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As a young man who was drifting in the space of nothingness around him he could help but smile as he died for the world he had just left.

"Well that was fun; I wonder what Kami-sama has in store for the next world I'm going to? Said the young man.

Just then he heard an angelic voice call him. "There you are Naruto-kun, excellent work in that world you were just in; I hope you had fun because there is a new world you are going to." Said the goddess Kami herself.

The young man identified as Naruto, a blonde spiky haired with a small ponytail (Minato hair style with a ponytail) with sharp sapphire eyes, light tanned skin, whisker like marks tripled on each cheek, wearing a white long sleeve shirt and black jeans and sandals.

Naruto bowed and said "Of course Kami-sama, and yes I lots of fun." You see after winning the 4th shinobi war and defeating Tobi, he had become Hokage and brought peace to the elemental nations. After he died from his long rein the Goddess gave him a proposal. That he would be brought back to life or reincarnated to help one of the many different worlds there are. After he helped that world or died he would do so again and again thus in his mind having the ultimate adventure. He had currently finished in his fifth world and he had to say that for a world with super power alien humanoid monkeys they were some of the best fighters he had fought against and with.

"Good, the world you will be going to is a world magic and mages. You will be reincarnated as the son of the strongest mage known as the thousand master Nagi Springfield. Your limitations are that you can keep your kage bushin no jutsu, you will also have the rasengan, and your chakra will be changed to mana the spiritual energy used for magic, understood?" said the deity.

"Yes Kami-sama, I'm ready."

"May fortune smile upon you my knight."

0 Somewhere in the magical world 0


"Now now Arika, you don't mean that, you love your awesome knight, right?"

Right now the strongest mage known as Nagi Springfield was in the greatest battle for his life.

Trying not to get killed by his lovely wife Arika Anarchia Entheofushia and ex-Queen of Vespertatia. Who was current giving birth to their first child.

She then slapped him and he went flying into the wall rather painfully.

"It's crowning, just a few more pushes come on you can do it." Said the wet nurse.

With one last push the room was silenced then it broken to the voice of a cry.

"It's a boy, congratulations." The nurse then handed the baby to his mother.

"Hey he's got your blonde hair and look at that he even has your eyes. A sapphire in his right and an emerald in his left." Said a fully recovered Nagi after his meeting with the wall.

"Yes, he his eyes are shaped like yours and even has your face and light tan skin. His hair is probably be as unruly as yours." Arika said while a small smile.

"Hey my hair his bad-ass and you know it. So what we goin to name the little guy?"

"Hmm, Nauto? Yes, Naruto Springfield."

"Oh come on fishcake's really, ok no way."

"No you fool it means maelstrom. He may look like me but I bet he'll have your personality which means maelstrom fits him perfectly."

"Yea guess you got a point there, alright Naruto it is then."

And so a few years past Naruto was 4 now and was being taken care by Jack Rakan while Nagi, Albireo, and Arika were off hunting remnants of Cosmo Entelechia. Taken care of is read as training which is then read as getting his butt handed to him. Naruto currently held his spiky blonde hair in a small ponytail like his father and was wearing black shorts and shoes with a white long-sleeved shirt. On his left index finger was a silver magic ring for casting.

"Dang you pervert this is consider child abuse you know!" Naruto said as his Cantus Bellax faded.

"Come on gaki you said you wanna beat your pops, right? So I'm giving you some training, besides if it helps your bruised ego I doubt most four year olds can even fight like you do."

It was true no one knew why Naruto could fight so well for he's young age but nagi just proclaim his son was going be as bad-ass as him.

Arika didn't seem to like him learning to fight so young but pushed it aside when he showed how smart he was so she agreed in her mind with her husband.

"My ego thanks you. I'm going to take a nap and maybe work on my lightening spell."

Naruto had found out just like his dad he was attuned to lightening spells, he was also attuned fire spells, so he was trying and making steady progress with turning his knowledge of raiton jutsu's into spell counter parts of them.

So mainly he was working on chidori for starters. Then he would work his way up from there since chidori was a high level lightening manipulation technique.

"Aww does the gaki want a bedtime story too, hahaha." Jack's response was a rock thrown to his head which he dodged.

"I can see what mom means when she says they're a bunch of baka's." He mumbled.

As he went to sleep his parents and friend returned from a job well done it seemed.

"Yo, Jack were back where the kid at?" said somewhat dust cover nagi.

