand concert hall, an old violin resting on his shoulders and a lithe bow in his hand. Four elderly people at the front row of the hall watch the young man's every step with scrutiny. A young girl with bushy brown hair, sitting a few rows behind the elderly folk however was cheerful and excited.

"You can do it, bro! Knock their socks off!"

The four elderly people turned to the girl in unison, staring her down until she quieted down.

"Jun..." the young man chuckled uneasily, sweat running down his head, "Thank you."

"Please proceed, Mr. Suzuki." One of the elderly people said. The young man nodded eagerly.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen." The young man said, a slight English accent in his Japanese, as he faced the four elderly folks, "My name is Francis Suzuki – and this is Canon in D. I hope you enjoy it."

It is a bountiful treasure that every single one of us seeks.

A girl with long golden hair and thick eyebrows sits on a posh sofa in the glass-themed foyer of an office building. Her eyes fondly watch the elevator doors as the number displayed above it grew smaller. The door opened and her parents stepped out dressed in business casual with suitcases in their hands.

"You waited for us, Tsumugi dearest?" The father asked, "We're sorry for keeping you waiting."

"No, no, dad!" The young girl shook her head, "I wasn't waiting long – and besides, if I'm going to manage the business someday, I'll have to get used to this building after all."

"And how are you liking it so far, Tsumugi-chan?" The mother followed, a wide smile on her face

"I love it already!"

It's ironic though that, despite this abundance, love eludes us.

"Yui… you should really be taking your studies more seriously." A bespectacled girl urged as she sat down before a coffee table laden with books and notes, "You'll never graduate if you neglect your studies…"

"You worry too much, Nodoka-chan!" A cheerful brunette countered, wearing and strumming randomly on a sunburst Gibson Les Paul, "Graduation is so far away! Plus, I'll study in a bit – I just need to learn the X-major and Y-minor chords and…"

"You mean the F-major and the C-minor chords, right onee-chan?" asked a third voice. A pretty girl wearing her hair in a ponytail entered the room with a tray of refreshments and snacks and a wide smile on her face.

"Oh right! The X and Y stuff were for math!" Yui suddenly realized. "Ahehehe, I mix things up a lot~ Thanks, Ui!"

"Don't worry though, I believe in you onee-chan!" Ui assured, "You'll do well in your studies for sure – and you'll be a great guitarist and vocalist for Hokago Tea Time!"

Her voice then became mellow. "Maybe someday, I wish I could be like you, onee-chan."

Surely, though, everyone will find love – one way or another

"Mio-senpai." A petite girl with twin-tailed hair walks with her upperclassman through suburban Western Osaka, "Thanks again for coming with me to the music store."

"Don't mention it, Azusa-chan." Mio smiled, "I was thinking about getting some new strings for my bass too so it all works out. I also wanted to take a little break – I've been stumped in my songwriting since this afternoon. A little fresh air might get my mind working again."

"Ah, that's good, that's good." Azusa was relieved. "So anyways, how's that's song going?"

"Well… I don't know yet…" Mio pondered, remembering the words and the melodies she had been trying so hard to pair together. "I just…"

The two of them then passed by a familiar house. The plate out front spelled out 'Tainaka', and Mio stopped for a moment to look at the house.

"At this point, Azusa, I'm just hoping for the best."

And when we do find it, we will look back and laugh out loud.

"Hmm… not bad, Satoshi-kun." A girl wearing a headband commented, watching me, her brother, sit behind the drum set and play a tune, "You're turning out to be my best student!"

"I'm your only student, sis!" I snarkily reminded, biting my lip as I tried not to laugh. My sister looked like she wanted to strangle me.

"But," I then added, "I can play like this because I've had such a good teacher."

"And the devil himself can be sweet too, it seems." Ritsu laughed, her irritation crumbling away quickly, "If only you were sweeter all of the time – like the old days."

"What was that, sis?"

"Nothing, kiddo – let's continue today's lesson!"

"Alright, let's do this!"

Why is that, you ask? Cause when all is said and done,

That love we sought had been with us all long.

We just had to realize it was there,

Waiting ever so patiently.

Full Court Press!

Part I – Time Out! Substitution

Author's Notes:

Hello K-ON! fandom! How i've missed you all :P It's been a while since I last wrote something for this fandom and I just felt the need to write for it again. Keep in mind though that I am not writing a new story - I am integrating the Full Court Press Trilogy, 'Time Out! Substitution', 'Snowbanks' and 'Full Court Press!' into one story and refining them all into one cohesive story! However, I assure you that I will still try to give you all a great reading experience - that's my policy! Also, I'll be adding in and changing some of the content too so it won't be the exact same experience as the original three :D. I truly hope you guys all enjoy this, and it's good to be back!