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0 Second day after the Festival 0

Naruto stirred awake in his dorm room and turned to his side to see Theodora snuggling into his arm with her chest and her head rested on his bare chest.

The male blond sighed as he rubbed his eyes. He gently got out of the hold that Theo had him in by going Indiana Jones style with a large pillow. She stirred for a second, getting the blonde to pause, but he let out a sigh of relief when she stopped moving and was successful in his escape.

"Phew, okay, time to go see Kota for some training today. I swear," he muttered when he looked at the sleeping Theo, who by the way was looking so adorably right now, "So clingy. Not that it's a bad thing though." He said with a stupid grin as he remembered the make-out session from last night. He snuck past Setsuna, who was also out of it and silently went out the door, making his way towards the woods where Eva was settled.

0 In the Resort 0

"297, 298, 299, 300!" Kotarou shouted as he was doing one fingered pushups on the point of a kunai while using his Ki to protect his finger. He pushed himself in the air and landed on his feet while rolling his arm, "Man that is getting easier every time." He muttered as was covered in sweat from his 8th repetition of the day.

Both he and Naruto were in the resort for a little extra morning training.

"Heh, true true…maybe I should start adding more weight to your training, pooch~" Naruto said while grinning at his student.

Kotarou paled, "Um, not yet, let me get a bit more comfortable, ya know." He said in a panicking voice while waving his hand in front of his face.

Naruto's grin turned darker, "Who says I want ya comfortable Kota?" he asked as the evil just rolled off of him, "I could always start throwing stuff at you to make you evade as you do them…hm, maybe I could asked Chibi-chan, she knows good tortu- I mean, training…yeah."

Kota left off an awkward chuckle as he put his arms behind his head, "Naw naw, she's busy with Negi; you wanna show her up right? Ya don't wanna go begging for advice, right?" the Hanyou tried reasoning.

Naruto rubbed his chin, "True, can't have that over my head…" he muttered as he gave Kota an appraising look, "Nice job talking me out of that Kota, you get another technique today for it." The blond said with a smile.

Kota grinned and nodded, playing it cool, but was jumping for joy on the inside for another awesome move to learn.

So far since the tournament, his teacher had decided to push his limits further with more speed training and finally got into the technique aspect of the training. Thankfully from the Resort, they used the first day after the festival to train for half the day from the outside while in the resort. While all the physical conditioning and fighting style was good to set his foundation further then Negi's without a magical stat boost, the moves that gave him a bigger edge just got him hyped up to 11.

The first move he was taught was known as Tsuga or Passing Fang. It was a piercing attack that user spins at a ferocious speed in a drill-like fashion and delivers many powerful beast-like attacks when contact is made with the target.

Next was the Tenga or Rotating Fang. The user and rolls at a ferocious speed in a buzz-saw like shape, and deliver many powerful beast-like attacks when contact is made with the target.

Frankly, he loved them. It just felt right to him using these moves. He had of coursed not mastered these moves yet, but they were battle ready. Plus he used his Ki to make them even stronger.

"Okay, now, I want you to use some of your Ki." Naruto said as he clapped his hands in glee.

"Eh?" Kota said with a flat look, clearly not understanding why his Master was so happy.

Naruto looked at Kota and sighed, "Listen, you're going to do this." He said as he pulled out a water balloon from his hammerspace(1), "Basically, all your Ki training has come down to this. You are going to pop this balloon with just your Ki, like so." He said as the water balloon start to bubble and popped, "The key in this is rotation." He said while taking out another water balloon.

"Pff, doesn't look that hard." Kotarou said as he took the water balloon and started to manipulate his Ki in the water inside…the balloon flattened into a disc shape, "Say what?" the Hanyou muttered in confusion.

"Rotation Kota and that is all the advice you are getting." Naruto said with a grin, wondering how fast Kotarou would get it, "Now, save your balloon for later on since we got to go get ready." The blond said while clapping his hands and Kotarou nodded.

They started to head out and pasted the ponds in the resort.

Naruto shoved Kotarou into the drink.

Kota screamed as he fell in and resurfaced a few seconds later, "Gah! What the hell Mast-?!" he started but a bar of soap shot into his mouth, "Gah!"

"Clean up, you smell terrible!" Naruto shouted with a smile on his face, "We got to go to the perverted eggplant's tea party. So no smelling like a wet dog~" he teased

"Bleh!" he shouted as he wiped the soap off his tongue with his hand and glared at his teacher, "One of these days, I swear, Just. One. Of. These. Days!" Kota shouted as he took off his clothes in the water and started to clean himself, but stopped, "Hey wait! Isn't this a pond?" he asked his teacher with a questioning look.