"The gaki went to take a nap after some training. Man you two made one hell of a little monster, the kids a sponge nagi no joke he even thinks up his own spells in that little book of his. He acts like you in a fight but smarter though."

"Thanks pal love ya too. Any way will wake him up later for now do what we've been doing."

"Yes, I agree, there is no doubt that some of Cosmo Entelechia still remains so we will have to continue the hunt, but do you think we should leave Naruto with your bother till this is over because I think it would be better for him to live peacefully for a while, he can even enter the magical academy in Wales." Arika pointed out wanting her son to stay settled instead of being on the move constantly.

"No, going on the road will help build character, I mean look at me I turn out good." Replied the thousand master.

"Yes, we all see that, that's what I am afraid of." The ex-queen mumbled.

"Well we better get going soon we got some ground to cov-"

Was all nagi said a quick streak of yellow came at him. The perpetrator threw a punch only for nagi to dodge it then catch it and put the culprit in a headlock.

"Aw man, usually your too absorbed in yourself when you're talking like a leader, it seem like a good chance to get you." Naruto pouted as he struggled from the headlock.

"Sorry brat you're a hundred years too early to get the drop on me." Nagi said with a light chuckle.

"Just you wait dad, the spells I'm thinking up will toast you." Nagi finally let go and Naruto ran to his mother and hugged her.

"Hey mom missed you."

Arika bent down and kissed his forehead. "I missed you sweetie, come lets go pack and get ready to leave, ok?"

"OK mom, race ya!" Naruto exclaim as he ran to his room enjoying the fact to be raised with a family in this life.

Arika let out a small giggle and walked after him.

"My my nagi he almost got you there, starting to slip oh great thousand master." Said the sarcastic mage.

"Please Al he's good but not that good yet."

"Alright let's get going guys rather not get the scary mother angry." Said the tall man.

0 Time skip 5 years later 0

Naruto POV

Well mom had disappeared a year ago but, I found out that I have a little brother now. I wonder why dad doesn't let us visit him but he said we had some things to do.

We recently save a little girl who was only 6 years old from some tower. Apparently she had the ability to cancel magic so those bastards that kept her locked up were using her as a weapon.

Naturally dad brought her with use. She had long orange hair in pigtails and she had the same eyes as mine.

She was a bit quite but, I got her to open up a bit. Takamichi and I usually take care of her but she seems to only hang around either me or dad.

End of Naruto POV

"Alright asu-chan just lift your right hand a bit more and spread your legs out some more. Good, now strike me." Naruto was currently teaching asuna the basics of the academy style back in his first life after he relearned it on his training trip from the sabotaged style the teachers had taught him. She was picking it up pretty quick too.

"Naruto-kun what are you doing?" takamichi asked.

"I was going through some kata's and asu-chan asked if I could teach her so here we are."

"Yea I wanna kick butt like naru-kun!" asuna said with a giggle, her eye's full of life that was once so dim.

"Well be careful we wouldn't won't asuna-kun hurt now, right?"

"Hey a princess should know how to protect themselves. I mean mom was really strong and she was a princess. Besides she's a natural. Naruto said.

Asuna blushed lightly at the praise. Takamichi just shook his head and chuckled lightly.

Later that night after dinner Naruto and asuna when to look at the stars.

"Hey naru-kun what do you want to do when you get older?" asked a timid asuna.

"Hmm, you really want to know?" asuna just nodded her head with interest.

"I don't know it's a bit of a secret but, since you're asking I guess it's ok." Unknown to them Nagi, Jack, and Al we listening alittle bit away.

Naruto had a big smile on his face and said. "I wanna start my own group just like dads, going around saving people, doing heroic things, and having lots of fun. Don't get me wrong I love hanging out with ala rubra but, I wanna get my group of friends just like dad did. Hey I got an idea you wanna join my future group asu-chan you can be my second-in-command. You can boss the others around and even keep me out of trouble just like mom did for dad when he gets over his head. 'At this jack and al laughed quietly while saying whipped and nagi was muttering about disrespectful brats.' So how about it?"

Asuna blushed lightly and though about the idea and nodded her head. "Okay but, you got to give me something."

"Okay what is it?" Naruto asked cluelessly

"I get to be your partner, no ifs about it." Asuna said with a glare.

"Ok let's do it know I mean knowing the guys will pick on us."

