Thought I should put this up just so that there could be at least another fic in this category Based on the song in one the trailers. WET is the property of Bethesda Softworks.

As she entered the room I receive such a thrill I could tell right away that her looks could kill

Watching her, my pulse quickened that I can't deny I've fallen for her

And for her I will love until I die


I just took a shot at Love


Now I know broken hearts are cliché


One very good shot at love


My true love blew me away

Now I'm telling my story with my guts on the floor

I'd follow her anywhere if could just reach the door

My tongue has gone missing and I'm too weak to stand

She's an angel from heaven an angel with a gun in her hand


I just took a shot at love


A pump action blast to my heart


Just one fatal shot at love


This wonderful feeling

So right from the start

Now I'll never forget of the fun that we had

The laughs that we had shared the good times the bad

Every minute without her just cuts like a knife

I promise to love her


For the rest of my life

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