Naruto grinned, "Yeah, so you might want to hurry up since Eva might come any second…also you might want to run to your room for some dry clothes when you're done…see ya!" Naruto said in a cheerful tune as he started to whistle happily while he headed towards the teleporter.

"One day!" Kota shouted in the background, "I swear it!"

"It's nice to have dreams!" Naruto shouted back in glee.

Man, life was good.


"C'mon pup, don't want the eggplant to eat all the cookies." Naruto said while he wore his long black turtleneck, black jeans, his staff necklace, and his boots, as the two trekked underground.

"Yeah yeah, take a chill pill Master." Kota said as he wore his usual school uniform outfit with his hands behind his head.

They stood in front of a tall door and a large dragon came down.

"Whoa!? Giant lizard again!" Kota said in surprise at seeing the big thing again.

Renji let out a steamy grunt at begin called a giant lizard.

Naruto rolled his eyes and patted the dragon's snout, "Hey big guy, coming through." The blond said as he walked past the dragon with Kota hot on his heels, but not before he gave the dragon the 'I got my eye on you' hand gesture…which strangely the dragon returned.

The so called 'lair' that Alberio lived in was a few stone towers with glass domes on the top of them as they were connected by steel bridges that hovered in the air while they were underground.

Kota let out a whistle, "Nice digs." He commented while looking around.

"Yeah, but don't tell him that. His ego barely fits in here as is." Naruto stated in a whisper, as if he was telling a really big secret.

Kota nodded with a snicker.

"Now now Naruto-kun, that isn't very nice to say~" Alberio said as he walked down the stairs and then walked up with them as he patted Naruto on the back in greeting.

"IDK Uncle Al, IDK." The blond answered and as soon as he made it to the top of the stairs, a teacup was thrown at his head. Luckily he caught it, "Thanks Theo-chan." He said as he spun the cup by the handle with his finger. He made it to the table and started to pour himself a cup from the pot.

Theo, who was in her white sun dress, pouted at him, "I wake up with a pillow in my arms and not by body warmer sparky, how am I suppose to feel?" the princess asked.

Eva snorted, "You should handcuff him to you at night…make it a bit kinky~" the vamp said with an evil giggle.

Kota made a gagged face, "Minor here, I still have some innocence in me here." The Hanyou pointed out as he sat down at the large table with all kinds of goodies on it.

Eva looked shocked at him, "With the idiot as a teacher? This is my shocked face!"

Naruto rolled his eyes, "Love you too you tiny terror." He muttered as he drank his tea and munched on a sugar cookie.

Alberio stayed standing and looked towards the entrance, "Oh, It seems the others are here as well. Good." He said with a nod to himself as he started to head back to the stairs to no doubt greet his guests in person like the social butterfly he was.

Please note the heavy amount of sarcasm at that last part.

Negi, Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna arrived at the top of the stairs as they looked around in awe.

Alberio put his hands in his sleeves, "Welcome to my tea party. We've been waiting for you." He said with a soft smile.

"About time you showed up." Eva said with a smirk, "That's what you get for partying all night at the Korean BBQ, you guys reek of garlic." She said while taking another sip of her drink.

"Naw, they were just having fun, layoff Eva-chan." Naruto said with a wave of his hand, but the loli blonde just sniffed at him.

The newly arrived group bowed to the host, but Asuna looked surprised at seeing Eva there.

"Thank you very much for the invitation." Konoka said as she bowed.

Negi looked right at Alberio, "Um, KuNel…I mean, Alberio-san…" he started

"Negi-kun!" Alberio shouted startling the newly arrived group.

"Um, yes?!" Negi asked in surprise.

Alberio closed his eyes, "I thought I told you to call me KuNel Sanders. Heh heh heh." He said with a laugh and a nod to himself.

Naruto, Theo, and Eva just looked at the man while imagining a guy with white hair, beard and an equally white suit. Kotarou just ignored it since he had seen weirder from his own teach for a while now.

"Uh, urm." Negi stammered, trying how to follow up from that.

"Take a chill pill Neg'…he's always like that." Naruto said with a sigh and munching a cookie.

"Hmph!" Eva said while placing her cup down and crossing her arms, "What's with that pathetic excuse for a name Al?" she asked condescendingly, "You adopt that after liking their fried chicken during one of your trips, didn't you?"

She got no answer.

"Hey, Al!" She said standing up, "Alberio Imma! Are you listening to me? Hey!"

Naruto and Theo stifled a laugh.