And with that Naruto activated a pactio circle and the two were blushing up a storm and then the two kissed. The circle activated and out came a card of asuna.

It was a picture of asuna in her blue dress her arms crossed with what seemed to be gauntlets on her hands they were smaller than normal ones with metal plates going half way up her forearms and the metal plate on top of her hands each had a red spiral mark ( the uzumaki symbol).

The name of the card was Turbo Tutor (whirlpool defender).

'Wow talk about a flash from the past.' "Nice card asu-chan looks strong too."

Asuna muttered a small thank you and rushed to bed and covered her face so no one could see her deep blush. Naruto followed suit and went to bed too.

"Like father like son I suppose would you say nagi?" the group healer asked.

"What do you mean Al, so he got a pactio no doubt he'll get more."

"That not what I meant. Naruto-kun even said it earlier, like you he fell for a princess too. It seems he is following in your footsteps."

"Ah, I get it so the gaki's pretty much going to be whipped like his old man when he gets older." Jack said in understanding.

"I'm not whipped."

Both Al and Jack look at each other and imitated nagi's voice and said "Yes, Mistress!" and both just laughed at him.

Nagi just chased after them cartoon style.

0 Time skip 2 years later 0

Dad and I had to leave the group for some reason he didn't give.

Naruto was currently wearing a black long-sleeve shirt with brown pants and black boots. He still wore his hair in a ponytail and wore his spell casting ring on his left index finger and a chain around his neck that had a small wand like charm on it (the charm looks like Fai's staff from Tsubasa reservoir chronicles.) and finally a cloak like his dad's.

He told me he was dropping me of at a village in Wales, so I immediately thought of by younger brother. I really miss asuna though, wish dad would have let me say with her and kanka master apprentice pair. As we arrived at the village we got a site to see.

The village was in flames and demons were running about.

"Damn it, Naruto see if you can find some survivors and take care of some of those demons. I'll go look for negi. Promise not to die on me ok brat?"

"Gotcha and yea the same to you pops."

Naruto started running into the village and looked around.

"Tempestas of meus pectus pectoris! Melodia bellax de bi-festinando!" (The Storm of my Heart! Melody of Battle, Double Speed Fist!)

With Melodia Bellax active he raced through some demons with ki enhanced fists and took out 4 of them. He heard screaming from a house and kicked the door in. he saw a little girl with red hair in pigtails. He approached slowly in order not to scare her.

"Hey there little one can you tell me your name?" he asked while kneeling near her.

The little girl answered in a small voice almost a whisper "I-I'm Anya, w-who are you n-nii-san?"

He gave her a smile and said "I'm Naruto and I'm here to help. Nii-san here is going to get you out and to safety think you can be a big brave girl for me?" he stated with a voice that offered security.

"I-I'll try, just don't leave me ok?" she said coming out from her hiding spot.

"Sure, hope on my back and we will get out of here."

As soon as she did they jolted out of there and Naruto maked some clones to fight some of the demons to ensure some more people could get away.

As he focused on finding his dad he saw him on a hill with a long haired blonde girl and a small red hair boy. As he approached he let anya down.

"Do you think you can look after that onee-san over there and the little kid while I talk to that man?" he got a nod from the girl and she raced over to the older girl.

Naruto then walked up to his dad as he finished talking to the little boy.

"Negi, I want you to meet your older brother he'll be watching out for you, ok?" negi gave his father a nod and looked at his older brother and smiled.

Naruto returned it and asked negi to go over to the girls, which he did with his father's staff.

"Am I to guess you're going then?"

The silence he got was all the answer he needed.

Naruto then took out a knife and cut his palm and tossed it to his dad and activated a pactio circle.

"A little insurance to know you don't secretly keel over on me before I can kick your arse." Naruto said with a Springfield like grin.

Nagi held the same grin and cut his hand and they shook hands.

The circle faded and a card came out.

The picture of the card had Naruto in what he was currently wearing with a smirk on his face in a hand on his hip with chains all around him. The title was Uranicus chains (Heavenly chains).

"Put it to good use brat." Nagi said with a smirk and then his face turned serious. "Watch out for him ok Naruto he's going to need you."

"Yea yea I know, you be careful too." And gave him a light punch to the shoulder.

And just like that Nagi left and Naruto was wondering how his new life was going to be like. All he did was look at the starry sky and smiled.


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