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Isabelle's point of view:

While looking for all of the ingredients for tonight's dinner-, Alec came storming in through the house with tear-stains on his face claiming Magnus doesn't love him anymore. Being the older sister, I had to find out all of the information so I called up Magnus to demand what had happened.

Halfway through the second ring, Magnus had picked up the phone.


"Magnus what the hell is going on? Alec just stormed into the kitchen-crying-claiming that you don't love him anymore. Did Jace make a mess of things because I can call Clary and let her know to decapitate, or rather behead, him for what he did. And I don't think he would want that..."

"Izzy, I didn't do anything I swear! Alec made a mistake in thinking Magnus's proposal was a break-up meeting. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you not tell Clary a word? Please? Also, can you put him on the phone?" Jace's voice sounded pleading and desperate.

"Ugh, okay fine. I will TRY, keyword being TRY of course. He locked himself in his room with arms full of ice cream. But if it doesn't work out and if he doesn't want to talk then we need a plan to get you two together." And with that, I walked through the institute up the stairs and down the hallway to Alec's room.

"Alec? I know you're upset but maybe it was a misunderstanding. Maybe what you heard was wrong. Alec please open up the door, don't make me barge down the door. C'mon Alec please let me in." I pounded on the door a couple times before I was going to try to knock down the door.

"Go away! I don't want to talk to anybody. Iz, just please leave me alone..." He sounded all choked up and miserable. I just had to make this right somehow.

"I'm coming in Alec whether you like it or not." Man, I am pretty persistent. Hmmm...am I like this all the time?...okay Isabelle think about Alec In his time of need I'm getting distracted...wait a minute...he needs a distraction...A DISTRACTION!...oh I got it! A movie! A movie is the perfect distraction! But wait...I should Invite Magnus and set them up on a date! Yeah a date! Then they'd have to talk about their problems and not make a scene! I'm a genius! Perfect!

"Iz, are you still out there?" All of a sudden the door creaked open.


"Ahh! Alec, you scared me from my thoughts. Hey Alec, I'm not going to lie to you but you look awful." He truly did look awful, wearing sparkly sweats and a black long-sleeve, his eyes all red and puffy from crying with a few tissues shoved into his hand. One would think that Church the cat died right then and there.

"So...sor...sorry Izzy." He hiccupped, then continued. "I...im...fi...fin...fine." And then he broke down in sobs.

"Alec, there's nothing you need to be sorry about. How about you get yourself cleaned up and then we go and see a movie together. Sound good? You even get to pick the movie and I'll pay for anything you want when we get there."

"O...okay. Thanks Isabelle... For everything." He truly did sound sincere.

"I know Alec, I know. Just get ready and I will be waiting in the kitchen for you. Come down whenever you're ready to go." He turned and shuffled back into his room to get ready, closing the door behind him.

I ran down the hallway and stairs to get into the kitchen so I could call Magnus and tell him what we were going to do.

Magnus's point of view:

Magnus poofed Jace and himself near Taki's on the sidewalk. They then began walking down the street on their way to Pandemonium.

"Hey Magnus, can we..." Magnus's phone just started ringing, cutting off whatever the shadowhunter was going to say. Before the phone could even ring again, Magnus picked it up and started talking.

"Isabelle, darling, did you talk to my poor Alec?"

"Yes I did, Magnus, and I want you and Jace to come to the movies with us."

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