"….." Eva stared at him, "…KuNel…"

Al turned around with a bishi sparkle smile, "What is it, Kitty?"

Eva launched at him, holding his collar while pushing her feet on his chest, "Don't call me that!" she demanded

"Why? I like it, Kitty." Naruto said with a big smile, getting Eva to launch at him and hold him in a choke hold.

"Shut that snarky mouth idiot!"

"Alright alright!" Naruto shouted in submission in need of air.

"Don't hold him too long Eva, or you might kill off those last few brain cells of his~" Theo said with a hidden smirk behind her teacup.

Everyone sat down at the large table with the impressive spread of food.

"Delicious!" Negi said while sipping some tea, "So this is the Red Dragon Well tea, also known as Jiu Qu Hong, with a hint of plum blossom. Hmm~~" the ten year old said, "It's fantastic!" Negi commented to Alberio with starry eyes.

"I have many other varieties. I'll give you some to take back." Al commented

Eva, who was sitting in one of the love seats near Naruto and Theo spoke, "So Bouya, what did you learn from all this?" she asked in an interested tone while leaning forward a bit.

Naruto also leaned forward a bit, showing his interest.

Negi looked at them and then back to his tea, clearly thinking. A few moments later, he spoke up, "…I learned…where I stand and what I stand for." He said, getting everyone's attention, "I should have known this before Chao-san told me. You and Nii-san were right Master. I have to get my hands dirty. I don't think we're so pure to begin with."

Eva looks at him and turns to Naruto with a raised eyebrow while a smirk plays across her face. Naruto nodded and turned to Negi with a proud smile. Theo was looking at Negi with a bit of respect on her face, it almost sounded like Arika was here instead on Negi to her, since the mother of the Springfield's was deep like that.

"…Heh. That Chao Lingshen proved to be a good lesson" Eva said, taking another sip of her tea, "It's not easy teaching that…to a naïve and sheltered, yet straightforward and talented, young man like you." She said as she started to laugh darkly.

Naruto sweatdropped, "Hello evil mode Eva-chan." He said in a bland tone.

As Eva had indeed entered said mode.

"That's right Bouya." Eva said while leaning back and crossing her legs while raising her teacup, "You'll see that evil acts come with life and living. The way this world works, no one can escape that fact." She said, letting an evil cackle out, "Evil is the way of the world. Do you see that now?" she asked in an eager tone.

Even Zero-chan let out a little 'Woot'.

Negi looked shocked while Naruto just pinched the bridge of his nose and looked at Theo, who was choking on her tea from her stifled laughter.

"Hey! Eva-chan!" Asuna yelled

Eva cackled a bit, "You please me, my disciple. Now let us…"

"Well done, Evangeline." Al spoke with a small laugh, "You did an excellent job leading an honest boy this far. I guess there's some benefit in having an 'Evil' Master. I'm impressed." He said, "The son of the Great Hero is learning to be the Great Evil Mage. Perhaps he's the successor to the title of Dark Evangeline?" he asked in curiosity.

Naruto snorted, "Negi? Evil?" he asked and busted his gut, "Oh! Ooooh! Uncle Al, start doing some standup, you'll do great!" the blond said while laughing.

"Huh?" Eva said to Al, "Hmph! None of your business!" she said and threw her teacup at Naruto, "Shut it idiot!"

Eva stood up and pointed her finger at Al, "How dare you criticize MY teaching method! He begged me to teach him! The idiot even delivered him on a silver platter to me! So what I do to him is none of your business!" she shouted in anger.

"Ha ha ha, your right. My apologies." Al said with a wave of his hand and turned to Naruto, "Did you really do that?" he asked in amusement and laughed more when Naruto nodded with a grin. He turned to Negi next, "So Negi-kun, after this experience, what will you next?" he asked

Negi stammered at the attention, "Um, I, um, I still want to become a Magister Magi." He stated, "Now that I've stopped Chao-san's plan, I can't falter or stop now." He said while looking down, "I may not be taking the same path as father or nii-san, but I want to become a respectable mage. I still want to help as many people as I can." He announced and turned his head towards Al, "Am I weird?" he asked with some insecurity.

Al let out a chortle, "No, it's an honorable answer." He answered

"I agree. It's what I do, and it would be great to do that with you Negi." Naruto said with a reassuring smile and Negi beamed from that.

'Hmph. Just as I thought. Pathetic!' Eva thought with a huff.

"Well then, if that is how you feel…you should become my disciple Negi-kun." Al said, causing Eva to do a spit take.

Naruto blinked at that while rubbing his chin, "Hm, that does sound interesting." He stated aloud.

"Huh? Your disciple?" Negi asked in surprise.

"Yes." Al answered

Eva growled, "Hold on a second Alberio Imma!"

"Just between you and me, that Evangeline…she's not good for you. If you study under her for too long you'll be wasting your life."

"Huh?! What did you say Al!?" Eva roared

Naruto smile, "Tea and a show? Man this is a good day." He commented while sipping said tea with a grin.

"Agreed." Theo said as she continued to watch as the group of kids watched on in shock at this development.

"I can teach you the Thousand Master's fighting style better then she can and Naruto's as well." Al stated


Eva turned to surprise, "Hey bouya! What's with the 'Oh~'…huh?!"

"Evangeline's spells are ice-based. She's not a good match to teach wind-based spells." He muttered loudly to Negi.

"Uh…huh." Negi said with a nod.

Eva turned to shock, "I can hear you, Alberio Imma! Come on Al!"

"What about gravity-based spells? They are quite versatile, you know. You've seen what Naruto-kun can do with them, hmm?"

"G-Gravity huh?" Negi thought aloud.

Eva turned to trembling anger, "KuNel!" she shouted

Al turned to her in a second, "What is it Kitty?" he asked with a sparkling smile.

Eva jumped and grabbed his collar.

"My, my! I had no idea you were so in love with Negi-kun! Though from a strictly physical standpoint, I guess you two would do well height-wise. I wonder how Naruto-kun would take it?" he asked as Naruto chocked on his tea and glared at the man, how the hell did he find out about that!

"Stop jabbering, you lecherous idiot! What are you after!? Why the hell would you want Negi as a disciple!?"

"Why?" Al asked, "To see you all flustered of course, hahahaha!" he said with glee.

"DIE!" Eva shouted and started to attack Al with unbridled rage.

"It is quite a treat to see you in a jealous rage."

"I am not in a jealous rage!"

"Ahh, again?" Negi asked in surprise.

"They never grow up." Zero-chan said from Negi's arms, since he pulled her away from the fight.

"He's totally toying with Eva-chan." Asuna said in shock.

"They're natural enemies, huh!" Setsuna said

Konoka smiled, "Aw, it's like a little boy picking on the girl he likes~"

"This is the best." Theo said while taking another cookie.

"Oh yeah. I mean, I knew they didn't like one another, or at least Eva-chan hates him, but this? Priceless!" Naruto said with a grin.

"Is it scary that I'm used to this?" Kotarou asked

"Nope." Naruto and Theo answered in a beat.

"I'll have every right to criticize your methods if Negi-kun becomes my disciple." Al said

"Enough of your crap! Bouya, your next!" Eva shouted

"What?!" Negi screamed

0 A few minutes later 0

"Um, KuNel-san?" Negi asked, "I know for a fact that father is alive, since that is what nii-san told me, but, what I want to know is if you have any leads?" he asked in earnest.

Al hummed, "Nothing at the moment. If you want to find out more about him…you should probably return to Wales." He answered

"Wales?" Negi asked with a tilt of his head.

"There's the Mundus Magicus, the gateway to the Magical World." Al answered

"Mundus Magicus…" Negi trailed off as wind started to build up around him as he clinched his fist as a smile spread across his face.

"Hey Negi, kill the tornado already!" Asuna yelled over the winds.

Naruto and Al smiled at this while Eva and Theo let out a huff in amusement at the kid.

Negi clinched his fist again, "Okay." He said while turning around, "Okay, I'm off!" he proclaimed and got only a foot before he was kicked in the head by Naruto and face planted, "Oww, Nii-san, that hurt!" he shouted at his brother.

Naruto just looked at him as if he was stupid and turned to Eva, "You talk, you teach him. I just, I just had to do that. So quick to react." The blonde muttered at the end while cradling his head.

"Are you dumb!" Eva shouted while standing up, "Do you even know where you're going?" she asked, "You don't think a place like that will let you just waltz right in?!"

"They would for me!" Theo said cheekily with a matching grin.

Asuna joined Eva, but not before shooting a glare at Theo, "That's right! You always get like this when it involves Nagi! You're obsessed!"

"I just can't bear to wait. Maybe I can go for a little while?" Negi asked

Asuna pointed her finger viciously at him, "Of course not! What are you going to do with class? Leave us behind and neglect your duties?" she asked him, "You're a teacher, remember!? You've still got final exams to deal with!"

Negi looked down, "Awoo…you're right."

"Ha ha. You'll just have to wait 'til graduation or summer break." Al said with an amused look.

"Uh, KuNel-san? Can you tell me a bit more about father? Nii-san only tells me about embarrassing things. I want to know about his cool side please." He asked to the white mage.

Naruto laughed, "Ah, c'mon, you laughed at those so hard Negi. I got a few more~" he asked with a teasing grin.

Al rubbed his chin, "Well I could. Naruto-kun would just embarrass him further if it was up to him." he asked while ignoring the 'Oi!' from Naruto and dodged a teacup to the head.

"Hello~!" Shouted Paru as she and the rest of the Ala Alba entered the area.

"Thanks for the invite!" Kazumi said in a sing song way.

"Ah, I forgot I invited them." Al said and turned to Negi as it got louder, "Well, it doesn't seem we'll find a quiet place here now. Rain check?" he asked while Negi pouted.

0 Wales, England 0

Nekane Springfield looked at the letter she got from her brothers and opened it.

"How are you Nekane-nee-chan? It's been nearly six months since I've come to Japan. With Nii-san coming in at about five months now haha. I've included some pictures with this letter."

"How thoughtful." Nekane said with a smile as Naruto entered the recording frame of the letter.

"Hey Nekane, I'm doing good. Just keeping the brat here in line." Naruto said while ruffling Negi's hair as the boy whined at his brother for doing so, "A heads up, I'm coming back soon, with Theodora…yeah, she decided to crash the party you could say…I hope no international incidents happened while she was gone." He thought out loud while scratching the back of his head in thought.

Nekane sweat dropped, "Oh dear." She muttered

Negi pushed his brother out of the way and resumed talking, "I still have the major hurdle of final exams to contend with, but once that's over, it'll be summer break."

Nekane turned to see Anya coming up the hill and shouted, "Anya, it's Negi and Naruto~!"

Anya looked surprised, "Negi and Onii-chan?" she said and hurried up to her to listen to the message.

"So much has happened; it's hard to believe it's been six months."

They both saw the various pictures of Negi surrounded by his class and some with Naruto as well, mainly hanging around some redheaded girl with pigtails.

"Everyone in class 3-A, Asuna-san and her friends, Kotarou-kun…the school trip and the school festival…as well as a martial arts tournament. So much has happened!"

Anya looked shocked, "What's with all these girls?! They're literally hanging off of Onii-chan!" she shouted in rage as she was very protective of her brother figure, "Negi too!" she said in outrage, what was with these floozies!

Nekane chuckled, "It seems they're having fun." She turned back to the letter, "Look Anya, doesn't it seem like Negi's grown up in the past months?" she asked

Anya scrunched her face, "Huh? Negi?" she asked and looked at the image with more intensity, "Hm~~~" she huffed and crossed her arms, "How so? He doesn't seem different. He looks like the short, bumbling idiot with that stupid expression on his face."

Naruto popped in again, "Oi, Neg', push me again and you'll be my sparring dummy for the next week!" he shouted while tackling Negi, who struggled in the hold.

Anya snorted, "There he is, yeah, make him cry~!" Anya cheered evilly and chuckled.

Negi spoke in the hold, "While nii-san said he is coming back, I haven't set any plans yet, but I will be coming back as well for the summer break!"

"Say hey to Anya for me!" Naruto shouted

"There you have it, they both are coming home, isn't that wonderful?" Nekane asked Anya with a smile.

Anya twirled her hair with her fingers, "Really?" she asked as she started to brush her hair with a comb.

Nekane gained a sly look, "No need to brush your hair. They're not arriving today, you know?"

Anya blushed, "I'm not brushing for them or anything! I just wanted to is all!"

Nekane laughed lightly at her, "But…we'll see them soon, very soon. Hm, I wonder what I should make them?" Nekane thought out loud.

Anya looked up at the sky, "Onii-chan…Negi…" she mumbled to herself.

0 Japan! 0

Along with tutoring, helping the kids with their final, which class 3-A got an average of 77.8. Getting them second place between all the classes. The speeches from the Dean along with the horror that are report cards.

It was time to check out for Summer Vacation!

"Hey Naru-kun? You ready or what?!" Asuna shouted as he threw on his cloak.

"Yeah, come on sparky, we got things to do!" Theo shouted as she and Asuna butted heads a little bit behind his back.

"Yeah yeah~" he said as he walked out the door and headed outside, "Seems like a good day." Naruto noted

"Yep!" Asuna shouted as she hugged his arm, "A perfect for the first day of summer!"

"Sooo true!" Theo said while grabbing his other arm.

"Well, time to have so fun, right?" Naruto asked with a big grin.



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